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Homecoming [Fel]

The spires of High Reaches, where bronzes used to sit and secure their thrones. The wind is cold and the silence is sometimes overwhelming.
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Homecoming [Fel]

The last time Riku had set foot in High Reaches, he had still been a candidate, bitter and disappointed over watching his best friends in the world Impress without him. He'd thought he'd only be gone a few sevendays- time enough to clear his head. Instead it had been nearly two turns and he came back as a rider.

He hoped his friends were as he remembered them. He hoped he was still as they remembered him and that all that had lay between them wasn't lost forever.

So this is where you come from, huh? Taissath asked as she glanced around, It's very...mountain-y. And kind of cold for spring.

It's not home, Riku said. Home was still their little cothold by the sea, where they'd grown up and explored together, But it is where my friends are. I can't wait for you to meet them.
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Kairi had spent the past few sevendays in a melancholic miasma. Sora had gone—she wasn't even sure where, just "onward to another adventure"—and despite having other friends, she felt as though a large part of her heart was missing. Neither Sora nor Riku was around any more. After everything, she'd just been left behind. Again. She and Shiloth both, never really able to keep up with the adventures everyone else went on.

Shiloth was watching the sky, lying on the Fireheights. They weren't on watch duty, but she liked to be out here anyway. It was where she could at least imagine that she might be going on some grand journey to discover new things.

I wonder who that is? she asked, spotting a white appear from Between. The pair was too distant to identify the rider.

Kairi squinted at the white. Not sure. Someone visiting from another Weyr, I expect.
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