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Mountains Like a Flame

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Mountains Like a Flame

Table of Contents

post i.....::   Table of Contents [you are here]
post ii....::   Metrics
post iii...::   Codes
post iv...::   Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....::   Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi....::   Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...::   Characters at Fort Hold
post viii..:: Dropped Characters

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post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics [you are here]
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi...:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...:: Characters at Fort Hold
post viii..:: Dropped Characters

Amidala Ferorask Marigold Megalosaur
Amora Lalauth
Markeeth Mimikyu Padmesk Suzaku Tasikheth Zearask
Angeal Belgaerth Dioth Feregal Jaklath Rivoth Tierith Triumvirate Toyototh
Bazesk Moirath Owazesk Quinneth Shira Xiometh Zeask
Dazzle Ettesk Fartones Galore Hatorth Jaig Eyes Lalrosk Ryloth Sapphire Skyloth Sincline Trispzest Yggdrask
Anuketh Elencith Emissary Gamora Ghysk Kadiith Kaniyath Khiori Maranth Nivath Phoenth Savanth Vitaya Yatagarath Yuiryth
Black Ikoth Indominus Silsk

4 | 8 | 8 | 7 | 13 | 15 | 4 | 1

Deceased OR Dropped
Inferno Nornth
|no bronzes|
Bubble Dancer Bursirth Ilesssk Reisk Snitch
|no garnets|
|no blues|
Matoath Shego

COLFER, Chris is playing L'ark of Green Anuketh
DALEY, John Francis is playing M'cay of Blue Hatorth
DENNINGS, Kat is playing Zhalia of green Maranth
DOWNEY JR, Robert is playing N'star of Green Phoenth
FARROW, Mia is playing Sallynn of White Ikoth
FISHER, Carrie is playing Zeara of bronze Zearask and garnet Zeask
FISHER, Isla is playing Rin of bronze Markeeth
HENLEY, Georgie is playing Ivy of Garnet Quinneth
HIDDLESTON, Tom is playing Loki of brown Rivoth
HOWARD, Bryce Dallas is playing Ghys of green Ghysk
JESSE (Pokemon: Team Rocket) is playing Jesse of Green Yuiryth
KILCHER, Q'orianka is playing D'lena of Brown Jaklath
KNIGHT, Elliot is playing Ferorate of gold Ferorask and garnet Ferrosk
KREUK, Kristen is playing Z'zae of blue Ryloth
McGRATH, Katie is playing Yggdrasil of white Silsk
McNAMARA, Katherine is playing Chrysalis of garnet Moirath
NORWOOD, Brandy is playing A'lin of bronze Tasikheth
ORY, Meghan is playing Risae of Green Savanth
PINE, Chris is playing O'tlan of green Kadiith
POPPLEWELL, Anna is playing Endilette of blue Ettesk
PORTMAN, Natalie is playing Padme of bronze Padmesk
SHIROGANE, Takashi is playing Shiro of bronze Lalauth
SUDOL, Alison is playing Queenie of blue Lalrosk
VALDES, Carlos is playing V'dun of blue Rawlitanth
VENTRESS, Asajj (Star Wars the Clone Wars) is playing Ventress
VI BRITANNIA, Euphemia is playing Euphemia of Green Nivath
WEN, Jiang is playing Baze of Garnet Owazesk
WITHERSPOON, Reese is playing T'lash of Brown Toyototh
WITWER, Sam is playing B'recal of garnet Xiometh
WRIGHT, Bonnie is playing Ginny of green Elencith
WOLL, Deborah Ann is playing M'love of Blue Skyloth
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post i.....::   Table of Contents
post ii....::   Metrics
post iii...::   Codes [you are here]
post iv...::   Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....::   Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi....:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...::  Characters at Fort Hold

Code: Select all
[center][url=]character name of bonded[/url] | age | pronouns | wing/squad | clutch
dragon/wher hex | fire lizard hex | fire lizard hex
fire lizard one | fire lizard two | mammalian companion[/center]

[b]threads go here[/b]

Code: Select all
[table=2, Weyr Tally] [center][b]DRAGONRIDERS[/b][/center] [c] [center][b]WHERHANDLERS[/b][/center][C] [center][b]CRAFTERS[/b][/center] [c] CANDIDATES [c] [center][b]FIRELIZARDS[/b][/center][C][center][b]PETS[/b][/center][/table]

Code: Select all
[center][font=arial black][size=7]HATCHING[/size][/font][/center]

[b]Hatching Number:[/b]
[b]Impression Number:[/b]



[color=#][i][/i][/color] [/center]
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Fort Weyr

post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr [you are here]
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi...:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii..:: Characters at Fort Hold
post viii.:: Dropped Characters

A'lin of bronze Tasikheth | twenty-nine | she/her/hers | Midnight Wing | Empire
#D79927 | #14A546
green Emissary
former mentor to Kurue of garnet Artesiath | Newtype
former mentor to Thor of blue Hinokath | Seeker
available as weyrling mentor

Temporary Escape | Molly, Monty, Tuckal, Erian, and D'fid have an awkwardly fun party in the baths
Let's Get Mentored | Kurue of garnet Artesiath asks Molly to be her mentor
[Candidate Lesson] Obstacles to Success | Most of Midnight Wing show up to 'help' the candidates through the obstacle course; Molly is dealing with monthly cramps
Memento Mori | Tasikheth sustained minor injuries Chasing Serapheth; does not win
[Hatching] The Beast of Possibility | Molly stands guard at the entrance of the Hatching Grounds against Surprises and Sneaky Candidates.
[Plot] Coup d'Etat | Ista Weyr sends peacekeepers to Fort. Coming in off a sweet, Molly hears the Istan queen address the weyr. Unwilling to leave her junior weyrwoman unprotected, and knowing the difficulty Nornth has been having ever since the poisoning, she and Tasikheth carry the weyrling pair to the meeting site.
Sneaking Out | Tuckal escapes her room long enough to slip into the bathing hall unaccompanied. By the time white Journey convinces Molly to investigate, the bath contains the weyrwoman, Pia, and a High Reaches transfer Serena. Molly does a very good impression of 'traditional and scary bronze rider'.
[Plot] Emergence | Molly acts as bodyguard while Tuckal makes her first public appearance since being attacked.
a favor between friends | Monty summons Molly to a secret meeting, where he sends her on a secret mission to find out what she can about the mystery eggs. Molly is a traditional bronze rider in what her weyrwoman wants, she carries out.
[PLOT] Something...Gold? | Molly's mission to Benden pans out. She rescues the hidden gold, and delivers her, her rider, herself, Tasikheth, and Angelo to Fort's Hatching Sands.
[Event] Firelizards for Days! | While visiting a friend at Fort Hold, Molly manages to be in the right place at the right time to Impress a fire lizard! Her little green - Emissary - enraptures both Molly and Tasikheth with her polite manners and curiosity.
[Hatching] I am Thou, Thou art I | Molly's plans to attend the hatching were horribly derailed by unchecked and untreated depression slash PTSD. She ends up curled into her pillow, crying in shame, when an uproar comes from the Sands.
To Contest Nothing | In Which Molly offers Thor of blue Hinokath her mentorship.
A Midnight Bath | Midnight Wing's attempt to introduce their new members to the ritual of shared bath time is not quite successful. Molly took it upon herself to bring Blaze of gold Nornth to the baths.
A Surprise | In which one of Molly's clutchmates transferred to Fort Weyr and announces this decision by waiting in Molly's weyr.
The Red Comet Rises | Garnet Neozeoth leads a philosophical chase in which she talks about heroes and monsters. She chooses Tasikheth after a short flight.
haunted hatching
flight betting

