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"I found the best tree to climb. There's a hole up top, although I haven't been able to get up there yet. Maybe there's a bird living there. Or a firelizard! Come on! You have to come see it with me."


NAME: Tarva
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers
ORIENTATION: Not relevant at her age

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring, 2768
AGE: 5 as of 2773
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr

EYES: Green
HAIR: Blonde, long
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 3'8 (Final height 5'10)
PLAY-BY: Child Rapunzel (Tangled)
FULL APPEARANCE: Tarva is a cute little kid, with golden blonde hair, worn long and often styled in some sort of elaborate braid. Her eyes are a bright green. She's on the taller side for her age. Her fingers are usually covered with some sort of jam, dirt or sugar, sometimes all three, unless an adult has recently made her clean them. She's an athletic child for her age, fast and strong compared to her peers, with a particular affinity for climbing places she shouldn't. She usually wears pants and a tunic when playing outside, but enjoys pretty dresses for dinner time or harper lessons. Her favorite necklace right now has some pretty shells and a big tooth from an unknown creature hung on a string.

PERSONALITY: Tarva is a happy, exuberant, mostly confident child. She likes climbing trees and collecting bugs and generally being outside and would stay there forever if she could. That said, she knows better than to go into the jungle without adult supervision. Her favorite dessert is anything with fruit jam, preferably strawberry. She tends to make a lot of messes, not yet really understanding the importance of keeping things clean. Tarva is not particularly good at her Harper lessons- she's fidgety and not good at keeping still and focused for long and doesn't understand why she needs to learn so many songs about dead goldriders and northern weyrs with funny names.

Tarva is close with her parents and spends as much time with them and their dragons as she can. She also likes Molly, who always has a cookie for her, and a variety of other Semacans, of all species, who will sometimes let her hang around. She's also generally fond of other children, eager to show them the latest cool thing she's found, although she's more comfortable with the ones who have been at Semaca a while. That said, she'd rather play alone than play a game she's not interested in and is perfectly happy entertaining herself for a while.

Semaca is the only home Tarva knows and the ways of the northern continent seem strange and foreign to her. She's not entirely convinced snow is a real thing and struggles to remember the names of northern holds and weyrs. A lot of things about the northern weyrs seem confusing and wrong to her: Why can't they get their own supllies and need to make holders tithe to them? Why do golds get to be in charge just because they're gold? Why are all riders forced to fight thread, even the ones better at other things?

Father: R'tan of White Mazath
Mother: Varda of Brown Magmeth
Cousin of some flavor: Lancel of Green Alezaeth
Other extended family she's never met on both sides
HISTORY: Tarva was one of the first children born at Semaca Weyr, to a recently weyrmated brownrider and whiterider. At the time she was born, Semaca was still a sparsely populated outpost, with only a handful of weyrfolk and other similarly young children. She spent more time with her parents than most northern weyrbrats, due in part to the fact Semaca didn't have many creche workers. She grew close to a few of the handful of children Semaca had but also spent a lot of time playing on her own.

Tarva was too young to remember when the pirates arrived. They've been there for pretty much her whole life and she quickly came to accept them as just another part of Semaca- a little dangerous, but then most things outside Semaca's walls were.

Tarva was 4 when Semaca started recruiting outsiders en masse. She still isn't entirely sure how to feel about them. Everything is much more crowded now and she's supposed to listen to a bunch of new strange adults. It's nice to have more kids to play with, but some of those kids are weird and some of them won't stop talking about where they came from. The newcomers sometimes make Tarva feel stupid when they talk about things she's never heard of as if everyone should know them, which she doesn't like. But she does like hearing stories about the places they came from and petting the new animals and eating the new dessert recipes.

Tarva has recently turned 5 and started petitioning for a firelizard. Or maybe a puppy. Or a runner. Or a cool bird like that one candidate has. Which pet she wants depends on the day and her mood.
Essa of Bronze Gectusith
Hunter of Bronze Yndesk
Quinn of Bronze-White Louicyth
Wingleader S'bor of Bronze Yugoth
Allag of Brown Babyloth
Daphne of Brown Ogatath
ACM Estelle of Brown Jaehaeryth
Faralyn of Brown Grooth
Gymlin of Brown Glacendath
Ieyasu of Brown Ieyask
P'pin of Brown Palath
T'rin of Brown Celeth
Cole of Garnet Colsk
G'er of Garnet Neozeoth
Lily of Garnet Eridieth
N'ell of Garnet Pamith
Relli of Garnet Rellivask and Blue Relsk
Augury of Blue Velveth
Chrysanthe of Blue Bidath
Gellera of Blue Virtrath
Korra of Blue Raavath
Kyoshi of Blue Rugrunth
Miryem of Blue Riwenth
Thor of Blue Hinokath
Sam'in of Blue Salineath
Adora of Green Meilith
Elyron of Green Elyrosk
Kiriani of Green Tabesleuth
Wingsecond L'ir of Green Byth
Quintar of Green Task
S'atyl of Green Nineveth
Makoto of White Usakinth
M'ieln of White Hroth
Rhaenys of White Cosmiath
Wingleader Tyrion of White Voluntauth
High Reaches
Cynthia of Gold Eliask
Hela of Bronze Helsk and Brown Hesk
Azul of Brown Claarisath
Di'a of Brown Kasshuth
Dobby of Brown Kersuth
I'lir of Brown Belliorath
Ingrid of Brown Delinarth
Wingleader Myalla of Brown Enarth
Th'ou of Brown Pavith
Wingsecond D'ark of Garnet Masreith
Squadsecond Tomas of Garnet Tomask and White Tsk
Weyrling Master Camilla of Blue Kamuith
Edda of Blue Katakurth
Jace of Blue Gallath
Jae of Blue Zappath
Sayla of Blue Sacroth
Tamara of Blue Requeth
Ya'ra of Blue Dymrith
Yvaen of Blue Bolduth
Zhuli of Blue Zhusk and Blue Lisk
Kanon of Green Kibeth
Kip of Green Amizuth
Numann of Green Rannath
Raine of Green Spriggth
Wilred of Green Lresk and Blue Wilrsk
Sokka of Green Wintrath
T'ir of Green Blysith
Riku of White Taissath
Semaca Weyr
Arena of Void Oscamith
Alayna of Gold Wyzeth
Al'bus of Bronze Matanuth
Noor of Bronze Nuunieth
Schneizel of Bronze Damocleth
Hermione of Brown Echoneth
K'zon of Brown Rurosuth
Sage of Brown Wisketoth
Shuri of Brown Motath
Varda of Brown Magmeth
Ei of Garnet Eisk
Ly'nk of Garnet Sakuyath
Maui of Garnet Mausk and Blue Mask
Uruk of Garnet Georsath
Artemis of Blue Phoebuth
Corleon of Blue Corleosk and White Corlesk
D'vir of Blue Cainhurth
Candidatemaster Naxen of Blue Anitoth
Point Rigel of Blue Cygneth
Ariel of Green Kshatriyath
Eleanor of Green Elsk
Eli'us of Green Sallith
Mi'wa of Green Ephiith
Natsuno of Green Minamith
L'ani of Green Haillenarth
Rhea of Green Rheask
Captain Vella of Green Vellask and Magma Vesk
V'rell of Green Peridoth
Wyatt of Green Emilith
Laera of White Tarth
Kowal of White Kowalsk
Pasca of White Judgmeth
R'tan of White Mazath
Steward Molly
Weyrfolk Athan
Candidate Nivaya
Weyrbrat Tarva
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