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[Fairyfox] Gracious

Where the heart of the Weyr should be.
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[Fairyfox] Gracious

"Prim I swear by the First Egg."

She was currently cleaning the little flit, huffing and toweling her down... She had gotten into some of the writing supplies, and while she hadn't actually made a MESS... she HAD gotten a little ink on her. This had irked her so much she'd almost tried to lick it off. Of course Adeline was giving her a stern talking to...

Though she was not pleased about many things. The Touching had been quite boring. Not as exciting as she'd hoped. She'd expected SOMEONE to reach out to her. Especially that big egg with the gold sheen... How wonderful, to ride gold. But the idea also made her stomach twist. She surely wouldn't get gold... right? The idea was both incredibly appealing but also not... QUITE. After all, she'd not really wanted to LEAD per say. But... She yelped as Prim bit her. Apparently she'd been rubbing her paws a little too rough. "Easy you little monster!" she snapped, and Prim hissed at her as she licked her paws.

Now. Where was she. Oh right. She'd been thinking about a few other things. Like how that layabout Orpheus had told her about.... what was her name? Who cared. Some girl who made clothing was apparently a fan of her mother. Clearly she HAD to have awful taste if her MOTHER was considered a role model... She'd vaguely seen a girl fitting the description at the Touching, so...
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Chores. Chores and errands, it felt like Naera was always running them. They kept the candidates busy, that was for sure. Errands for dragonriders, and lessons about dragons.
The touching had still been weird though. And if the Hatching was anything like that.. well, maybe Naera wasn't cut out to be a dragonrider. Being stationed at a Weyr was rather fun though, even if the people didn't share her passion for fabrics and fashion, just seeing the dragons from a distance was nice. The vibrant colors, swirling eyes, graceful necks, and arching backs.. the spread wings..
She honestly wanted some time to sit down and sketch out a design on a shirt or jacket, and embroider a dragon. She had just enough thread to do so she believed...

Naera paused, Tizzy giving an inquisitive chirp from her shoulder as they passed one of her classmates attempting to wash the prettiest little flit naera had ever seen. Oh yes, she remembered this one! Because this was Adeline and her mom was that famous weaver. The one known far and wide.
Looks like she was cleaning her little friend.

why not stop in and say hi?
"Hello! Would you like some help?" She said, sidling into the room, and diverting from the chore she'd been on. They could wait.
"You're Adeline! I'd recognize that well groomed appearance and pretty little lady anywhere! What made you want to be a dragonrider?" She asked. That was a good conversation starter right? I mean, the girl had the connections with two prominent parents to be a number of things.
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