D'lena of brown Jaklath | twenty-six | she/her/hers | Eclipse Wing | Harmony
#d88934 | #84BE6A | #196e3f
green Vitaya | green Khiori
mentor to Keith of blue Shinadoth | Devil weyrling

[Event] Fat Flights | D'lena, Erian, K'rin, and Finn all discover that their fire lizards have gorged themselves in the kitchens
Impromptu Party | Several Harmonies weyrlings (D'lena, Ryklin, Neeka) have a spur-of-the-moment get together
[Harmonies] Lesson 11: Flaming and Falling | D'lena proves squeamish about rock dust; Jaklath is confused by dragon anatomy
[Rumor] Arrogance? | D'lena and Ar'x of bronze Noath discuss a rumor about Esther
The Unreachable Star | D'lena makes a surprise Impression!; green Khiori recieved as a birthday giveaway
[Touching] Pulse of the Stars | D'lena stands guard over Serapheth's clutch while candidates are at the Touching
[Hatching] The Beast of Possibility | D'lena stands guard over Serapheth's clutch while it hatches. The Sands end up soaked in blood anyways.
Flightleader Normandith? | D'lena has a conversation with Breein of blue Normandith. The blue jollies Jaklath out of the dramatics he's been engaging in ever since he singed his neck during Fall. D'lena is mostly entertained.
A New Friend | T'rin of brown Celeth, a fellow Harmony, Impresses a unique fire lizard. She encounters D'lena in the hall, and Khiori catches fresh meat for the new baby. D'lena is uncharacteristically grossed out by the sermurine.
[Plot] Emergence | D'lena escorts Blaze into the Lower Caverns to see Tuckal's first public appearance.
[Flight] Stormy Weather | Jaklath takes off in the middle of a storm to chase green Mikanoth. He is not successful, and only narrowly avoids getting hit by lightning. He manages to burn the tip of one wing during his near miss, though.
[Rumor] Weyrwoman's Health | D'lena takes out some rage on an innocent loaf of bread when she hears the rumor that Tuckal suffered a seizure at the end of Serapheth's Flight. Hasn't her weyrwoman been through enough?
Put On A Happy Face | Unable to sleep, D'lena takes time to help the bakers in the wee hours of the morning. Her skills have suffered, and she mistimes her bread proofing.

Sif of brown Belgaerth | twenty-five| she/her/hers | wing/squad | Gates
#6D6557 | fire lizard hex
fire lizard one
When the world's crashin' down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop it!

formerly mentored by Valkyrie of green Ielleth | Planetcracker

Knights of Asgard | Now that both Sif and Thor have Impressed at Fort Weyr, they have a joyous reunion in the Bowl.

B'recal of garnet Xiometh | twenty-seven | he/him/his | Minuet Wing | Raider
Journeyman Harper, song craft specialty
#54345b | #FF0000
garnet Shira
I'm inclined to think half mankind
thinks the other half is lying
Wouldn't be surprised to find
they're all in c a h o o t s[/color]
formerly mentored by Fraenkie of blue Vagneth (dropped character, NPC)

Finding Family | B'recal greets a new transfer in the weyrbowl
One Chance in Five | After the chaos of late, B'recal seeks his old mentor Fraenkie of blue Vagneth for some decompression - and maybe a blanket fort.
[Event] Reconstruction | Snowfall caves in the roof of a barn. B'recal helps newly promoted weyrleader Negan clean up the wreckage in preparation for rebuilding.
[Flight] All My Dreams | On a desert adventure, both Xiometh and Shira decide that it's high time they Rise. B'recal is left to his own devices while they lead their own chases. Xiometh has a lot to choose from, and she picks a High Reaches transfer - bronze Spykth.
Getting Crowded | Xiometh's Flight resulted in a clutch! She only laid two eggs, but broods over four because Spykth's other mate - green Kasheth - did not stick around. She's not the only one on the Sands, though, and things get tense with Benden loan Sido of gold Nuuth.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Xiometh's eggs bracket the hatching, with garnet Ambraliath and brown Rath. The other two eggs she was watching hatch in the middle of the pack.
oh no you didn't | Two recently graduated garnets rose and laid eggs. Xiometh told B'recal to investigate.
[Rumor] Twilight of a Wing | Twilight Wing has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to leadership. B'recal, fellow wingmate Faralyn of brown Grooth, and Eclipse wingrider Flan of brown Kajth bemoan the sudden rise of the Chronicles clutch.
haunted hatching

V'dun of blue Rawlitanth | age | he/him/his | Aurora | Planetcracker
search rider, healer, ray of sunshine
former mentor to Riku of white Taissath | Haunts

[Rumor] Not so Bad? | V'dun is suspicious of the Istan interlopers, and belies his usual sunny nature refuting a rumor that they might not be so bad. Arguing his usual side is Flan of brown Kajth, who is uncharacteristically blasé about a takeover.
The New Girl | V'dun finds Aurora wing's newest member, Serena of green Mikanoth, after she got the time for a wing meeting drastically wrong.
[Flight] Stormy Weather | Rawlitanth takes off in the middle of a storm to chase green Mikanoth. Against all odds, the grumpy blue wins.
[Event] Beach Party | V'dun decides to attend a party advertised at the beach. He spends time enjoying the frou-frou drinks and decorations, talking with a High Reaches green rider who is less enthralled with the silliness.
Of Sweet Things and Bad Dreams | An unfortunate accident leads to a new friend - V'dun's fall on the shore of the lake leads him to meet Seeker weyrling Seven of green Nanakoth. Rawlitanth drops him in the middle of the lake to clean him off. V'dun comes off with a sprained wrist and a dented dignity.

Jesse of green Yuiryth | twenty-five | she/her/hers | Aurora Wing | Newtype
Rocket Grunt
#4d8c52 | #bfaf4e
bronze Mimikyu
formerly mentored by Ph'right of brown Babyloth

[Touching] War in the Pocket | Jesse gets a reaction from Heart of Earth; Benden attacks
Within Our Nations | When Benden attacks the Touching, Jesse goes to tell James about Heart of Earth
[Hatching] Stardust Memory | Jesse Impresses Yuiryth
I'm okay | After a dreadful Fall, James assures Jesse that he will be fine
[Newtypes] Lesson 4: Gear! | All About Straps; Jesse and Yuiryth have still not learned to work together
[Event] Hidden Treasure | Flying practice was interrupted when Jesse found a pair of fire lizard eggs. She Impressed bronze Mimikyu; James Impressed green Victory-Bell
[Newtypes] Lesson 15 - Threadfall | Jesse and Yuiryth use their newfound teamwork to tackle the problem of Thread.
Striking Out On Our Own | Jesse regrets wasting Yuiryth's first few months of life. She and Yuiryth settle into their adult weyr, and are visited by one of their new wingmates - K'ran of green Onderoth.

N'star of green Phoenth | forty-one| he/him/his | Daylight | Melody
rider, dragonless, guest lecturer
former mentor to Sirius of white Unicoth | Trailblazer
former mentor to Oleander of green Saraneth | Gates
available as weyrling mentor

[Trailblazers] Lesson 6 - Gliding | N'star and Phoenth act as the guest lecturer/live model for the Trailblazer class.
Lost but determined | N'star comes in off sweeps just in time to see one of the Trailblazer weyrlings take a nasty tumble. He stays a while and encourages R'une and Kshatriyath.
Something Different | N'star and Phoenth have been chosen as mentor to Sirius and white Unicoth. They meet in the weyrbowl to begin their mentorship.
Last One To The Party | N'star congratulates Lexien on her reImpression; Phoenth inspects Mikazuchith.
[Rumor] The Outer Dark | Some of the weyrbrats have been spreading stories about monsters in between. Instead of scoffing, N'star questions just how much they actually know about this draconic phenomenon.

