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[Flight] Unsurprising

This is the roads into and out of the High Reaches area, as well as the skies for flights, races, and other assorted events.
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[Flight] Unsurprising


It wasn't Ysanith's hide that really made Alizette aware of when it was her time to rise, especially as she did it no more than twice a turn and often in a somewhat incosnistent fashion -- not that she didn't always have her two flights, but that she always seemed to work them around into times when things were less chaotic, when Alizette wasn't too tired, the sort of thing where it could have easily been coincidence but could have been the same sort of influence stresses put on a human's cycle. It wasn't the hide, it wasn't the extended fascination with moving things around on her couch.

No, it was the itching. The incessant below-the-skin bug-bite itching that started around a day before she went up. Others probably noticed the glow, which came in the hours before Ysanith finally took to the skies. Especially male dragons she often kept in her company.

But for Alizette, it was all about the itch.

So when she walked out to the bowl after finishing dinner, trying desperately not to scratch at one arm, it was to watch Ysanith leap from her ledge to circle the bowl and fan out her wings, her call polite but firm and much louder than normal: Someone must be inclined to join me. Not too picky about who, not her, not ever, The sky is cool. A good time for a chase.

Alizette, for her part, lingered where she was. She liked to watch the dragons when she could keep her head straight, and she'd find a willing partner or she wouldn't.
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... It had been a while since he'd felt this way. This was strange that it would happen now, but...

He looked back to Dusleros, who was feeling it as well. I'm going for it. Wish me luck.

The healer was a little startled when he felt the warm feelings from Runth's end of the bond. Geez, Runth... How long had it been since the idea of this had crossed either of their minds? He could only laugh, shaking his head. "Go for it, big guy. Shame I didn't have time to prepare you for this."

Runth galloped and took off, swirling in the air as he followed the green up into the air. Wait for me! I'll follow you where ever you want to take me! he called, eyes bright and eager...
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Claarisath had been in enough flights that he knew how this went. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost, it was always good to stretch his wings. Greens were hard for him to chase well- they were small and agile and he was...not. But this one was bigger than most and she was pretty. It was also a beautiful day and he, quite frankly, had nothing more important he needed to be doing.

It really is, Claarisath agreed, as he rose to meet Ysanith with a few strong beats of his wings, Good choice.

Some other dragons probably would have been showering Ysanith with compliments right now about how she was the most beautiful dragon he'd ever seen, how he would have flown to the ends of Pern to win her or some other such nonsense. That sort of thing had always seemed disingenuous to him. Most dragons caught or were caught by lots of dragon in their time. They weren't all the loves of their lives. The fact he was here meant he liked her and was interested. He wasn't going to pretend this was more than it was. He was just going to fly his best and if that wasn't enough, then that meant Ysanith wasn't for him and that was fine.
Azul wasn't the sort of rider who needed a partner for every flight. It wasn't really about her. If she should ever decide she wanted another human to share her life, she could find one the normal, human way. People all over Pern did it every day. She was sure she could figure it out.

But that didn't mean she was averse either. Flight trysts were often fun and satisfying and she was weyrbred enough to be comfortable with such things. So when she saw a familiar look on the a nearby man, she smiled at him. He wasn't the green's rider- she was an older woman, the leader of Moonshot, so his dragon must have been the other brown.

"My dragon is chasing too. If you want to share the flight...There is an empty weyr nearby where we could have some privacy," she offered.
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The scar itched. Hide imperfect, though between capable. V’les scratched it for him, dry sand cupped in his palm as he worked it over Ebyth’s head knob. The brown was watching the weyrbowl. Something more instinctual than knowledge based drawing his attention. Unseen but not unnoticed until she took to the sky. Green hide bright.

That is enough. He decided, and different sort of itch making his hide twitch from nose to covered tail tip.

”Alright.” Dusting his hands off against each other, V’les stepped back and gave Ebyth room. Room to stretch and shake the sand from his head, and then to take flight from his ledge. Up after the rising green.

It is a very fine day indeed, Ysanith. And you the center of it. Tail mostly a limp flag behind him, Ebyth beat his wings to catch up. Eyes looking for thermals while trying not to lose track of Ysanith or the other males filling the sky behind her. A pack of browns giving chase. Ebyth hummed low in his throat and rolled into an updraft. He liked winning. It was much more satisfying.

Behind him, V’les went for a walk. Curious to see if one of the other riders would be interested in helping him forget he’d fallen asleep on his feet and strained his own wrist like fool. Others seemed to have had the same idea, and he laid fingers on the back of Alizette’s arm in question.
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Hatorth didn't make a habit of watching the greens. Not like some of the males, who seemed to join every Flight. But when Ysanith took to the sky with a challenge, he couldn't resist joining the browns. Let there be some variety, by the shell!

A fine day for a fine Flight, a fine chase for a fine night! he buzzed, his initial burst of energy giving him a competitive edge against the bigger dragons. It wouldn't last long, but then, Hatorth so rarely took things seriously. Looking a little drab out there, guys. Brown, brown, brown, did High Reaches have other colors to offer a pretty lady?


M'cay didn't have much time for frivolity or fun since Thread tore the weyr apart. It felt like he had people in his little alcove of the infirmary at all hours, either wanting to talk about what they had been through or being convinced by a concerned acquaintance that they should see a mindhealer. He wasn't in the habit of taking Flight partners, but when Hatorth answered a green's challenge, M'cay excused himself from his duties.

A few minutes of rest would be most welcome, right about now.
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There was no doubt in his mind that there was nothing else to do around for the Weyr for the time being, that meant that Deoraith would join up in the flight without worry. What harm was it to have some time dedicated to a nice chase? The browns up there, flying after her, he felt they would win- Deoraith wasn't stupid, he went and did his odds in his head. Ladies always like seem to like those big browns- but the thrill of the chase... well, it really was an undeniable thing. At least there was another blue up there, that might even it out a little.

Moira never found herself inclined to partake in any activities whilst her dragon was off in the midst of a flight, even now as Deoraith prepared himself to fly, she was quite content to stay in her Weyr and read a nice book. Do not agitate the browns, and do not injure yourself. If your wings begin to strain, you come right back. A flight isn't worth the amount of reprimanding I will give you if you come back here whining about your wings.

Yeah, yeah, you just sit back and watch as I fly circles around those browns. They won't know what hit em'. Deoraith laughed before he rose after the green. His large wings worked in double-time to catch up with the rest of the back. You're right! This time is a good time, indeed! And, hey, I will always join a kind lady such as yourself.
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