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[Event] Not Wherry Eggs

To one side of the cliffs, weyr caves built into the rock gaze out over a warm, sandy desert; on the other, caves can look upon the lush but dangerous treetops of the jungle below. Either way, home is where the heart is.
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[Event] Not Wherry Eggs

There's not much, but someone found two firelizard eggs among the food stores!
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You should not be out and about.

Markeeth was... technically right, in that Rin was supposed to be resting. Her shift was over for the day, she had eaten, and she should be conserving her strength for when Mazurka teamed up with Chopin tomorrow. Well, most of Mazurka. There was a lot of work to be done to rebuild her home, and she should not be wasting time or energy like this.

But Rin hadn't gotten her reputation as an active rider for no reason, and she couldn't settle down. She was just walking off the energy she couldn't seem to shake, wandering more or less aimlessly. Her winding path took her through the caves that made up the weyr, and past the food stores. Habit made her count the baskets - shortages hurt the whole weyr, and Mazurka had lost its best cook. Rin had been working in the food storage section today. She knew how many baskets she had dealt with.

There was one extra.

There was one extra?

She went to the spare basket, suspicious. It was a small basket, the sort small children would use to gather hen's eggs for the hold's breakfast. Rin had never been entrusted with that kind of task, because she would have run off for her daily excursion whether or not the eggs had been returned to the kitchens. But she could recognize one, and those were not hen's eggs.

"Did someone lose these?"
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Dutiful candidate that he was, Izuku was running errands as part of his chores, this one to the food stores to gather ingredients for the cooks. He was trying to be quick about it on a self-imposed timetable, thus he was rushing a bit. He yelped when a basket fell on his head (thankfully it wasn't anything fragile) and quickly packed it up again. He didn't realize there was anyone else around until Rin spoke, nearly jumping out of his skin in surprise. He was curious, though, as to what the lost item could be, and came closer to look.

"They're not mine... are they firelizard eggs?" He asked. He was pretty sure they were, but looks could be deceiving.
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