Sallynn of white Ikoth | twenty-eight | she/her/hers | Healer's | Melody
I won't give up, no I won't give in
'Til I reach the end and then I'll start again
No, I won't leave, I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail
-- "Try Everything" by Shakira, Zootopia
available as weyrling mentor

[Event] Numbweed | It's that time of Turn again! Lenny and Pia pitch in, as apprentice healers, and are joined by a greenrider.
Nightmares | Lenny has a nightmare that Pia has been kidnapped again. To assuage her nerves, she and Ikoth go to visit Pia and Ryodath. No one has been sleeping well.
Half of my Heart | A tragic Fall rips a pair of twins asunder. Garnet Nightengath is lost, leaving her sister Neozeoth bereft. Lenny goes to comfort the twin left behind, but her efforts are not welcome.

Ferorate of gold Ferorask | twenty-three | they/them/their | Dusk | Ghost
gold handler, parent, wherling mentor
#efd525] |#008080 | #9f6d2c
blue Fartones | brown Feregal
In the middle of summer
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night

former mentor to Farana of white Faransk Frights wherling
available as wherling mentor

[Event] In Twos | Someone left two eggs for the holder; Ferro Impresses brown Feregal while Gull Impresses garnet Gojira
[Hatching] The Beast of Possibility | Ferro attends the Hatching of Serapheth's third clutch to support their sister Rey; in the bloody aftermath they connect with another of Fartoo's children, the traumatized Farana
[Feast] Trust You | Ferorate attends the feast with their mother, father, and three of their siblings (Rey of blue Nuth, Aga'ren of garnet Minevath, Farana)
[Event] Gather Day! | Ferorate attends the Gather thrown by their Lord. Supports their sibling Farana as they Impress a white wher, and witnesses their mother Impress a male garnet. Later, they have a conversation with another sibling.
[Event] Fruitcake | Ferro and Filigrace visit the weyr on one of their trips to see their siblings. Filigrace dissects what appears to be fruit-studded cake while Ferro talks to a recently-bonded wherhandler.
[Plot] Mounting Resistance | After the coup at High Reaches, Ferorate and Ferorask go to the weyr to free their mother. They rub some people the wrong way with their single-minded determination.
[Event] Troublesome Creatures | Ferorate gets harassed by some of the recently hatched, badly behaved, fire lizards. Ferorask is entirely too amused, and refuses to banish the fire lizards.
[Run] Warm Winds of Summer's Wreckage | In all the events of the past few months, Ferorate completely misses that their wher is about to Run.
We're a Family and You're One of Us Now | Ferro likes having their siblings over. Their siblings are not always enthused about this arrangement.
[Hatching] Little Terrors | Ferorask's clutch reveals two beautiful chromatic whers - a green and a blue.

Endilette of blue Ettesk | nineteen | she/her/hers | Dawn | Treasure
wherling, hunter, little sister
Tinkerbell says, and I find I agree
You have to break rules if you want to break free

in need of mentoring

[Event] Dry Spell | Endilette and Ettesk discuss the Hold's recent lack of rain with Anyuli and bronze Anbrask. Ettesk confesses that he is very clumsy on land.
Taste of Home | An exploration the weyr results in a new friend. Endilette ends up talking with Fort's Headwoman, Mayella.

Acxa of green Kaniyath | age | she/her/hers | Daylight | Devil
#334639 | #00BFFF
Honor those the dragons heed,
In Thought and Favor, Word and Deed
Worlds are Lost and worlds are Saved
From those dangers dragon braved
mentored by Essa of bronze Gectusith | Curse

[Touching] To You Who Wear The Mask of 'Candidate' | Acxa doesn't get any particularly strong reaction from Serapheth's eggs before the gold declares them too tired to continue the Touching
[Hatching] In Radiance May We Find Victory | Acxa watches several candidates Impress and promptly lose their minds before green Kaniyath picks her from the crowd. Impression is instantaneous and sweet.
[FEAST] The Devil's in the Details |

Rellor | thirteen | he/jhim/his | Harper | Apprentice
brown Angeal
There is no shame in being untaught, only unlearned.

threads go here

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High Reaches Weyr

post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr [you are here]
post vi....:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...:: Characters at Fort Hold
post viii..:: Dropped Characters

Shiro of bronze Lalauth | Midsummer 2759 | he/him/his | Moonshot | Harmony
#262406 | #363636 | #2D614F
Black | Gamora
bronze rider, Careful Dad, elected Senior Flightleader
unavailable as weyrling mentor

One-seventeen, Ninety-Eight Seventy-five | Shiro has a bathtime encounter with Z'kon of bronze Gottminuth - who is every inch the kind of bronze rider that haunts Shiro's nightmares. It does not end well.
Patience Yields Focus | Gamora leads Shiro to a store room where he meets, is charmed by, and ultimately befriends candidate Keith.
[Hatching] In Radiance May We Find Victory | Shiro's triumphant return to Lalauth's birth weyr is not so victorious when he forgets to unstrap himself before dismounting. His late arrival means that he gets a less stellar seat to his candidate friend Keith's Impression to a blue.
[FEAST] The Devil's in the Details |

T'lash of brown Toyototh | thirty | she/her/hers | Moonshot | Dandy
i've got thirty-six expressions
from sweet as pie to tough as leather

[Flight] Sunset Sky Alight | Terminath's maiden flight. Toyototh gives a credible performance, until Terminath changes direction. He and bronze Rewloolath collide in the air, and Toyototh assumes he's being attacked. They both get dismissed from the Flight.
[Rumor] Vacation | T'lash and Nasari of bronze Oirinth discuss Junior Weyrleader Na'ri's trip to Semaca.
[Hatching] Carnival of Rust | T'lash spends the entirety of the Hatching with Is'ah and Beihath. Toyototh pouts.
[Plot] Usurper Kings | When the revolting riders came for Is'ah, Toyototh took offense. He fought several other dragons. The injuries he sustained will keep him grounded permanently. T'lash is separated from her brown, thrown in jail for protesting, and can do little but cry.
[Event] Snow! |  T'lash hasn't had a chance to appreciate the snow since Toyototh's injury. She attempts to build a snowman, and Toyototh tries not to aggravate his injuries further.
[Flight] Night of the Final Day | Toyototh attempts to follow Terminath into the air once more. Since he can no longer fly, all he really accomplishes is a dramatic crash landing, terrifying his rider, and breaking his bad wing. Again.

M'cay of blue Hatorth  | twenty-seven | he/him/his | Healer - field | Fantasie
rider, mind healer, heart healer, designated big brother guy, kisser of boo-boos, untangler of conundrums
formerly mentored by T'mok of green Matoath (dropped character, NPC)
available as weyrling mentor
Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice.
Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.

[FLIGHT] Spring Snow | Green Wintrath leads a merry chase! She chooses Hatorth in the end.
[Rumor] Poultry Assault | M'cay hears a rumor that someone has been throwing chickens at people. He and newly transferred D'ia discuss, while Kasshuth and Hatorth have a riddle contest.
Overworked | Weyrleader Xander has been working far too hard, and while the weyr appreciates his dedication, M'cay becomes frustrated. When he checks on Xander with food, he finds the weyrleader asleep on his desk.

