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Ambition in the atmosphere [Dragon_Dreamer]

The high clifftops of the new Weyr gaze out across desert and jungle both, an ideal location to watch for incoming trouble.
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Ambition in the atmosphere [Dragon_Dreamer]

On the towering cliffs, Kas and Vaheoth were given the chance for some peace and quiet. Where better to discuss their ideas, their dreams, their ambitions, than where they could gaze upon the weyr? Soon... Soon, he would lead this Weyr to a new age of prosperity. Semaca's name would be said with admiration and pride throughout all of Pern. But he wasn't there yet.

For now, he was content to bide his time, watching and waiting. Vaheoth, of course, sought to make his dreams a reality, but she, too, was patient.

As they sat, idly tossing ideas back and forth, they noticed the approach of a greenpair. Trewya and Orbith. A fierce rider with a curious and distracted dragon. Not in his wing, but he couldn't recall which wing they were in. He made a point of figuring out as much about most riders as he could. Luckily, Semaca was a smaller weyr, and he'd been a candidate for the hatching that Trewya had Impressed her Orbith at. As they approached, he gave a nod and a smile, accompanied by a gentle wave of his hand.

"Ah, Trewya and Orbith, correct? What brings you two here? Perhaps some quiet contemplation, somewhere to clear your thoughts?"

Vaheoth snorted derisively, but gave a reluctant greeting. Hello. It is...well to see you. It was a lie, but it was difficult to hear that fact over the rough, elderly quality of her voice.
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