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[RUMOR] Training

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[RUMOR] Training

Far too many of this threadfall's injuries came because people forsked up. Clearly we have a training problem. The wingleaders are getting together to hold extra drills to try and clear things up.
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"Extra training," Swan scoffed. Most of her wing had minor injuries or worse, there would be no 'extra training' for them. Not for a while, at least. Swan firmly believed that all of these transfers were the primary cause for the bad Fall. Moonshot had been through three wingleaders, at least, and all of them had transferred into the position.

And Firestorm got away with the least number of casualties, as per forsking usual. Swan's distaste for metallic dragons had a special spot for bronzes who never seemed to suffer consequences for their actions. Shestith had died doing her forsking job, and Firestorm had a bronze who spent any amount of time showing off.

"Maybe they should be training those bronzes to pull their fair share of the work."

Yatagarath's memory wasn't so great, but she had been through Falls before. She had lots of Swan's memories to pull from when she said, No plan survives contact with the enemy, particularly one as brainless as Thread.
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"Ehhh. Ya sure ya want a big lumbering oaf whacking us around up there?" Orru said, and raised an eyebrow at their wingmate.

"Though, I guess gettin' eaten by Thread's one way ta shave off a couple o' pounds..." they added in a tone that was perhaps too cheerful for the subject. He shoved a mouthful of meatroll into his mouth.

Ya gonna share that? Laruth said, peering down at his rider with a large, hungry eye.

"No. Shaddup."

Laruth huffed, and looked to Yatagarath instead. Shardin' lil' buggers eat everythin', don't they? Even plans. Ya can't even eat them back.
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Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:22 pm

"What else are they good for, except to be that first line in Fall?" In calmer moments, it should make sense for the smaller and more maneuverable dragons to take the higher altitudes. Swan wasn't ready to be rational about it, though, and she certainly wouldn't cry if High Reaches lost their bronzes again. Better the bronzes than her wingmates.

"Starfall always takes the brunt of it, and we've lost members every Fall." That wasn't strictly true. It was close enough. Close enough for ranting purposes.

I'm quite sure they wouldn't taste good, anyways. Yatagarath got a gleam in her eye as she got an idea. She wasn't usually one for mischief, but she could get away with a heist of this nature if she teamed up with this particular wingmate. It might even make her rider smile, which was a reward in itself. Cake, on the other hand. C'mon, I bet we could find some. She sparrow-hopped away from their riders, towards the place that sometimes had baked goods. The cooks used it as a cooling area.

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