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View the Stars [Dragon_Dreamer]

The high clifftops of the new Weyr gaze out across desert and jungle both, an ideal location to watch for incoming trouble.
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View the Stars [Dragon_Dreamer]

Night was probably not the optimum time to be climbing to the top of the cliffs, but such places were just the ones that Talinal would find himself at on far more occasions than one. With only the most basic of fastenings, he had urged his blue from their new weyr and out into the night air. The weather was nice, even for autumn, and he was finding a particular fondness for the warmer weather. Then again, he was adaptable--though his dragon liked the opportunities for sunning himself.

Alighting on the stone, the blue fanned his wings out in a wide stretch, yawning. He slowly dropped himself to lay on the ground as his rider slung himself free of the straps and jumped to the ground. Eyes whirling blue and green (though tinged with the tiniest bit of orange annoyance), Kalzeoth watched as his rider took a few steps toward the middle of the platform. I do not know why you chose to wake me to come stare at the sky. Surely the stars are not so interesting. He lowered his sleek head, resting it on his fore-paw as he tucked his wings close to himself. It would probably be considered chilly here at night, though hailing from the northern continent to Talinal it was still a pleasant warm.

"You'd be surprised," Talinal chimed back, cheerful despite the odd hour. "I don't know how to read them, but I can tell it's different down here." And then he stretched his arms out, indicating the wide swathe of jungle to one side. "Look at how far you can see, even in the night! The stars are so bright tonight, and it's not so hot that it's miserable here."

You well know I would rather have the sun. The blue huffed a little, like a petulant child, causing his rider to chuckle and stride over to gently pat his neck. "You'll have plenty of time to sun. I'll make it up to you with an extra oiling." Sure, he could talk to him mentally in return, but he hardly saw to the need when he wasn't having any sort of secret conversation. Plus, he was alone up here for now, though he didn't doubt there would be others rotating in and out as watchguards.

Leaning back, he stretched his arms up and took in a deep breath, looking up at the stars again. They really were beautiful. He'd never really appreciated them as much when he'd been land-bound--but now that he had Kalzeoth, he could fly. He could feel the wind, and see everything. He had no idea how much he'd been missing. "Do you think Starcrafters have drawn in the sky using the stars?" he asked aloud, though the question was more rhetorical than anything.
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I want to see the stars.

Hm...? the green mumbled sleepily as Trewyra got up, feeling wide awake and tensely restless despite the late (or was it early?) hour.

Ah, well you heard what I said, my heart.

You sai— oh yes, yes, yes let’s go see the stars! Orbith replied, now awake and enthusiastically watching her rider dress with already curious eyes. Trewyra laughed as she finished strapping on her boots, and went to grab their riding straps off its hook in their weyr. Feel like a midnight flight to the fire heights? Her green answered in affirmation, and before she knew it they had taken off, speedily winging their way through the night air. She began to relax slightly.

Oh, how glorious was this night, with her dragon’s muscles working beneath her legs, and the delightfully warm breeze rushing past her face! And the stars! Oh how Trewyra had missed the sight of such bright sequins shining in the velvety cloak of night... And they seemed so close she could probably reach up and attempt to catch the falling stars, like she had tried to do once as a wide-eyed child on her late father’s shoulders.

All too soon the fireheights suddenly loomed before them, and Trewyra realised with a start that they had arrived. She laughed briefly as she told Orbith to land, the wind of their swift descent tearing its sound away from her mouth out into the comfortable silent darkness. The gold-brown haired greenrider easily dismounted, sturdy boots meeting cool stone with a satisfying thump as her wonderful dragon folded her wings and settled in to do whatever it was her bonded intended to do. She grinned at her green, feeling more carefree and relaxed than she had in ages as she tilted her head back to stare at the stars with momentarily outspread arms. Quickly engrossed in identifying all the constellations she could see, neither the smiling Trewyra nor her curious dragon really registered that they shared the fireheights with another nocturnal pair who too were gazing at the beautiful blue-black skies...

Kreta of Blue Eseath (fire-lizard Leirath)


Weyrling Viela of Green Oveceth (fire-lizard Treble) (originally Fort, Impressed @ HR)


Trewyra of Green Orbith (originally of Igen; Impressed in Semaca)
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A figure caught his eye, distant shape appearing and growing larger as it approached the cliffs. At first he thought he may have earned himself a scolding, a scout coming to investigate who in the world was standing up here in the middle of the night. Instead, it seemed, it was another restless soul, a green and their rider alighting nearby and gazing up at the sky without so much as a greeting. Had they not noticed they were joining them, or were they purposely ignoring their presence?

Kalzeoth quickly raised his head from where it sat, curling his neck up in a graceful S shape he often took when trying to look more "proper." Talinal shook his head at his dragon, a mix of amusement and disappointment that his blue couldn't see the same thing in himself that his rider did.

Sliding his hands into his pockets, Talinal strode quietly over toward the other pair, keeping his pace lazy and unthreatening. He wasn't a guard or anything of the sort, just another rider who had decided to come enjoy the night air. "Beautiful, isn't it?" he queried pleasantly as he gazed upward, coming to stand beside Trewyra--at a respectful distance, of course. He may have startled her, after all, though he hadn't been intending to sneak up on her he hadn't exactly made the most noise while walking.

Twin moons above and blanket of stars beyond, there was plenty of light to see by even without torches or glows. With nothing to block their view, each of the foursome was easily discernable to even human eyes.
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