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Summer Sunrises On the Cliffs [Sari]

The high clifftops of the new Weyr gaze out across desert and jungle both, an ideal location to watch for incoming trouble.
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Summer Sunrises On the Cliffs [Sari]

Shouta didn't exactly enjoy getting up early, but the weather was nicest in the mornings. Midday and evenings were just too hot at Semaca to comfortably enjoy them. Then again, Duoth provided ample shade wherever they decided to set up, but today he wanted to doze in the early morning sun. The brown held no objections. Shouta thought he probably enjoyed it plenty himself, being the quiet, observational dragon he was.

He didn't expect company. He cracked his eye open. A bluerider from an upper wing? Well... he supposed there could be worse company. He didn't think he would be getting that nap he wanted. Oh well. Perhaps in exchange he could get some good conversation. he greeted them with a grunt and a wave, though Duoth seemed to think it more appropriate to greet them verbally.

Good morning. He said simply, regarding them both as quietly as ever.
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As Olarith landed beside the other riderpair, he regarded them with quiet suspicion. A glance to Ky'ze, as they slid down his side, told him he didn't need to fear Shouta. He trusted Ky'ze's judgment, as they patted his side encouragingly. A smile from Ky'ze meant the world to him. His charismatic, dashing side was hardly lost, despite his caution, so he nodded to the pair. Ah! I hope we didn't intrude, but it's a lovely day for a lovely conversation with a lovely pair. With a theatrical bow of his head, following the nod, his eyes twinkled at Duoth and Shouta. Still, hints of yellows, despite his bravado, betrayed his worries, as they danced at the edges of his multifaceted eyes.

Ky'ze, for their part, had never really met Shouta. They hoped he wasn't the sort who kept lingering judgments. Ideally, he wouldn't remember them, hopefully. Not as the weyrling who had traumatized their dragon. Most people didn't seem to remember, or didn't seem to mind, but it was always a concern of theirs. Still, they offered Shouta grin. "Lovely, indeed. I'm Ky'ze, and this wonderful blue is my Olarith." Pride echoed in their voice, and they sounded confident, despite their uncertainty.

Still feeling out the situation, still trying to gauge what Shouta might think of them, they glanced to Duoth. "And it's a good morning to you as well--"


"Duoth!" Privately, they added, Thanks, to their dragon, for the name.
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Duoth didn't seem to react strongly to the blue's theatrics, tilting his head slightly, thoughtfully. Shouta was a little more lost for words, chuckling softly after a moment of consideration. What a strange blue! Duoth seemed as curious as he could be, though still silent where he lay.

"Don't mind him. He's pretty quiet." Duoth just snorted, letting his wingsail fall back onto Shouta's head. He brushed it off, rolling his eyes. "Lovely pair, hm? That's the first time I've heard us described as that."

Perhaps 'scruffy' or 'perpetually exhausted' would fit my rider better than lovely, hm? And Shouta was. He looked like he hadn't slept in weeks.
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