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The Rite of Communication [Dusk]

The massive weyrbowl. Herdbeasts graze, flights are held overhead. No more does dread hang over the open sky.
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The Rite of Communication [Dusk]

Thalia hadn't spoken to many of the other people in her weyrling class. A lot of them were very loud, and she knew that the kind of people she enjoyed the company of most were Nyrida people who were a little more subdued. After weyrling lessons had ended, and people started to spill out into the Weyrbowl with their dragonets - who, by this point, had started to grow way bigger than when they were first hatched. Thalia felt almost intimidated by Jodarieth's size, and knew she wasn't done growing. It didn't help, Jodarieth being... Jodarieth. "...I feel like I should, uh, actually make an effort to talk to people, Jodarieth." The dragon looked at her, firmly. You should. It's good that you recognise that.

Jodarieth took a look around, and spotted a friend out of the corner of her eye - her only older clutchsibling, and admittedly, one of her favourites - Edwyth, and his rider, Tholli. She motioned in her direction, Thalia following her gaze; she knew, after meeting her, that Tholli isn't the kind of person Thalia would ever gravitate towards, but it seemed that Jodarieth was already comfortable with Edwyth. She trusted her dragon enough to know that a bit of interaction wouldn't hurt. Hey, Edwyth. She called out to the Brown, speaking few words. Got a minute?

The dragon, and the rider following suit, started to approach the brownpair, Jodarieth sending a message solely to her bonded. Try it. It won't hurt.
"Hey, ah... Jodarieth and I were just, uh, wondering how your weyrlinghood was going." Thalia fiddled with her hair as she spoke to the other weyrling, trying to be social and confident, for Jodarieth's sake.
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Of course! Edwyth turned, jostling Tholli with a shoulder, his head skimming the top of her head as his whole body swiveled to look for Jodarieth. A favorite out of his clutchmates, he was always glad to spend time with his green sister.

Ducking and turning herself, Tholli followed Edwyth's shift in attention. A faint explanation trickling down their shared link. Friends were coming to visit! At least, friends of his. Tholli was still stumbling and struggling. Wrapping herself in weyrlinghood without attaching herself to any of the other weyrlings. Edwyth thought that was very boring and stupid. He enjoyed company so much!

"Hey Thalia!" Tholli smoothed the collar of her jacket, grinning. Her eyes were mostly on Jodarieth. The green was nearly as big as Edwyth, she thought, comparing the two. Even though there was no real comparison. Tholli's love for dragons hadn't diminished in any form. But her love for Edywth eclipsed everything. "Oh, Faranth, I love it!" Tholli gushed. "We'll be gliding soon!" She thought about it every time she rode Edwyth.

Which she did any chance she got.

And yourselves? Edwyth asked cheerily, having manners where his rider did not.
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That's true. Tholli raised a good point; they would be gliding soon. "Oh right, yeah... they will be old enough to do that soon, huh, it's ah... it's gone so quickly." Thalia looked to Jodarieth for assistance; the dragon nodded. Had it really been that long since she hatched? It's true. Not long before we're able to actually fly. She looked up to the brown dragon, and then at the two humans. They were a lot bigger than when they'd first hatched.

"Ah, right, well..." As much as she herself had asked the question about their weyrlinghood, Thalia wasn't quite sure what to say about it. She's spent the whole time pining over one girl? No, she wasn't gonna say that. "It's... it's going well, I guess some parts are, uh, harder than others. She's hard to oil, she's pretty big." She was saying this to a brownrider, who would be way bigger than Jodarieth anyway, despite her being very large for a green.
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