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Breakfast Time [Sari]

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Breakfast Time [Sari]

Dobby wasn't a candidate and hadn't been one in some time. He had no particular reason to know who the candidates were. But he liked candidates. They were special people. What they did mattered. Someday, some of them would change Pern.

And even the ones who didn't would still help protect it and that was special too.

Dobby waved to a dark-haired girl in Candidate's knots. She was eating breakfast alone and Dobby didn't have anyone to eat with either today. She'd been at the last hatching, where most of the candidates had worn colorful robes. She'd been in white, but that was okay too. Sometimes there was nothing wrong with the classics.

Dobby didn't like wearing white, but other people did and that was okay.

"Hello. May Dobby sit here?" Dobby asked politely and quickly corrected himself, because he didn't want her to think she had to say yes just because he was a rider now, "Candidate can say no. Dobby won't mind."
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Nyrida poked at her food, brooding alone. There was much to think about. Some thoughts were of Thalia, the woman who made her smile so...but most were of self-doubt. Would she ever Impress? Would any dragon ever find her worthy? She was startled from her thoughts by a rider. She looked up, her eye quickly glancing towards his knots, before she looked to his face. Nyrida forced a smile, a small one but a smile nonetheless, and gestured to the seat beside her. "Please, do feel free to join me. I would welcome the company."

He had an odd way of speaking, but she could assume that his name was Dobby. A brownrider named Dobby...she couldn't recall meeting him before. He'd already Impressed when she'd arrived at the Weyr, though she had seen him around before. "Ah, but you may call me Nyrida. It is a pleasure to meet you."

First impressions were everything, and a certain brown firelizard--Envy--decided that now was the perfect time to introduce himself. The creature appeared from between, squawking loudly at Dobby. He landed on Nyrida's shoulder, fixing Dobby with a glare. Absently, and with a faint blush, Nyrida offered him one of her meatrolls. "Ah...and this is Envy." She gave Dobby an apologetic look.
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