M'love of blue Skyloth | twenty-one | she/her/hers | Starfall | Hero
rider, wrangler of the dramatic, general go-getter
Where do you start? How do you separate the present from the past?
How do you deal with all the things you thought would last?
weyrmated to D'ark of garnet Masreith

[Rumor] A'ric's Ambition | Two of the most ambitious riders that came from the Heroes clutch discuss a rumor about one of them. M'love and A'ric are both fairly certain that they are on the same page, when in reality they are not.
Good night moon | Garnet Masreith rises! She leads Skyloth and a number of males on a merry chase, and chooses Skyloth in the end. M'love sort of wishes she knew Skyloth had decided he was ready to Chase, so she could arrange something for herself.
[FLIGHT] Spring Snow | Skyloth is deemed too much of a braggart to be worthy of green Wintrath's affections. M'love is a little disappointed, because she wanted to figure out this Flight thing.
[Hatching] Carol of the Bells | It's time, it's time! M'love eagerly rolls out of bed for the dawn hatching of Skyloth's clutch.
Greetings, Worthless Peasant | M'love and D'ark have the most unlikely of friendships. This is just a typical encounter between M'love of blue Skyloth and D'ark of garnet Masreith.
[Hatching] Chase the Morning | M'love enjoys being seen as D'ark's weyrmate, and dresses for the occasion of Terminath's last hatching. She mourns her classmate Saarna.
Injury Check | A scary falls leads M'love straight to her weyrmate's side as soon as the wings are dispersed. Something changes in their relationship.
Only Temporary | The Conclave held at High Reaches makes D'ark nervous enough to move into M'love's weyr for the duration. Unfortunately, the pair discover this change in plans after M'love had fallen down a back stairs. D'ark never moves back out.
[Flight] Fire in the Sky | Masreith takes to the sky once more. D'ark and M'love spend the Flight together, and Skyloth wins the day once more.
I Love You, Forever | Both D'ark and M'love suffer a major scare when M'love catches the rough end of a clump of Thread. For the first time, D'ark puts effort into keeping his weyrmate. M'love tries to push him away, and can't. As a matter of fact, she agrees to marry him. Whoops.
[Event] Smelly Feast | M'love's return to D'ark requires a detour through the kitchens for food. Unfortunately, someone brought in fish that had gone bad, and the smell gets to M'love. In her haste to get away, she runs right into her weyrmate.
Sleek as a Shriek | M'love is awakened from her afternoon nap when a baby gold fire lizard falls on her bed. She names the little one 'Marigold'.

Kiokke of green Justicath | Late Spring 2739 | she/her/hers | Moonshot | Cosmic
available as weyrling mentor

A Path Unwinding | Kiokke transfers to High Reaches to take over Moonshot Wing, meets her new wingsecond.

L'ark of green Anuketh | twenty-three | xe/xym/xyr | Starfall | Deities
apprentice weaver, wingrider
color #174038; bg color #34925E
There's a thin line 'tween the dark side,
And the light side, baby tonight
It's a struggle, gotta rumble, tryin'a find it

Gods of Egypt [Deities] | L'ark has a reunion picnic with xyr clutchmates Didge, S'et, and Dez, along with all attendant dragons
[Rumor] Inexperience | L'ark hears a disturbing rumor about needing another gold at the weyr. Dez and Didge help bolster xym against the shock. They had Impressed at Benden, too.
Healing... screams? | Dez of bronze Seth leads a revolt against the Council. L'ark finds out in the infirmary, where xe has been with Anuketh's broken headknob. Xe struggles up to the fireheights to find out why.
wood chipper | After xer clutchmates transfer away from High Reaches, L'ark has a small accident while swapping furniture in stores. Xe meets a brownrider.

Swan of green Yatagarath | age | she/her/hers | Starfall | Mixes

at least three???

Zeara of bronze Zearask and garnet Zeask | sixty-three | she/her/hers | Windsong | Rebels; Frights
formerly elected Wherleader, squad leader, Wher Mom
#D98719 | #590C10
formerly mentored by Marcie of green Marcisk and bronze Marisk (dropped character, NPC)
formerly mentor to Ahsoka of garnet Ahsosk and white  Ahsk
mentor to Glaidan of [color=b2b5db]blue Glaisk[/color] | Gather wherling
Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints,
it takes and it takes and it takes

[Hatching] Filled With Determination | Zeara attends a wher hatching
[Plot] Southern Bound | Zeara's first meeting as Elected Wherleader; topic of discussion sending people South
Introductions | Zeara of bronze Zearask meets Maeve of blue Kinlath
[Event] Fire! | Cleaning up a wildfire, Zeara finds her long-lost daughter Rey
[Run] Give Into Your Anger | In the three days Zeara spent at Semaca, Zearask Chases Anakisk and wins
[Hatching] The Beast of Possibility | Zeara is in the stands as Rey stands for Serapheth's third clutch; Rey Impresses blue Nuth, the two wherleaders poke fun at each other, they are joined by several children (Rey, Ferorate, Farana)
[Feast] Trust You | More children arrive during the Feast, named Aga'ren of garnet Minevath; a wher handler attacks Fort's weyrwoman over actions on the Sands
[Event] Gather Day! | Zeara attends the Gather at Fort Hold mostly to check in with her family, who are universally concerned with her broken foot. Lord Vellaren throws a surprise into the works when she hands Zeara a wher egg that hatches into a male garnet.
[Council] Accusations | A routine petition for aid turns into a nasty accusation as it comes to light that newly elected weyrleader Zeresh assaulted a holder in the baths.
[Frights] Lesson 4 - Gear and Scenting | Zeara works on gear for Zeask, and marvels at going through wherling training all over again. Zeara promises that when Zeask quits growing quite so fast, she'll make him a harness that looks as good as it functions.
[Plot] Usurper Kings | Revolt! Dez of bronze Seth overthrows the Council, and throws them in jail. Zeara is thrown off balance when separated from Zearask, in the infirmary with a broken jaw. Zeask is terrified, and Zeara spends more time soothing him than trying to escape.
[Hatching] Sing a Song of Springtime | Zeara and Zeask attend gold Thursk's clutch.
[Hatching] Song of the Lost | The abandoned eggs that Elysk and Zearask have been so carefully guarding begin to hatch! Zearask takes it upon himself to bring the food so that his surrogate children can have a proper start to their bonds.
[Run] WInter's Sun | Gold Elysk Runs! Zeask prods Zearask into chasing, and then tags along to harass the other males. In the end, sentimentality wins, and so does Zearask.

Yggdrasil of white Silsk and blue Yggdrask | twenty-seven | zhe/zher/zhers| Dawn
#ADACA8 | #00273b
All your life, people will tell you who you are.
At some point, you have to strike back with the truth.
No. This is who I am.
You don't get to decide that for me.

[Rumor] Ghost Sightings
Fort Gather; Impression
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Semaca Weyr
post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi...:: Characters at Semaca Weyr [you are here]
post vii..:: Characters at Fort Hold
post viii..:: Dropped Characters

Rin of bronze Markeeth | seventeen | she/her/hers | Mazurka | Sol
#b8af7f | fire lizard hex
fire lizard one
"Then let's look on the bright side:
We're having an adventure, and most people live
and die without being as lucky as we are."
formerly mentored by Rigel of blue Cygneth

[Touching] Semaca and the Demon Bear | In what would become a running theme of her candidacy, Rin had to be returned to the Sands by a rider. She was unable to get a reaction from any of the eggs due to a brawl by the other candidates.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Rin snuck up on her brother due to her late arrival on the Sands (rescued by none other than the weyrleader!), earning her a lecture from another candidate. She Impresses, just moments later, to the bronze from Titanium Dandy, bronze Markeeth. She and Markeeth escort green Eboeth and her rider off the Sands, while Rin wonders if they are really old enough to have charges of their own.
[Event] Superbloom! | The recent rains triggered an epic explosion of plant life. Rin plays hooky from weyrling lessons to explore, and run into a green rider - G'rel of green Andorith. Markeeth is unsurprisingly haughty.
[Event] Cave-in! | While roughhousing, Unay and Rin manage to collapse part of the weyrling barracks. Rin is the only one badly hurt, with a concussion. Markeeth does not do his color proud, and visibly panics.

