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A Stern Talking To [Fems]

The massive weyrbowl. Herdbeasts graze, flights are held overhead. No more does dread hang over the open sky.
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A Stern Talking To [Fems]

Being an only child led Leo to not understand certain things about family life that she'd never experienced, one of those things was picking on the younger members of your family. Hans had told her what all of his brothers had done to him over the years, she couldn't say that she liked a single one of them. She'd made a promise, and she was gonna fulfil it. The second she spotted a single one of his brothers, they were going down.

Or, at the very least, Baji was gonna bite them. That'd work.

There were too many names to remember, but only one had that honorific thing going for him, V'dar. She knew he was around at High Reaches, so she made her way around to find him and give him a piece of her mind. As soon as she spotted him in the bowl,- with some help from others who actually knew what he looked like- she walked right up with a kind smile. "Hello! You're V'dar, right? Hans' brother?" Bajiquan looked at the man with intense distaste.
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