[EVENT] A Forum

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[EVENT] A Forum

Someone's put together a public forum and you're invited. Share your ideas for the future of the weyr! Because that's the way democracy should be, right?
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Connor had many, many... many ideas for how the Weyr should be run. Quick fixes to minor problems, long-term plan solutions, all of them neatly written in little leather-bound books. Some were far better than others, but he'd worked out the majority of the bumps in them. After hearing about a public forum, that thought that maybe he could put down some of his ideas and get some support behind them. Support equalled the council potentially also rallying behind them... they could actually get some productivity going.

Of course, Connor knew that was all just wishful thinking. He'd have to make sure that people actually cared about the forum first.
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E'nai wasn't entirely certain why he had been invited to this event. He sat in his chair and fidgeted with a piece of thread that had come loose from the lower hem of his shirt, wondering why anyone was even pretending to care about his opinion. It was obvious that High Reaches hadn't really changed since his childhood. Oh, it had new leadership, and people made noises about democracy, but it hadn't really changed.

That someone like Schneizel could continue to be elected said everything.

"What proof do we even have that our opinions will be taken seriously?" he asked. Maybe this was just a clever way to round up dissenters. Faranth knew he wouldn't put it past Schneizel.
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