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C'aed and Green Eponath

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C'aed and Green Eponath

"When you're scared but you do it anyway, that's brave."
-Neil Gaiman


NAME: C'aed
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: Biromantic asexual

BIRTHDATE: Autumn 2745
AGE: 25 as of Late Summer 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Greenrider, Apprentice Healer
WING: Healer Wing

EYES: Green
HAIR: Red, straight and shoulder length
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11", long-limbed and lanky
FULL APPEARANCE: C'aed looks a little bit like he's still growing into his height, although at this point he's well and truly done growing. His arms and legs look ever so slightly too long for his body, giving him an unbalanced appearance. He wears his hair long, just past his shoulders almost always braided, but sometimes only loosely if he isn't expecting to be doing anything too active. His eyes are green to, as C'aed will joke, to match his dragon.

C'aed can be fussy about his clothes and appearance, frequently straightening his clothes or rebranding hid hair as necessary through the day. If his clothes become stained over the course of the day he will change at the earliest opportunity. He likes to wear bright colours whenever possible.

C'aed is a firm believer in "discretion is the better part of valour." He would much rather avoid a fight, and if he does get into one he would rather escape than fight it. His wit is his preferred weapon, and a battle of words is much preferred to a physical fight. That doesn't mean that he insults without thinking however, C'aed prefers polite discourse, and is willing to eat his pride to escape a dangerous encounter.

At his core C'aed is a kindhearted person who just wants to take care of people. However at this point he keeps most people at arm's length. He is polite, and will take care of others, but allows few to get to know or take care of him.

For a romantic partner, C'aed would prefer someone who is willing to be an actual partner to him. He would like someone who would be willing to work with him, can cover his weaknesses and is willing to let him cover theirs.

After bonding to Eponath C'aed found himself regularly challenged during times when he would have preferred to stand down about whether or not that was the right choice. Eponath forces him to face whether or not the "safe" choice is the "right" choice.

FAMILY: mother, father & 3 younger siblings
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches territory
C'aed was born Cinaed in a small nowhere hold in High Reaches territory. His father tended to the flock of herdbeasts and taught Cinaed how to as well. Cinaed was kidnapped from his home by dragonriders without warning when he was 15 and taken to High Reaches to be a candidate. Here Cinaed refined his abilities to avoid people as much as possible, run away from fights, and when all else failed to say whatever it was he thought the other person wanted to get out of the situation.

One year after Cinaed came to High Reaches, Golre died, and Fort riders came to "sort things out". Cinaed wasn't sure that the Fort riders would be any different than Golre's riders, so he continued to stay out of everyone's way. At this point, the Fort riders offered to return anyone who didn't want to remain at the Weyr to their homes. Cinaed considered what it would be like to return to his family and the life he had known before all this and decided that what had happened to him had changed him too much. If he went home now, his family wouldn't know him anymore, and he couldn't bear it if they turned away from him. It was better to stay here and make what life he could, even though he didn't completely trust the people around him. While trust in other people didn't grow in him, a desire to learn everything he could about healing did. Cinaed began to spend every spare moment he had with the Weyr's healers, learning everything he could about healing both humans and dragons.

Finally, four years after he'd come to High Reaches, it finally happened. Eponath chose him, and Cinaed became C'aed. It felt as though they'd had no time at all before sickness swept the Weyr. C'aed could barely keep up with Eponath's care, although he felt guilty the entire time for not doing more to help.

Over the next six years C'aed and Eponath learned how to work together, C'aed learned more and more about how to care for those who were ill or wounded, and Eponath learned how to force C'aed to examine his motivations and decisions.
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NAME: Eponath
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2764
AGE: 6 years as of Late Summer 2770



LENGTH: 32ft
COLOR: Green
HEX CODE: #58a86b
FULL APPEARANCE: Eponath looks like she should be a runner instead of a dragon. She has solid, thick legs and a strong chest. Her neck is thick and her wings are broad. No part of her is small. She's fairly adept at running on the ground, head low and kicking up turf and dirt around her at every turn. She is a solid, almost emeraldy-green all over. She has darker green swishes across her wings, covered by brighter, paler-mint colored greens in large curves over her wingsails. The same color splashes up her feet like socks on a runnerbeast, and in a wide stripe on her face. It also colors her spines.

PERSONALITY: Epanoth is a sturdy workbeast of a dragon. She is very good at listening and following instructions, and she is not fragile in any sense of the word. She has a very firm sense of being, being wholly at peace with being someone who works hard and never gives up. She's tenacious - when it comes to a goal or a project, she refuses to drop it until she reaches it. Luckily, this is paired with wisdom, and she tries to have goals that are achievable for herself or her rider - there is always room for improvement and ways to make life better!

She has an extremely generous heart, and will go to the ends of the world to help others. She will also go to the ends of the world because she loves to explore and travel. She's got an impeccable sense of direction, never getting lost no matter where she ends up, and she loves to go to see new places. New experiences are something she'll go out of her way to find, leading her bonded to many impromptu adventures. She is also a huge fan of doing physical activity - she loves running, flying, gliding - anything that involves movement! She's fit and fine, rearing to go out and live life to the fullest!

Voice: Though Eponath can speak, she isn't fond of it. She prefers making noises. When she does speak, her voice is even and friendly, though she is pretty blunt and to the point.
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