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[DEL] Candidate Naera

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[DEL] Candidate Naera

"What makes people rich? Experience? Money? Land? Clothes? Breeding?"


NAME:Naera [near-ah]
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

BIRTHDATE:late Spring 2753
AGE: 16 as of late spring 2769
LOCATION: High reaches
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Tailorcraft, [ONLY CUZ NO ONE APPRECIATES HER STYLE] candidate.

EYES:Blue with gold flecks near the pupil.[so, not clear blue.]
HAIR: strawberry blonde, a golden mess of curls kept braided behind her with ribbons and painted, beaded seeds intricately intertwined in the braid, at a length that reaches to her butt, messy bangs, and two long ringlets that hang down just in front of her ears reaching all the way to her breast. Her braid is not neat by any means, stray hairs flying out every which way and the braid loose enough that the top of her hair almost looks short, until she turns around.
FULL APPEARANCE:Naera keeps herself neat and clean and always puts on a little bit of airs. Her clothes ..would look like something that Lord Holders daughters wear, except, with.. FLARE. nice colors, soft fabrics and pleasing textures is what she's all about. Her ringlet curly hair gets in her way so it's kept in a loose braid behind her, and used as yet another way of self expression, twining in ribbons, dyed strips of fabric, and any sort of trinket like beads and seeds she can. Sometimes a pretty feather or flowers when the season is right. Embroidery, dyes, gathered flares and frills, additional ribbons or overlayers, and in the winter, furs she can manage, she takes great care in her appearance, and handmakes everything herself. So, everything she wears, is..unique. No one seems to understand or appreciate her style. She's also a bit on the... softer side of things, but she'll most definitely lose the extra weight once classes and activities start, and the harder life in the weyr.

PERSONALITY: Naera is... Unique. She's got a flare to her, a driving passion. SHE REALLY LOVES CLOTHES AND FABRICS OK. She's pretty optimistic and takes everything thrown at her with a big grin of excitement. Everything and anything is a new adventure, a new challenge, new possible inspiration for her next project. She has no time for silly people, dominating guys, or tyranical types. She's likely to adopt shyer girls and try to dress them up and give them a make over, she loves to make things around her pretty, and even more so to make stuff for people. fix up a robe? YES. Add some nice things to a pretty gather gown? YES PLEASE PLEASE. make something from scratch for a friend who is self concious? YES I'LL MAKE YOU LOOK LiKE THE PRETTIEST LORD HOLDER'S DAUGHTER. Even with all her prancing, she isn't afraid to go and get her hands dirty in the field, foraging for items needed or dying the fabrics herself and getting messy. [not in her GOOD clothes of course, are you ridiculous?] All her gung-ho attitude however portrays her as a little bossy sometimes, and the odd one out when others don't appreciate her pushy nature. She comes off as vain initially, but she's actually more... artistic. Her fashion is a self expression statement and worn because she likes it, not because she wants all eyes on her. She does however, want all eyes on those she dresses.

FAMILY: Caring mother, younger sister, younger brother
Naera was the Oldest Daughter, and she had skills with fabrics and a passion for handiwork around the house and mending at a young age, so was sent at 8 to tailorcraft hall, where she GREATLY enjoyed her life, and picked up on the craft quickly, enjoying textures, aesthetic, color, flow, vibrancy... she's pretty much a prodigy at working with cloth and gowns, and she has a good eye for what will flatter someone the most.

However, her flare for style and ...'fashion' makes her a bit odd.
She makes friends quickly and easily, and has skill with making even a drudge look like a holder's daughter at a gather with the right fabrics and fwoosh, and once she received a fire lizard egg from a grateful mother of a friend she'd made at a gather, where she'd prettied up the woman's daughter and it caught the elibigle son of a Lord Holder's attention, and then a marriage.

Her egg hatched into a green fire lizard whom she named Tizzy, and gave her a great bounty in the form of a female tiny dragon who laid eggs occassionally, as long as Naera stalked her to find where they were laid.
Fire lizard eggs were great bartering tools, and now suddenly she had a mini fortune to use to gain MORE fabrics, furs, pretty seeds for bracelets and beading. Finer threads for sewing and embroidery.
Her work took off even more, and life was going GREAT!! Her teachers let her have free reign to create, as long as she kept up with lessons and work.

and then the dragon came.
Right after a gather, and she was working on a project she was SURE would make her a journeyman, a Dragon Came on Search right to the crafthall and took her away.
Well, she wasn't too perturbed. No matter where she goes, everyone wears clothes. Her skills and talents would be appreciated no matter where, right?
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IC Information
What type of candidate is your character: Dragon

What color/s does your character want?: .... ... ...SOMETHING SHE CAN MATCH OUTFITS FOR. Something inspiring! all the colors are just so so pretty!!
Does your character have any personality preferences or concerns?: Nope! She's got no clue about dragons, aside from her little fire lizard, so, they're just like.. big versions right?
Does your character have any other preferences or concerns?: 0w0 get along with Tizzy please?

