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Candidate Amyntor

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Candidate Amyntor

"though she be but little she is fierce"
- Shakespeare A Midsummer's Night Dream


NAME: Amyntor
GENDER: female
PRONOUNS: she/her/her

BIRTHDATE: Spring 2750
AGE: 20 as of Summer 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
WING: n/a

EYES: Blue-green
HAIR: fluffy dishwater blonde, grown to low back and usually tied up in a bun
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5' even, teeny tiny person.
FULL APPEARANCE: Amyntor is a very petite young woman. Her legs are a little on the long side, and her torso a little short but she looks generally well proportioned. Her fluffy dark blonde hair has been grown long at the insistence of her mother but it is almost impossible to style in any way. The most Amyntor hopes for on an average day is to be able to keep it mostly contained in a bun, and to not have to re-tie it too many times. Her face has a round shape to it, and her blue-green eyes are also round. Her skin is a light tanned colour, with a smattering of dark freckles across her shoulders and on her thighs. She has two freckles on her face in places that she has been reliably informed to be unfortunate. One large one of the fleshy part of her right cheek, and one small one near the inside corner of her left eye.

Amyntor dresses from a wardrobe of her mother's choosing. Heavy, thick skirts and dresses with elaborate embroidery on anything that will hold the stitching seems to be her mother's favorite choice for her. Amyntor wouldn't mind the embroidery, if only her mother would choose dresses in a lighter fabric or, Faranth forbid it, trousers.

PERSONALITY: The first words someone would think of to describe Amyntor are usually words like "brash", "headstrong" or "stubborn". Amyntor has a lot of opinions and she's not afraid to share them, no matter what objections the person hearing them might have. Once her mind is made up it's not impossible to change it but the person attempting it will need to be pretty determined. Amyntor has a temper. If she sees something that she thinks is wrong, she'll say something. If she thinks someone hasn't considered all the facts, she'll say something. If someone who annoys her takes a stance on a topic that she has even the mildest feelings about, she'll start an argument. With someone that she likes and respects these "discussions" could be called "spirited debates" with no hard feelings at the end of them, but it wouldn't be surprising to anyone who knew her to hear that she had made enemies with her sharp tongue and short fuse.

Enjoying a good adventure, Amyntor isn't afraid to get in trouble. If someone has an idea for a "hare brained" escapade it wouldn't be too difficult to convince Amyntor to join. She loves trying and seeing new things and is curious about almost everything.

Amyntor is a giving person. She gives her time, service, and on occasion, belongings to those who need them. She believes it is her duty to provide those things to anyone she can, and feels strongly about protecting people who need it.

Mother: Anthousa
Father: Theotimus
First Child: Antipater (m) 747
Second Child: Eusebios (m) 748
Third Child: Amyntor 750
Fourth Child: Theokleia (f)(deceased) 751
Fifth Child: Timoteus (m)(deceased)755
Amyntor was the third born child to her parents, and the first girl. Her mother doted on her, happy to have a girl child after two strong boys, but Amyntor was the baby of the family for only a year before her mother had given birth to another girl. Amyntor wasn't neglected by any means, but she had somewhat reduced pressure on her when she was no longer her mother's only daughter. For a while that seemed like it would be the last of the children, until Amyntor's only younger brother was born. He became the real baby of the family, spoiled dearly by their mother and father.

Amyntor's family lived in a very small Hold in the north of High Reaches. Her father was Holder, and between his family, and the family of his two younger siblings that made up the entire population of the Hold. They had just enough farmable land to grow what they needed for their own food, and they cared for flocks of mountain animals as well. For a few years, between the ages of eight and ten, tending to the flocks had been Amyntor's job and she had loved it. The freedom of taking a packed lunch and a walking stick and heading into the mountains on her own had been intoxicating. And when she had graduated from caring for the animals and into learning what her mother called "women's arts" when one of her boy cousins was old enough to take over for her had been devastating. The walls of the Hall seemed to close in on her even worse now that she had had years of time ranging the mountainside.

The year Amyntor turned eight had also been the year that Thread had returned. Amyntor had sheltered with her family (and their animals) inside their Hold while outside dragons had fought their ancient enemy. Amyntor's heart had pounded with excitement the whole time. There were dragons and their riders seeing the very places that she saw every day. If she could only open a window she would be able to see the incredible creatures. Oh, how Amyntor wished she could see one of them.

For four years between turning ten and fourteen, Amyntor learned the tasks of keeping a stillroom, managing staff and keeping accounts from her mother. Most of their staff was Amyntor's aunts, uncles and cousins, but Amyntor's mother taught her the skills all the same. She always said that Amyntor could hope to marry the eldest son of some other Holder, and she'd need to do this for that Hold as well. Amyntor hated the idea of it. She didn't mind the work of managing the household, the problemsolving was invigorating, but something about the idea of marrying a Holder was... unsettling to her in a way she couldn't put into words yet. By far Amyntor's favorite aspect of "women's work" was the needlework she learned to pass the long winter days. There was something so satisfying about starting with loose thread and finishing with a beautiful design for people to admire.

When Amyntor was 14 plague swept across Pern and Amyntor's home was no exception. Amyntor did everything she could to help her mother as they desperately nursed her aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. Some recovered, and some, including her two younger siblings, did not.

It was hard for the family to move past it. It seemed like every time they turned the corner there was another ghost hovering there to steal whatever sense of peace they'd managed to scrape together. Amyntor's mother became more controling, dictating more and more what Amyntor could and couldn't do. Amyntor did not respond well. She began talking back more and more, which escalated to arguing just for the sake of arguing.

Amyntor's favorite place in the whole Hold was also a place that her mother had repeatedly tried to bar her from going. There was a small window in an upper floor bedroom that, when a person climbed out of it, had a small lip that you could shuffle along for a few paces to get to the roof of a lower level. Amyntor had enjoyed the seclusion that hiding place offered, as well as the opportunity to sit in the open air and bright sunlight, and whenever possible Amyntor enjoyed that environment. As Amyntor left the environment of her Hold that evolved to an urge to seek out places with a lot of natural light, or any place that might be described as "sun-baked".

Amyntor had always enjoyed the stories of the Weyrs and the Weyrfolk the best of all. The way the dragonriders always did their duty, no matter what, and with such style and grace was easy for a young girl to idealize. She had always wished for the opportunity to go to the Weyr, but it had always felt like an impossible wish.

Not much changed for Amyntor over the coming years, apart from a growing list of restrictions and a growing pressure to marry. Just as the situation was beginning to feel untenable, salvation came. Amyntor had come with her family to a Gather, ostensibly to try and find her a match and, while there, Amyntor was Searched. Having packed for a journey, all Amyntor had needed to do was grab the packs she had with her, say goodbye to her family, and head off on her adventure!
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: Amyntor has thoughts about a zippy dragon, so she thinks maybe blue or green?
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: she's hoping for an adventurous partner
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: no

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?: n/a

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: any
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: no
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: no
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: n/a

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: no
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: a small injury would be fine

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: no
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NAME: Amaltheia
BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2770
AGE: 0 as of 2770

FULL APPEARANCE: Amaltheia is a small firelizard who classifies as a white, but looks more like a dark grey that's flecked through with bits of white.

PERSONALITY: Amaltheia is a sweet and curious creature, always ready to meet new people and make new friends. She likes to curl up around Amyntor's neck, under her hair.
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