Ivy of garnet Quinneth | age | she/her/hers| Nocturne | Song

Growing Pains | Ivy has questions about her impending graduation. She seeks out assistant weyrlingmaster Naxen of blue Anitoth to help. In the end, she picks Nocturne Wing.
A Bit of Mischief | Ivy collects plant specimens while Quinneth teaches herself stealth. They are joined by Pyre and blue Pyrsk.

Z'zae of blue Ryloth | thirty-four | she/her/hers | Pavane | Galaxies
scout rider, unarmed combat specialist, mother
#59A9A7 | #325C74
blue Jaig Eyes
There's a line between the sea and the sky
And it calls me
And no one knows how far I'll go
former mentor to Suzaku of brown Rath Sol
available as weyrling mentor

[Flight] Floating Around in Ecstasy | Ryloth chases green Kadiith when she Rises. Z'zae has fun with O'tlan and several other riders.
One Calm Moment | In a day that started off difficult and got worse, things culminate in the bathing hall until Z'zae has three children throwing tantrums at the same time. To make matters worse, Chirrut appears and magically solves at least one problem. Z'zae bursts into tears.
Surprise? | Z'zae and her father have conspired to get a wher egg for Chirrut. Since her eldest son is present when the egg is delivered, Z'zae is fetched for its hatching.

Euphemia of green Nivath | eighteen | she/her/hers | Healer Wing; field | Heroes
#8eb68c | #CD7F32 | fire lizard hex
bronze Suzaku | fire lizard two
massacre princess

[Plot] Murder [tw: death] | Euphemia is the first to see Azana's lifeless body when she goes to visit her clutchmate. Cornelia escorts her back to her weyr amid near hysterics. Euphemia does not do well with the sight of blood.
Idiocy | Euphemia wanders into a room that happens to be filled with her family. Lelou is sulking over his weyrmate, Cornelia is laughing at him, and Schneizel is lofty and arrogant. Euphie wonders if she is missing a level of interaction.
[Event] Bubble Bath | The weyr decides to treat its residents by adding bubbles to the baths. Euphemia unexpectedly meets her little sister in the bathing caverns. Suzaku-the-flit and Nunally's Buddy meet.
[Rumor] Ghost | Euphie spends a lot of sleepless nights on the fireheights. She is joined by Lozen of garnet Ariath - the figure of several of Euphie's anxieties - and they discuss reality versus hopes.
[Hatching] Carnival of Rust | Euphemia and C'ly are the healers on hand during the hatching of the Acta Esta Fabula clutch. Euphie is super nervous until her wingsecond teases her into relaxing.
Euphemism | Euphie is delighted to meet brother Lelou's boyfriend Suzaku. Her appearance apparently short circuits Suzaku's brain, because he propositions his boyfriend's sister in front of his boyfriend. Bronze Suzaku takes great offense.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Euphie volunteers as a supplemental Healer instead of watching Guiloth's clutch hatch from the Sands. Her only job is to patch up a candidate arrogant enough to touch a hatchling not her own. Bronze Suzaku takes the opportunity to harass Lelou and Human Suzaku. Later, Chalay talks her into transferring.
We Are Here | Euphie takes the time to greet new transfer Alayna of gold Wyzeth.

Ginny of green Elencith | twenty | she/her/hers | Minuet Wing | Quidditch
plot plant, Istan spy, rider

The Great Hall | Ginny spends some time in the dining hall, talking to Semaca riders.
[Rumor] Retribution? | Benden hasn't retaliated for the hatching disaster. Ginny speculates on what they're planning while she tries to work her way through a hangover.

Risae of green Savanth | thirty | she/her/hers | Minuet | Knights
#4B7602 | #09426b
blue Sapphire
formerly mentored by Valour of green Moraeth (dropped character, NPC)
"Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams."

[Event] Basket | Someone left a three fire lizard eggs in a basket for the weyrlings. Risae Impresses blue Sapphire
[Rumor] Electons | Risae loses her appetite hearing about the rumored candidates for the weyrleader election coming up. When bronzerider Schneizel approaches her and the garnet rider that turns out to be his sister, Risae flees the dining hall with the excuse of lessons.
[Rumor] Transfers | Risae can't catch a break. She is still dealing with gossip, this time about her transfer to Semaca.
[Flight] A Taste of Flesh | Savanth Rises for the first time, leading a decent contingent of Semaca males. Her choice is blue Kreith. Risae spends the time getting good and drunk.
[Touching] Semaca and the Demon Bear | Savanth is most dismayed to find that her nest was not as secure as she though. Walking Stump fell over! Risae made a friend with a local brewer as the chaos unfolded.
Tell Me Everything | Guard Captain Vella consults Risae to discover just what she can expect from Benden's presence at the hatching. Risae is relatively truthful, given that the captain feeds her a story that is partially true, partially altered, and partially made up.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Risae manages to turn out a respectable ensemble for Savanth's first hatching. The greens' two children are brown Wisketoth and blue Bolduth, fine male hatchings. Risae stays away from her sister and the political chaos, but chooses to chat with Wes of blue Kreith.
[Feast] Semaca's Friendship Raid | Risae touches base with Sage of brown Wisketoth, and discusses things like fried beetles with her. Sapphire finally returns from his self-imposed sabbatical.
[Event] Taste Testing | Risae and G'rel of green Andorith taste the first of Semaca's new vintages. They discover that they have very different tastes in wine.

O'tlan of green Kadiith | thirty-eight | he/him/his | Mazurka | Colossi
former Semaca Weyrleader, scout rider, Search rider, sun worshipper
#2F5B47 | #EDC9AF | fire lizard hex
brown Triumvirate | fire lizard two | canine Genesis
you either believe in yourself, or you don't
former mentor to Liyanel of gold Nebulaeth Mystery
available as weyrling mentor

[Event] Whelping Season | O'tlan picks out Genesis as a puppy
Soak Up the Sun | Sunloving O'tlan and Shearwater share a moment in the Southern Sun
[Event] Mysterious Egg |  Weyrleader O'tlan returns from a hunting trip to find that someone has gifted his weyr with a large gold egg. Weyrleadership is unable to find a weyr that will claim it, and suspicions are aroused.
[Mini Hatching] Starshine | After visiting the Northern weyrs, O'tlan returns home just in time to see the Star Ocean egg He confers with the Guard Captain, and nearly has a conniption as the new gold Impresses a non-binary candidate. Everyone wonders what is wrong with him.
Shadow of Our Burden Behind Us | O'tlan and Kaddy have bathtime. They are joined by their mentees, Liyanel and Nebulaeth. Everyone has a good time.
[Flight] Floating Around in Ecstasy | After a full seven days of proddiness, Kadiith finally takes to the sky. She leads blue Ryloth, blue Anitoth, green Oshuth, and brown Espinneth on a merry chase before choosing.
[Rumor] Seasonal Uncertainty | O'tlan is delighted to discover that Semaca has mild winters. He has a conversation with a very confused Shain as to how different places experience winter.
[Rumor] Illegitimate? | There is a rumor that at least one Northern weyr doesn't approve of Semaca. O'tlan grumbles about this with a dual-bonded wherling - Mara of gold Marsk and green Marask.
[Event] Another Egg?! | Another egg appears on Semaca's sands. O'tlan's headache only intensifies when he realizes that Kadiith has adopted this egg.
Parenting | Kadiith's vigil over 'her' egg is interrupted by another dragon eager to help protect and raise the egg. O'tlan brokers a temporary truce between Kadiith and bronze Tangleth - a huge step for the bronze-hating green.
[Hatching] Lonely Hearts | Kadiith's egg hatches! It takes a lot of effort, but Cerebral Warp reveals a female blue, who Impresses to Semaca's Steward. O'tlan wonders wearily if it's time for an election.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | O'tlan is disappointed to spend most of the Hatching tending to domestic matters, but he does make it to the Sands to see the last few eggs hatch. He and Kadiith are not in time to stop Nebulaeth from challenging Nuuth, or various other acts of stupidity.
[Plot] The Returners | There have been rumors of dragons back from the dead, and mysterious claw marks on trees. During the coordinated search, O'tlan and Alayna find the Lost, including Colossi sire Cabadath and Semaca rider Elend. Many tears are shed.

