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Unlikely Music Buddies [Heck!]

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Unlikely Music Buddies [Heck!]


Viela grimaced for a instant, ruefully reaching down to rub the screaming toe she’d just managed to stub on a table leg by the entrance to the empty dining hall, while she simultaneously checked that she hadn’t inadvertently woken her newly-bonded green from her nap in their Weyrling rooms via their bond. Of course, Oveceth wouldn’t have been awoken anyways, as the dining hall was nowhere near the green in any case; although to Viela’s reasoning, one just never knew if the telepathic connection would wake a dragon as CONNECTED as her beautiful yet still-growing dragon appeared to be.

Thankfully, the Harper-Weyrling seemed to have miraculously momentarily dampened their connection just in time, for she had sensed that Oveceth was still sleeping - buried in dreams of herdbeasts, knowledge, and the sound of drum-height drums, probably - as Viela straightened up from her aching toe, and carefully adjusted her grip on her beloved gitar.

Okay. Everything’s okay. Let’s just go in, Viela. Nobody’s here. Not even Oveceth is eavesdropping!

With a internal laugh, Viela quietly entered the room, walking over to one of the comfiest-looking spaces she could find - it had the bonus of being near a warm hearth - and proceeded to make herself comfortable; setting up so that she could play her gitar in the warmth and the relatively peaceful quiet of the empty hall. Soon the place would have warm gitar chords floating around in the air, hopefully with new lyrics soon to follow.

Sure enough, the sounds of a gitar being played started to filter out through the big and mostly cold emptiness of the dining hall room, occasionally accompanied by the notes made by a quietly singing yet clearly Harper-trained voice, as a new song slowly began to be composed into existence.

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"Hmm... No no, it should be... Yes that..."

Orph was a bit lonely. He'd not had a chance to spend time with anyone since the hatching as they'd been... busy. As such, life was quiet again. Perhaps he'd been too hopeful, too ready to let others in. Ah well.

For now, he'd just keep making songs, writing notes as Amphion beeped and chirped and whistled for him while they played quietly. No need to get too badly hurt over the fact... It wasn't a huge deal. He'd get a dragon and maybe show up with them all too.


He didn't realize he had an audience...
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