[Rumor] Bloodsucker

This is the roads into and out of the High Reaches area, as well as the skies for flights, races, and other assorted events.
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[Rumor] Bloodsucker

There's supposedly a goat roaming the land around High Reaches that feeds on the blood of wherries—and it would feed on other creatures if it could catch them. It only comes out after dark, and now you're out there and the sun is going down...
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Dobby was scared. He didn't like the dark even when it didn't have monsters in it. He'd dropped his glow basket and it had shattered and all the light had fallen out. Dobby couldn't put it back again. And now it was going to be night and he was out here and the weyrling barracks were so far away...

You're not alone though. I'm here and the monsters are not real, Kersuth reminded him in his old man's voice from a young dragon's body, Even if they were, I would not let them have you.

Dobby pressed closer to him. Kersuth was always strong and sure but Dobby didn't want the scary thing to come suck his blood either.

Maybe we should go hide somewhere until the sun comes back...Dobby doesn't want Kersuth to be hurt.

Or we could simply walk back together. We are not wherries.
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