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[TOUCHING] The Rite of Contact

Where many lives were shown glory and more given despair, no longer will Vizeth's tyranny haunt these sands.
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Candidate Tholli - Clovis & Co

Tholli squeaked, leaning back from the blank shell she'd been hovering over. Its not quite smooth surface leaving her with an empty feeling. Lacking in all the anger or the joy of any of the other eggs she'd touched. The wind from Artoriath's wings stirring sand up her eggs and blowing her hair from her face.

She gulped, looking up at the angry blue, glad, for once and only ever once, to turn from a dragon to its rider. Fingers lacing behind her back she thought about lying. How could they have even known from all the way over there. "But I-" She tried, but failed, wilting in the face of their anger.

Tholli knew she'd broken the rule. But she still found the rule unfair. Shooting a frightened, angry look at Clovis, she marched from the sands, hands fists at her sides. They were all just, so unfair! Sniffing, she turned away from the looks given to her be other candidates. She didn't want their pity! It would only make her cry like a big baby in front of everyone.

Candidate Peony - Oscar & Sandalwood Informant & Kinkajou

Peony raised an eyebrow at Oscar, catching his look. Daring him to say anything as she swept away from the golden egg. High Reaches had not been done right by a golden dragon in a long time. Even their last pair, two of them, twins and terrible, had failed to do anything to repair the damage wrought on the Weyr. She had serious doubts that this one would do any better.

And she was still supremely suspicious of Phyna and Lutrath too.

Back straight and shoulders tense, she joined another candidate at the pale egg. "Excuse me." She said primly, but without rancor. Wasn't this one of the troublemakers? She knew Kinkajou shared a room with the girl who had just gotten herself banished from the sands much to Peony's amusement. "Looks like your roommate it making bad choices today." She pointed out, adding her hand to the Kinkajou's on the Sandalwood Informant's shell.
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The Scribes Above feels distant and otherworldly. Whatever is inside doesn't feel like something Thalia can fully comprehend. Will this egg's hatching bring any clarity to the mystery or is this dragonet fated to remain forever an enigma?

The Edgewing Lute has strength and purpose. It feels like an egg already prepared to push its limits and struggle to build the world it wants to live in.

The Wild Witch feels unsettling and off-putting. There is something dark and eerie here. Or maybe just something that wants to be left alone and has no time for these meddling kids.

The Sandalwood Informant doesn't let Kinkajou or Peony in on its secrets. Can an egg that already is clearly hiding things even at a Touching ever be trusted?
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Thalia - touching the Hopeless Drifter egg

The starry egg was weird. Very weird. Thalia couldn't quite get a read on it; she jerked her hand away as soon as she started to realise how utterly incomprehensible this dragon was. Strange, eerie, distant... plenty of words to describe what was going on in there.

Next she decided to play safe and go for an egg that most people seem to walk away from with a smile. The Hopeless Drifter.
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Candidate Lilyana - Touching the Titan Stars Egg

Her lips quirked at the otherworldly impression she received from the Scribes Above egg. Giving its shell a light stroke of her fingertips as she softly spoke to the dragon inside,

“Untouchable and unknowable, eh? That doesn’t surprise me much.”

After all, there were stars on its shell, and that was exactly what the real stars were - such untouchable and unknowable things shining out there in the night sky.

As Lilyana turned away from the night sky egg, bidding it goodbye (or at least, goodbye until the Hatching, when it would be a ‘hello!’ as the dragons were born and Impressed), her green gaze spotted anther starry egg not far from her. Pushing a stray strand of short black hair behind her ear, the tall candidate moved over to lightly rest a hand on the purple shell as she again murmured a greeting directed at the dragon inside.

Candidate Palindrome - Touching the Watchdog Egg

Pali’s face lit up as he felt the odd mental impressions from the blue Star-Touched Stowaway egg for the first time. Grinning widely, he gave the little egg a gentle pat, as if to say that he thought the dragon inside was super cool and awesome, as he straightened up. Of course, the deaf redhead had no idea how different the egg was from its siblings, but that was okay! Mostly because he would touch the others, and probably figure it out eventually..

Hazel green eyes lit up again as his gaze landed on another small egg nearby, and -thankfully sparing his fellow candidates from another loud shriek of excitement this time - excitedly bounced off on his way to his next choice.

The Watchdog Egg.

The next egg to Touch, totally not picked because its blue canine pawprint pattern was coincidentally also the same shade of blue as his cloak and the egg the young candidate had already touched.

Stopping in front of the egg, Palindrome gently rested his hand palm-down on its shell, right on top of a blue pawprint, still grinning as he happily waited to see what he’d receive this time.

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Candidate Shouto- touching Scribes Above

He was a little late to the Touching, but all of the candidates were still here, so there was still time. A lot of eggs, too, but he would just have to touch as many as he could. It was a shame about the cracked one, though. Hopefully it was okay still, and would find it's rider despite not being touched.

It was hard to choose with so many eggs on the sands, but he finally settled on Scribes Above and put both hands on the shell.
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