Zhalia of green Maranth

Zhalia of green Maranth | Late WInter 2737 | she/her/hers | Minuet | Delights
Well, that does sound like a personal problem!

threads go here

Chrysalis of garnet Moirath | Summer 2746 | she/her/hers | Chopin | Tense
candidate, general helper, potential headwoman
#522D4B | #4E91DF | fire lizard hex
blue Dazzle | fire lizard two
You know, you can say it backwards, which is docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-rupus, but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?
formerly mentored by T'challa of bronze Lockoth

[Touching] Semaca and the Demon Bear | Chrysalis does not get any particularly dramatic response from any of the eggs before the brawl scares all of the babies.
[Rumor] Peace and Quiet? | With the extra candidates gone, Chrysalis revels in the lower expectations and stress.
[Hatching] X Marks the Spot | Chrysalis has never seen a wher clutch before! She takes a moment to request the proper materials for a wher hatching before attending. It's so exciting!
Inventory? | Chrysalis gets caught in her attempt to be helpful by farmer Athenry.
What's a Two-Four-One? | Someone has left Chrysalis a fire lizard egg! Shortly thereafter, Chrysalis is also left a bowl of fish scraps. Not a moment too soon, because her egg quickly hatches into a dazzling little blue.

Padme of bronze Padmesk | thirty-two | she/her/hers | Weyr Guard | Spirits
wherhandler, former Lady, mother of three
#98683F | #FFDAB9 | fire lizard hex
gold Amidala | fire lizard two
There's a place they can go if they're tired of chains,
And our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost,
But we'll walk on them willingly, knowing the cost --
We won't take our place on the shelves.
It's better to fly and it's better to die

formerly mentored by Vella of green Vellask, Weyr Guard Captain

[Hatching] Heart's Song | Padme and Anakin run into Ahsoka at Semaca's first Hatching
[Hatching] Long Lost Spirits | Padme Impresses bronze Padmesk; Anakin Impresses blue Anask
A Study in Height | Padme has some trouble reaching her belongings; calls Anakin for help
Shy Little Soot | Padme encounters a clutchmate; goes for a dip after a run.
[Event] Cake! | After a busy day, Padme is delighted to find cake in the dining hall. Anakin is, well, less impressed. The snob.
[Rumor] O'tlan's Hair | Someone starts a rumor that Weyrleader O'tlan is getting hair products from up North. Padme is fairly certain it isn't true, but she is running out of patience for her own hair.
[Spirits] Lesson 8 - Live Hunting | Padme tries to talk herself through Padmesk's first kill. It...doesn't go well.
[Spirits] Lesson 10 - Search and Rescue | Padme and Padmesk test their skills. Padmesk is more confident than Padme, at first, but they gain confidence as their trial goes well.
I Need a Drink | Padme and Vella commiserate over their inability to drink. Vella because of her wherling, and Padme because of her suspected pregnancy.

Baze of garnet Owazesk and garnet Bazesk | sixty-three | he/him/his | Chopin | rebonded dragonless, honorary Traveler; Treasure
#a93d3d | #523868
I protected you.

Surprise? | Owazesk lays a single egg clutch after bonding Baze. Baze and Z'zae keep this a secret from Chirrut until it is time to hatch. Chirrut Impresses a unique - quartz.
[Rumor] Bad children get gobbled up! | Baze and Owazesk are on Jarjar detail when he gets very agitated that ghost dragons are coming to eat him. Owazesk stresses about losing Baze while Baze tries to stem the depression from setting back in. Dragons don't come back to life. They just don't.
[Hatching] X Marks the Spot | Baze surprise!Impresses a little garnet at Temask's first clutch.

Queenie of blue Lalrosk | age | she/her/hers | Weyr Guard | Serenade

Semaca discuss

Ghys of green Ghysk | thirty-five | she/her/hers | Weyr Guard
#00482D | white | #F8C71E
Indominus | | runners Grace, Story
If you aren't here to help, you don't need to be here.
former mentor to Fitzen of gold Fitsk
available as wherling mentor

A Question | Ghys spends some time with Grace; is asked to mentor Spirits wherling Fitz of gold Fitsk
[Event] Mysterious Egg | Ghys and Ghysk take the first Guard shift for the rumored queen egg.
Surprise? | Ghys is enlisted by the weyrleader to deliver a wher egg to Chirrut's quarters. She deposits the egg pot, knocks on the door, and leaves quietly.
[Plot] Gliding Practice | In theory, whers can go between. Ghys and Ghysk come across some wherhandlers trying to glide, and join the fray. When they switch from jumping off a ledge to running starts, Ghysk manages levitation.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Ghys chides two brown riders who are unprepared for an eventful hatching.
[Hatching] X Marks the Spot | Ghys attends Temask's hatching as a spectator.

Candidate Lotor | Late Fall 2747 | he/him/his | wing/squad | clutch
dragon/wher hex | #1F195C | fire lizard hex
Sincline | fire lizard two

threads go here

Ventress | forty-one | she/her/hers
healer, guard, dragonless
"Count Dooku may have taught you to wave a lightsaber, General, but that does not make you my equal."

[Event] Bunnies! | Ventress discovers that a store room has been invaded by bunnies. Her attempt to pet one is interrupted by Weyr Guard Captain Vella of green Vellask.
Other Side of the Mirror | Ventress attends to a chore in the infirmary and listens to Arena chatter about the Defenders of Solus clutch.
The Saga Continues | Ventress leaves a note on Arena's bed in the weyrling quarters, cautioning her to guard her Oscamith. Whether in penance or paranoia, she eventually also leaves a set of throwing knives for the weyrling. This marks the first time she's told anyone Naaleth's name in nearly ten Turns.
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Non-Personal Character Repository

post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi....:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...:: Non-Personal Character Repository [you are here]
post viii..:: Dropped Characters

curated only from my own characters

Beslen - B'recal's father - journeyman harper - deceased
Dash - D'lena's foster mother - early fifties - holder - Keroon
Frigga - Thor's mother, Loki's adopted mother - Lady of Asgard [Rene Russo]
Genesis - D'lena's birth mother - late fifties - holder - Keroon
Heimdall - Steward of Asgard - late sixties - probably Asgard! [Idris Elba]
K'lik - bronzerider - Late Winter 2739 - Telgar
K'ron of bronze Bayoleth - Kiokke's and Kip's birth father - High Reaches Weyr
Kida of white Elmyth - Al'lin's foster mother - deceased
Klenfir - D'lena's father - early sixties - journeyman Harper - unknown
L'nne of brown Janarath - A'lin's birth mother - deceased
Laufey - Loki's birth father - Lord of a hold that no longer exists - deceased
Neclar of blue Lask and white Neclask - B'recal's mother - late sixtes - Ruatha
Nem - N'star's father - journeyman smith - unknown
Obiwan of blue Obivask - Zeara's oldest child - Zeara -20 - Semaca [Ewan McGregor]
Rhasta - N'star's birth mother - Master Harper - retired or deceased
S'tane of bronze Ulduoth - A'lin's foster father - late seventies - Igen Weyr [tentatively Jackie Chan?]
unnamed cousin - B'recal, unspecified gender, similar in age - Ruatha
unnamed guard - Sif's father - Asgard
unnamed holder - Zeara's twin brother - fate unknown [Mark Hamill]
unnamed wherhandler - Sif's mother - Asgard
three boys, two girls - D'lena's half siblings
unspecified number of children - N'star's children - roughly candidate aged - Fort Weyr
daughter, Early Spring 2760
son, Late Fall 2765
daughter, Late Summer 2767

