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[Rumor] Incoming

Where the heart of the Weyr should be.
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[Rumor] Incoming

A weyrwoman is retiring here? To High Reaches?!
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"That's got to be wrong," was Alizette's take on the latest gossip. IT didn't make any sense to her why a goldrider would choose the 'Reaches, likely the most gold-hating of the Weyrs, to settle down at. Even if her dragon had ambitions past Wingleader, she didn't, so it wasn't jealousy so much as just ... confusion.

It isn't wrong, Ysanith insisted smugly, but the talk around the table in the lower caverns wasn't quite including her. Ysanith, she was curious. She had nothing against golds so long as they admitted a green could be as good as they were -- she had chosen not to clutch, because she was a fighter. But they had plenty of greens who did lay eggs, and they laid plenty good dragons. Uesugith had sat on an entire clutch by herself just recently! So long as this Igen gold was just, maybe even kind, Ysanith could tolerate her.

"I just. Here? Why here? Why us? Who would pick to walk into this ..." political fire pit, she didn't say, "... situation with a gold dragon? Does she think we need her, or --"

And why had the Weyrleaders agreed to it?

They needed eggs. They didn't need retired golds who may not lay eggs.
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"It is pretty strange, that she's decided to come here... Maybe she just wanted someplace quiet to rest? Or maybe she wanted to cause a stir on purpose..." Kiki was right there with her fellow greenrider. Why on Pern would a Weyrwoman retire to High Reaches? This place wasn't really metallic friendly, not after all that had happened...

"Well I mean. It's not like she wants to be ruling anyone, right? That's what they mean by 'retiring', right...?" She hoped that was the case. "The least we can do is try and make her feel welcomed. It's the least we can do!"
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