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[RUMOR] Still Empty

Where many lives were shown glory and more given despair, no longer will Vizeth's tyranny haunt these sands.
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[RUMOR] Still Empty

They say Kibeth will never fly again. How are we supposed to maintain our numbers if we keep losing our clutching greens?
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That could have been us.

L'ark kicked the sand idly as xe paced the length of the hatching grounds. Anuketh's plaintive observation applied equally to Kibeth's injury, and her clutching status. Anuketh would have made a good mother, L'ark believed whole-heartedly. Xe would absolutely have foregone firestone for the chance to clutch, if that had been an option at Benden.

"It wasn't."

Anuketh put her head on her front legs, watching her rider as xe paced. It was nervous energy, because Starfall had not had the best luck of late, but it was also pent up frustration. Frustration that dragon genetics meant that the best way of perpetuating the breed was to involve a dragon that scared L'ark witless. Many who had survived tyrants like Golre, like Taliri, like Sido, had the same problem. Golds had the largest clutches, and greens didn't get to clutch at all if they didn't make the decision early enough.

It wasn't fair.
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