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They have never done anything wrong in their lives. [Pan]

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They have never done anything wrong in their lives. [Pan]

For last time. Narsk entered through the door first, grunting as she shoved her way inside Nariyo and Makai's lodge, letting her handler and his younger wher follow behind. Not SAILORS. Are PIRATES. Why Nariyo not know difference baffling to Narsk.

As Nariyo entered, he folded his arms at Narsk. "For the last damn time, what's really the difference between a sailor and a pirate? They're just words!" He moved to sit closer to his weyrmate, moving up next to him. "Anyway, hi, Makai. Narsk is trying to tell me I'm wrong about trusting the sailors again." Narsk sat down, facing her handler. Sailors humans with boats. Pirates humans with boats and also do crime. Simple distinction. Not that crime bad. But Nariyo trust too much. She turned towards Kask, disregarding the other handler or Makaisk. Dimglow handler dimmest glow of all.

Narisk is the last to enter, smirking as best a wher can. He addresses Makai, looking at him, Nariyo understand one day. Is okay. Heart in right place. Much like Narisk, Nariyo want believe everyone good. Maybe sailors not bad people after all.
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