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[RUMOR] A Better Plan

The spires of High Reaches, where bronzes used to sit and secure their thrones. The wind is cold and the silence is sometimes overwhelming.
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[RUMOR] A Better Plan

Maybe we've been going about this whole thing all wrong. Instead of getting a hatchling gold, why don't we see if there are any adult goldriders who don't want to be weyrwoman?
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A'riga glanced towards whoever was on watch with him. He wasn't usually political--or rather, he tried to stay out of it--but when the topic came up naturally, he felt the need to agree. Aldoeith was leaving, and they hardly wanted to risk the same thing happening again. "A good idea," he said, gruffly, in agreement. "We can't just gamble with this, not for High Reaches..." Not just any gold would do. They needed a gold without the drive for leadership. Someone like Nebulaeth, maybe, over at Semaca. He'd heard that she had no issues with relinquishing any leadership potential...

"Any ideas of who we can ask? Any queenriders elsewhere who seem...less than thrilled with leadership?" The rider glanced towards the horizon, but he didn't know much about current queenriders. He probably should. It would do him good to be aware, at the very least.

Kairaelth only hummed softly, listening. His rider had a lot to say today, it seemed. It was interesting, something worth noting.
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Daronath had again volunteered them for watch. Much to Zol'ar's chagrin. At least this was a little more interesting. "It seems like a smart idea, right?" Leaning aganst Daronath's forelimb, he kicked at a stone protruding from the dirt. "I mean, I know I'm pretty new here so I don't know all the details of what's happened but it seems like High Reaches has had some bad luck with them..."

Does High Reaches need a gold? It seems to have such bad luck. Maybe it is cursed? Scary! Daronath waggled his wings, giving a little tremble. Even if he didn't fully understand what something meant to be "cursed," but humans always reacted so fearfully to things like that.
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