OOC Information
If your character is a dual candidate IC, do you have a strong preference on whether they Impress dragon or wher?:

What color(s) are you willing for your character to impress to?: white, garnet, green, blue, unique, gold...
Do you have any personality preferences or concerns?: I don't think anything too haughty, controlling, or dominating will get along with her personality wise. But aside from that small tidbit, i feel she'd work well with anything, as long as the dragon can flow with her own passions.
Do you have any other preferences or concerns?: nope, surprise me
Why do you think these choice/s would be a good fit?: Dragons are dragons. The blessing of such a glorious creature picking her above all else? Color, personality aside, it's like denying a soulmate. a digimon. a personalized partner just for her, so color and personality nonwithstanding, she'd fall in love and devotion. I'm not really picky and really want to see what you guys as admins end up picking for her, what route her destiny takes.

Do you have any preferences about the conditions of your character’s impression?: special? involved, interesting. XD just.. surprise me! Heck, anything dealing with a dragon is magical in the end after all.
Are you alright with your character getting hurt? What injury level is acceptable/what should be avoided?: For her? Small, temporary injuries would be ok, things that can heal.

Is there anything you will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept?: Bronze, brown.
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NAME: Tizzy
BIRTHDATE winter 2765
AGE: 4 as of 2769


FULL APPEARANCE: Tizzy is just your average green fire lizard. Nothing special at all about her. A pure green throughout, no special markings, no difference in her musculature or bone structure, not too small, or too big, she's just a normal, average green flit you can find anywhere. one of thousands. [except when naera puts a ribbon on her to match with her for the day, then tizzy looks different.]

PERSONALITY: Tizzy is an average green. She gets herself chased, secretly lays eggs sometimes, and then forgets about them. She also enjoys hoarding shiny objects and hiding those away... and forgetting about them. She's almost always moving, except when she's sleeping, and she's a flurry of action and activity, swirling around Naera, or zipping through the air to cartwheel around the newest 'fashion adoptee' naera's found. Gathers are the most favorite thing in the world for Tizzy, lots of stuff to see do and yoink.
She isn't all fun and games, she does work hard for Naera. She holds things still for her when she's sewing, retreives thread or seed decorations, sometimes even picks up discarded fabrics.. or... maybe steals them. It's her secret. She loves ribbons the most.
She will proudly display and show off any creation that Naera ties on her little body. However... those items often get lost due to Tizzy's lifestyle.
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-Her eyes and hair should be short and easy to reference. Just go with
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry blonde and curly
-She needs a build with her height, which should again be short and to the point

-You can't dictate how other characters will react which means another character might like and appreciate her style fine. In general, you go back and forth with whether or not most people like her clothes. She's a prodigy and able to make people beautiful, which implies they are conventionally fashionable, but at the same time, there are multiple references to no one else liking or understanding them. Pick one or clarify the contradictions- Maybe she dresses other people in line with the standard tastes and uses her own personal clothing to express herself, regardless of whether or not it looks good to others.


-Naera needs at least one real flaw.

-Again, it is not clear whether she is actually a good tailor or just thinks she is. I discussed why this is confusing above.

-Why would her taste for fashion be odd? She's at Tailorhall, which implies she is around other people also interested in making and designing clothes. While Pern fashion doesn't correspond exactly to earth fashion, they do have their own versions of style.

-Please remove the lord holder bit or modify it to refer to the son of someone of less importance (ex. holder of a minor hold, master crafter, bronzerider, etc). Since there are only a few major lords, we try not to set canon about them unnecessarily. She can just have found an egg, bought one or gotten it as a gift under less exceptional circumstances.

-A green's clutches wouldn't be enough to make Naera a small fortune. Greens, garnets and golds clutch and while not every clutch is found, there are enough female firelizards out there that she'd be making more extra pocket money than getting rich. Trading them for some bits and pieces of cloth and thread etc is fine but the eggs are not worth a fortune.

-Naera is too young to be a journeyman, regardless of her projects. On TPA Pern, no apprentice walks the tables before 18.

-She also would have a choice to accept or reject Search. Why does she want to be a dragonrider when she already has a career she loves?
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