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[Hatching] We Must Be Strong

Where many lives were shown glory and more given despair, no longer will Vizeth's tyranny haunt these sands.
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Adeline - Oscar, the rest

TW: Blood

"For goodness sake. They'll be fine, it's not like they got bit or clawed anywhere vital." Honestly, was this his first time on the sands? Granted she'd been on the sands only a handful of times but even so! She was a fast learner.

"You should probably move and get that handled." She said to Oscar, glancing at his wounds. She didn't seem to have THAT much concern in her voice, just enough that she could be mistaken for caring.
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The other egg, the Pale Moon, took its time in hatching. It cracked languidly, almost lazily, but it hatched all the same, a lean wiry blue spilling out onto the sands. He picked himself up and shook the sand from his wings. Unlike his sister, he knew instantly that everything was wrong.


His person wasn't here. His person had left him, abandoned him! And his sister! She had already forgotten about him, running off to gaze adoringly at some THIEF!

He let out a hiss and slunk back into the shadows, then took a breath and sauntered out. They wanted a show? Fine. He'd give them a show.

Hey Adorath, he said wryly with a hint of a chuckle as he walked past his traitor sister, briefly rubbing his tail beneath her chin, Is this your new pet? He's a liar and a thief, you know.

The guards tried to steer his attention towards the candidates. Carth glanced them over. So these were the people they wanted him to Impress to? Hah! His mindvoice echoed with full-on laughter as he asked them all, Did you really think you could ever, EVER be good enough?

He couldn't believe his person was gone! His sister had left him! His mother had left him! Everyone LEFT HIM. He lashed out, more deliberately than Adorath had done, and bit Cid. If he was going to hurt, they were all going to hurt with him!

And he would Impress to none of the people in white. That was what they wanted, after all. Why they had taken him.

But it wasn't only the people in white on the sands and Carth needed someone. He walked up to Stephen and gave a shrug of his wings, Eh. I guess you'll do.
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Candidate Oscar - Candidates

He looked annoyed at what Adeline had said to him, frowning a bit at her. Even if she did sound concerned when she told him to get looked at, it did not change her earlier tone and his annoyance towards her.

When he saw the blue egg hatch and heard the dragon mention that they weren't good enough, he mentally had a sigh of relief. He honestly was a bit overwhelmed at everything that had happened, as this had been his first hatching.

He slowly stood up, pressing what remained of his jacket against the wound to help slow the flow of blood.
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Stephen of Blue Carth

He didn't get a chance to do much in ways of helping the injured candidates. Not before the second egg hatched. Much more lazily than the other, languidly almost. A blue, then, and one who seemed to know immediately that this was strange. He behaved... oddly, like he wanted to hide at first, before deciding not to.

The way he treated his sister was strange too. Teasing, in both body language and words. But... bitter, somehow. Some underlying anger, probably the counter reaction to the white's panic.

And he wasn't impressing any of the candidates, if his words were to be believed. And he certainly was pointed about his anger. He made a step towards Cid and the blue, with the intention of stopping the dragon. This one. This one was dangerous. This one wanted people hurt.

He didn't expect to nearly trip over the blue approaching him. He definitely didn't expect a voice in his head.

Eh. I guess you'll do. Like he was an afterthought. Like this wasn't the last thing he wanted. But the blue -Carth- looked up at him, mind a mix of anger and hurt, and he... he couldn't say no.

"You- no, I'm not- I'm not a candidate. I'm a healer. This- why me?"

They don't deserve it. Those people... He flicked his tail at the guards, teeth bared in a hiss. They don't deserve to get what they want. Carth seemed content with his choice, so much so that he thought it appropriate to wind around Stephen's legs. Like a feline. A hurt, angry, clingy feline... What a mess.
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TW: blood

Cid - tag Naevero, Nyrida

Cid growled. So much for trying to be friendly and civil. "I have plenty of ideas, thank you very much. And your idea makes no sense. There have been several green clutches laid publicly and proudly on these Sands, including one by the former Flightleader's dragon." Faranth, and they told him he was oblivious.

He winced as another candidate, probably a newer one, joined their little discussion. He was a better person than this when he wasn't around the tall smug bastard. He was.

Cid was saved from further indignity by the hatching of the first of the two strange eggs. A white, beautiful and...distressed. Cid's focus became that hatchling, right up until it bit Naevero.

"Forsk!" he swore, springing into action. He didn't know much about Healing at all, but he was pretty sure that bandages were involved when there was bleeding. With some effort, he tore off a piece of his shirt, offering it to Naevero. As much as he disliked the other man, he didn't actually want him dead.

And then it was his turn. The second hatchling seemed scornful of the chosen candidates, and Cid set his teeth. He didn't know what was wrong with these hatchlings, though he did have some ideas, Naevero...but he would try to be understanding.

He experienced a brief moment of confusion as the hatchling headed toward him...and took a bite out of his leg. Shock set in, and he looked down at the teeth marks with an almost clinical detachment.

Well. That had happened, hadn't it. This was his first time actually getting injured, and he was pretty sure it was Naevero's, too.

Tied. Again. Though he thought his wound might be worse. Cid resigned himself to the teasing, up until the pain set in and he doubled over.

He had bigger problems than his large rival. Like his leg.
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