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[EVENT] Unseasonable

The high clifftops of the new Weyr gaze out across desert and jungle both, an ideal location to watch for incoming trouble.
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[EVENT] Unseasonable

Even winter in the southern continent doesn't get particularly cold but today, there's a cold breeze blowing. Probably still not cold enough for snow though. I miss snow. Don't you?
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Lyari of Garnet Phaedrath

Leaning to the side against their dragon, Lyari hummed as the soft breeze washed over them. "It feels a little chillier than usual," they commented as they closed their eyes. "Do you think there might ever be a chance of getting snow down here?" Not that they missed it a whole lot, honestly. Snow was lovely; it was beautiful to watch fall and nice to see once it all settled over the Bowl and the heights. However, it was also very cold, and then when it started to melt and everything got muddy and wet... Well, those parts weren't all that fun. I miss the snow, Phaedrath commented softly, whirling eyes turning up toward the sky.

V'lor of Brown Thanvialeth

V'lor grimaced visibly, sitting on Thanvialeth's back. "Faranth, I hope not. I left that mess behind when I left Fort." Not that she hated snow, but the cold. She hated the cold. The cold and the wet, especially. At Semaca, it just got a little cooler in the winter, not at all cold enough for snow... but the breeze did feel a little chillier than usual. Did that mean that the temperatures were dropping down here? In the summer? No, that made no sense at all. Perhaps... a storm? That was almost worse than snow! Getting hit by a storm would be... Troubling, to say the least. What if there was another flood?
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