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[Event] Whiteout

The spires of High Reaches, where bronzes used to sit and secure their thrones. The wind is cold and the silence is sometimes overwhelming.
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[Event] Whiteout

The snow really kicked up. Visibility is zero right now, and everyone is urged to stay out of the skies, but someone still has to be on watch!
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We're better than this, Zalth complained, hissing angrily at the endless expanse of white. Our time is worth more than this useless staring at nothing. I am a bronze. We are made to protect.

Protect your grasping at power, you mean? Renatus asked. Truth be told, he was almost inclined to agree with his dragon. Not at the idea that they were wasted on watch, or that most tasks were somehow beneath them, but that there wasn't much point to watchdragons in a blizzard. And it was cold. His attempts at lighting a fire had all failed, snuffed out by the wind.

"I wonder what would happen if the storm doesn't end before our watch does. I doubt anyone else is getting up here safely any time soon," he commented to the other watchrider.
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