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[Rumor] Protection

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Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:34 pm

"I asked for it," Toki piped up immediately, folding her arms across her chest and hunching her shoulders. "Saying 'that other dragonriders don't' sounds a lot worse than how I meant it. I'm worried about the extreme minds and views and reactions people have had to Aldoeith and that someone might be stupid enough to try something while she's young and vulnerable to such things. Only one person has even tried to talk to me about her; everyone is content to whisper and conspire and hardly anyone has wanted to give her a chance. I'm.. having a hard time keeping up with watching both her back and mine and maintaining some semblance of sanity in the meanwhile..."

Admitting to weakness isn't necessarily the wisest choice, Aldoeith said with soft concern.

Admitting to needing help isn't weakness. Moreover, if people think that you need special treatment, their views of you will get even more adverse.

Aldoeith was quiet for a few beats, then lifted her chin, gently placing it on top of the short weyrling's head. Given our prior conversations as to the environment of this weyr I will concede that point.
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