Empire clutch - 2761 Igen Weyr
ten eggs, including Bronze Tasikheth, Brown Jaehayreth, white Nohadoth
three greens, two blues, two other browns
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Dropped Characters

post i.....:: Table of Contents
post ii....:: Metrics
post iii...:: Codes
post iv...:: Characters at Fort Weyr
post v....:: Characters at High Reaches Weyr
post vi....:: Characters at Semaca Weyr
post vii...:: Non-Personal Character Repository
post viii..:: Dropped Characters [you are here]

dropped face claims

Adam Lambert as Blaze of gold Nornth
Aml Ameen as Br'nan of brown Dioth
Amy Lee as Enobdy Dark-ness Trheascroe Moreta
Anika Noni Rose as Attiless of brown Ilesssk
Darren Criss as James of blue Kleeth
Don Cheadle as K'lir of brown Bursirth
Dwayne Johnson as T'mok of green Matoath
Jensen Ackles as Vicerein of brown Reisk
Leo (Fire Emblem) as Leo of bronze Chopith
Nichelle Nichols as Khinarae of white Ralaarth
Sakura (Fire Emblem) as Sakura of green Tomoeth
Sinqua Walls as Ranalan of green Ranask and green Nalansk
Yaya Dacosta as Z'nakin of garnet Rinisath

Enoby Darkness Moreta Threadscore of Golden Vampireth | 1000 | her
8C1717 to 060606

Weyrwoman and Archmage
what are you, some ckind og prep? I put muy middle finger up.

reason dropped: joke character; April Fools over

Blaze of gold Nornth | twenty-two | he/him/his | Midnight Wing | Trailblazers
Journeyman Harper, voice specialty
#cd9106 |goldenrod| fire lizard hex
gold Inferno | fire lizard two
formerly mentored by Har'et of green Kisinateth

[Touching] Pulse of the Stars | Touching for Serapheth's Trailblazer clutch; Blaze gets a violent reaction from the clutch and leaves after four eggs.
I Hate Fort | Blaze attempts to withdraw from candidacy; gets drawn into a very strange conversation where he is fighting with one person and trying to mentor another
[Hatching] The Beast of Possibility | After spending most of the Hatching of the Trailblazer clutch trying to escape the sands - and getting mocked mercilessly by a High Reaches transfer - Blaze ends up Impressing gold Nornth. The fall out is disastrous.
High Up In the Sky | Blaze and Nornth join Sirius and Unicoth on the fireheights. Nornth enjoys the time with her favorite sister.
[PLOT] Help Us! | Somebody poisoned the Trailblazers class! Ten minutes after eating, Nornth begins acting strangely. Shortly after that, she convulses. Simon of white Simonsisk is the healer for Nornth. They quickly decide that the weyrlings have been poisoned with fellis.
[Plot] Coup d'Etat | Ista Weyr sends Peacekeepers to Fort. Blaze and Nornth make it to the meeting only by the grace of bronze Tasikheth and his rider A'lin.
[Plot] Emergence | Blaze and Nornth greet Tuckal on her first public appearance since her attack. They are accompanied by D'lena.
[Trailblazers] Lesson 6 - Gliding | During her first attempt at a glide, Nornth trips over her own feet and lands heavily on her left wing. Nothing is broken, but the scrape is still painful. Blaze works with Sarja, L'rine, and Lexien to patch his dragon up.
[Trailblazers] Lesson 8 - Between and Blooding | After two months struggling to master first gliding, and then flight, Nornth has a major triumph as she successfully tackles between.
A Warning Shot | A chance encounter with High Reaches weyrleader Schneizel of bronze Damocleth turns violent when a High Reaches fanatic attacks Blaze. Serapheth kills the attacker, Schneizel escapes, and Blaze is left with claw marks on his back, knife cuts on his arm, and bruises everywhere.
[Rumor] Machinations | Blaze overhears a rumor that his attack was orchestrated by wherhandlers. He chooses to be entertained, because the alternative is to panic some more.
[PLOT] Something...Gold? | Emma and Maktooth summon Blaze and Nornth to attend the Sands as Molly returns with a fallen gold. They are, just as quickly, shooed off the Sands.
[Hatching] I am Thou, Thou art I | Blaze and Nornth quickly fall into conversation with a younger pair of weyrlings, Ya'ra and Dymrith. Nornth becomes captivated by Dymrith's eloquence. Blaze tries to demonstrate that he can be a competent human being.
A Midnight Bath | Molly drags Blaze into the baths for a traditional Midnight Wing bath. The dysphoria kicks in for Blaze, and he could not be talked into sharing the tub.

reason dropped: anxiety-induced hiatus, IC successful assassination

Leo of bronze Chopith | twenty-four | he/him/his | wing/squad | Etudes
#787c58 | #5c4627
brown Niles
mentored by Elysium of brown Haptith

[Touching] Bad Luck Follows | Leo is late to the formal Touching of the Acta Esta Fabula clutch. He takes so long to decide which egg to touch that he only manages to touch one egg before it is time to leave. Applaudissiment Sonique has a favorable reaction to his touch, but without comparison, Leo doesn't realize it.
[Hatching] Carnival of Rust | Leo makes it to the Hatching Ground with his robe inside out. His sister makes him put it back on the right way, and Niles misbehaves on the Sands. His life is forever changed when bronze Chopith picks him.
[Etudes] Lesson 1: Dragonet Basics | Leo and Chopith are late to their first lesson because Chopith is too delicate to brave the cold uncovered. Leo arrives to a confrontation between Dam'e of blue Sendaith and Elle of green Violath. He promises the entire class that if they hurt Chopith, they will die.
Floating | Healers have recommended that Chopith use water therapy to strengthen his muscles. Leo takes this to heart, but someone else was already there. Leo bullies V'rell of green Peridoth, while Chopith tries to learn how to swim from green Peridoth.
Faults, Virtues, Mortifications, and Triumphs | Camilla of blue Kamuith was not present when Leo Impressed. He visits his sister in her weyr. Kamuith is not Impressed by Chopith.
[Etudes] A Late Flame Lesson | Leo's excitement at learning how to finally flame is curtailed by the discovery that Chopith is alarmingly allergic to firestone. A well-meaning wher manages to break his delicate ribs while trying to help. Chaos ensues.

reason dropped: lack of confidence in ability to play effectively and properly

Br'nan of brown Dioth | twenty-nine | he/him/his | Twilight Wing | Curses
#b3521d | #EDCB62
brown Bubble Dancer
available as weyrling mentor

