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[Event] Mystery Eggs?

Where many lives were shown glory and more given despair, no longer will Vizeth's tyranny haunt these sands.
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"Gyah!" With a rather undignified noise, Cesare stumbled back in surprise, nearly falling on his rear as the eggs hatched not firelizards, but tunnelsnakes. "Forsking-!" In his haste to get back he did end up falling, face going read as Fuuth's amused disdain crossed their bond. I'm unarmed!

A fine excuse to run. You could at least ensure the others gathered aren't attacked. As this was hardly an emergency, the Brown wasn't all that inclined to get up unless Cesare was in danger, either physically or of embarrassing himself. Then again, he was doing a fine job of the latter.

Still red, Cesare looked over at Toki and Eggie. "Y-yes, she's right, we're not well equipped at the moment to deal with this. We should let the experts take care of these pests."
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