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[Event] Assessing the damage

To one side of the cliffs, weyr caves built into the rock gaze out over a warm, sandy desert; on the other, caves can look upon the lush but dangerous treetops of the jungle below. Either way, home is where the heart is.
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Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:25 am

[Event] Assessing the damage

The flooding is still a problem, but some parts have dried enough to look at how bad it all is... and it's pretty bad.
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Varneala looked around and she sighed lightly. This was not going to go over well at all. She knew that it had to be cleaned and fixed though. But just how were they supposed to be able to do so? That was the grand question now wasn't it. "We need to find someway to start cleaning the dried areas. But we also need to figure out how to help dry the wet areas."
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