Check Up or Check In | Before Molly left on her secret mission, she asked a rider to look after her mentee. Br'nan discharges his duty.
[Flight] Justice and Beyond | When green Justicath Rises, Dioth accepts her challenge. Br'nan seeks her rider, Tris, and they are occupied while their dragons dance. In the end, Justicath chooses Dioth.

reason dropped: lack of passion

K'lir of brown Bursirth | forty-three | he/him/his | Moonshot Wing | Revolutionary
No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. -- Robin Williams, Dead Poet's Society (novel)

[Flight] Night of the Final Day | Bursirth joins the fray when Terminath Rises for the second time.
[Plot] Can You Help? | K'lir receives a plea from a former student, a plea that seems to want to prevent further hostilities. Tired of living in fear of more war, K'lir agrees to do some research for the Benden greenrider.

reason dropped: slightly accelerated but natural conclusion of character arc
Z'nakin of garnet Rinisath | age | she/her/hers | Daylight | Royal
You're the part of me that makes me better no matter where I go
So I will try not to cry
No one needs to say goodbye"

I Wish to Introspect | Z'nakin and Rinisath are jollied out of their despondent moods when they are joined by their clutchmates Makoto and Usakinth. The four spend some time trash talking Rinisath's last mate, and everyone's spirits are lifted.
[Event] Crackdust | While Z'nakin is grateful that the cold weather means that she does not have to fly Fall, frozen Thread turns into black dust. She and Rinisath become covered in the stuff during a watch shift.
A Late Night Meal | After a long shift, Z'nakin avoids all the couples and families in the dining hall by sitting with Wingleader R'qua. As they eat, they talk, and Z'nakin develops a crush.
Auntie Usakinth | Blue Enaxeth turns out to be the first of the Royals to produce the next generation. Usakinth and Rinisath head into the Hatching Sands to see their niece or nephew. Makoto and Z'nakin bring sweets.
fashionista sleepover

reason dropped: painful association with source material, sudden inability to engage with character

Sol weyrling James of blue Kleeth | twenty | he/him/his | ??? | Sol
#65919f | #CC7722 | fire lizard hex
brown Snitch
So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately,
"Everyone deserves the chance to fly!"
in need of mentoring

[Hatching] Lonely Hearts | James spends most of the hatching of Semaca's surprise egg talking to another High Reaches transfer - Suzaku. Their fire lizards don't get along.
[Touching] Semaca and the Demon Bear | At the Touching of the Defenders of Solus clutch, James stays out of trouble. He gets a dramatic reaction from Battle Tactician.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Among other very important happenings, Battle Tactician hatches into blue Kleeth, who complains until James come to carry him.

reason dropped: only member of group, lack of fun

Sakura of green Tomoeth | sixteen | she/her/hers | Healers| Seekers

[Hatching] I am Thou, Thou art I | Sakura's first time Standing for a clutch reveals results. She Impresses to green Tomoeth, while proud brother Ryoma watches from the stands.

reason dropped: Lack of ability
T'mok of green Matoath | forty-five| he/him/his | Eclipse Wing | clutch
wingsecond, Searchrider, father, teller of stories and defender of toys
speech in #283625 | shiny in #509c36 | bg color in #bbd3b6
"What can I say except you're welcome
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it's okay, it's okay
You're welcome
I'm just an ordinary demi-guy"
former mentor to M'cay of blue Hatorth | Fantasie
former mentor to Di'a of brown Kasshuth | Newtype
former mentor to Seven of green Nanakoth | Seeker
available as weyrling mentor

Come Swim Awhile | T'mok encounters recently graduated weyrling Chrysanthe of blue Bidath at the lake.
[Flight] Beginning Rise | Matoath takes off after green Lieuteth's challenge. She wins the recently graduated green's first Flight.
[Rumor] Bloodbath? | T'mok and Essa of bronze Gectusith discuss the possibility of Serapheth's next clutch being as violent as the Trailblazers.
Jumping on the Bed | T'mok checks in with one of his newest wingmates.

reason dropped: lack of muse

Khinarae of white Ralaarth | eighty-three | she/her/hers | Minuet  | Explorers
Semaca Weyrlingmaster, Master Harper, Minuet wingrider
#c9ced1; bg color #696e70

[Event] Mysterious Egg | Khinarae enforces the weyrleader's order to evacuate the Hollow by forcibly escorting several candidates and two weyrlings to better locations.
[Mini Hatching] Starshine |  Kina attends the hatching of the mysterious egg, welcomes her new charges Liyanel and Nebulaeth
[Rumor] But Who? | There is a rumor about a lost boy around Semaca. Khinarae discusses this development with her second, Naxen, while they clean up a mess of peeled plums.
[Hatching] Lonely Hearts | These one-on-one lessons are taking their toll on Kina. Or maybe the weyrlingmaster is simply having a bad day. Either way, she relies a little too heavily on Candidate Master Ellansa during this hatching.
[Songs] Lesson 11 - Flaming | Kina enlists several riders from Minuet Wing to demonstrate flaming techniques. She is very proud of this first clutch from a fledgling weyr.
[Hatching] The Heliophage | Kina is a little later to the Sands than she wanted to be, thanks to a mandatory check-in with the healers. She and Naxen guided newly Impressed weyrlings off the Sands and to their first meal. Ralaarth jumped on the Sands to protect the weyrlings from Nuuth's rampage.
[Event] Cave-in! | Somehow, part of the weyrling barracks has collapsed, trapping several of Kina's charges inside. She and Naxen work to keep the other weyrlings calm and rescue the ones who were trapped.
Shelter from the Storm | One of Semaca's newest blueriders is one of Kina's old flames. And what's more, she's the one who greets them.

reason dropped: deceased, natural conclusion of character arc

Attiless of brown Ilesssk | twenty-four | she/her/hers | Weyr Guard
wherhandler, wherlingmaster
#7F5B17 | #30EC57
green Shego
And I'll keep my jealousy close,
'Cause it's all mine.
And if you say this makes you happy,
Then I'm not the only one lying.

Your Prayers Are Answers | Attiless checks in with Guard Captain Vella. Who is also one of her new wherlings. Oh dear.

reason dropped: plot rendered irrelevant

Vicerein of brown Reisk | thirty-two | he/him/his | Pavane | Miscreant

[Run] Give Into Your Anger | Reisk Chases gold Anakisk; is struck from consideration when he snaps at the gold
[Run] What a Sight | Reisk Chases garnet Kaillvask
Pretty Kitties | As part of Pavane Squad, Vice goes to the rescue of a candidate that deliberately puts herself in the ways of spotted felines. He suffers a broken arm and bloodloss; Reisk suffers bloodloss. They make it back to the weyr with the help of their 'mentees' Tempi and Temask.

reason dropped: lack of muse

Ranalan of green Ranask and green Nalansk | twenty-seven | he/him/his | Sunburst | Prehistoric, Serenade
baker, ground crew, wherling
#577A3A | #5B8369
change the stars

Patching Wounds | Ranalan has a minor cooking mishap; flirts with the very cute healer (C'ly)
The Hunt | Ranalan and Ranask help Aniya and blue Anisk kill a mean old boar
[PLOT] Questioning | Ranalan provides back up and intimidation while Tomas, Anaiya, and Na'ri interrogate the man who killed a Heroes weyrling.
[Rumor] Trust Issues | After the murder of Weyrleader Zeresh, Ranalan wonders if the Council could be expanded. He makes the suggestion that members of the Council have bodyguards.
Dark Days of Autumn Rain | Clutchmates Ranalan and Tomas have a chance to catch up. They, along with Ranask, Tomask, and newly-Impressed Nalansk, build a blanket fort.

reason dropped: lack of passion
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