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Plot with Torti!

A forum for OOC plotting. Sub-boards for thread trackers and character compendiums, as well as one-shots can be found here.
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:58 am

Plot with Torti!

First off, I'd like to apologize for falling off the bandwagon with threads. My mental health and personal life have been all over the place. If I had a thread with you, I'd like to drop it if you're also okay with that - a lot has happened IC on site, and I'd like to start fresh with all that in mind.

Second off, I think I can handle a few threads again! Maybe one or two at each Weyr.

Fort Weyr/Hold
The characters who especially need threads are Kurue of Garnet Artesiath, a garnetrider, and Farana of White Faransk, a holder, journeyman harper, and whitehandler at Fort Hold. Anything goes with these two!

High Reaches Weyr
My new greenrider Trigel of Green Kiakith desperately needs play! No eventual romance, given she's aro ace, but friends, enemies, mentees, anything else goes.

Semaca Weyr
Forge of Brown Onjuth and Moghedien of Green Kozueth need threads! Anything goes for Forge, no eventual romance for Moggy.
Midnight Wingrider Erian of Bronze Hammerloth + Garnet Timori
Paladins Weyrling Saji of Bronze Veototh
Midnight Wingrider Jeremiah of Brown Cogeath
Midnight Wingrider Noa of Brown Argamath
Eclipse Wingsecond Kurue of Garnet Artesiath + Garnet Damaya
Twilight Wingrider M'gann of Blue Zetath
Eclipse Wingrider Rey of Blue Nuth + Brown Beebee
Daylight Wingleader Leena of Green Verinth + White Nissa
Daylight Wingrider Tikra of Green Everieth
Aurora Wingrider Valkyrie of Green Ielleth
Dawn Squadhandler/Holder Farana of White Faransk + Brown Picardy
Dragonless Gino + Gold Tristan
Moonshot Wingrider Amuro of Brown Casvath + Green Haro
Firestorm Wingrider Ryoma of Brown Zamth + Garnet Kagero
Moonshot Wingrider Suzaku of Brown Rath + Bronze Albion
Firestorm Wingrider Talien of Charoite Arellath
Jr. Flightleader Chekov of Blue Altieth + Bronze Wictor
Sr. Weyrleader Anaiya of Green Adasheth + Feline Hobbes
Calamities Weyrling Y'guys of Green Atropoth
Opera Weyrling Four of Green Marnith
Starfall Wingrider Pidge of Green Chath + Blue Rover
Starfall Wingrider Trigel of Green Kiakith
Firestorm Wingrider A'ric of White Impath + Gold Adria
Sunburst Wherhandler Emaran of Brown Almarask and Brown Emarsk + Green Numa
Windsong Wherhandler Moriko of Green Morsk and White Morisk
Dual Candidate Honerva
Nocturne Wingrider Liyanel of Gold Nebulaeth + Blue Fisher
Nocturne Wingrider T'challa of Bronze Lockoth
Nocturne Wingrider Forge of Brown Onjuth + Blue Quaffle
Weyrleader Cornelia of Garnet Guiloth + Bronze Strudel
Aegis Weyrling Shallan of Blue Ophoth + White Pattern
Healer's Wingrider Barriss of Green Moorith
Weyrhealer Chalay of Green Oshuth + Bronze Imagundi
Healer's Wingrider Elend of Green Antoth
Minuet Wingrider G'rel of Green Andorith
Healer's Wingrider Moghedien of Green Kozueth
Weyr Guard Mara of Gold Marsk and Green Marask + Bronze Talon
Weyr Guard Chirrut of Quartz Chirrusk and White Chirsk
Guard Lieutenant Ahsoka of Garnet Ahsosk and White Ahsk + Blue Rex
Weyr Guard Anakin of Blue Anask and Brown Anakisk + Brown Hondo
Wherleader Fartoo of Blue Fartosk and Brown Fartsk + White Detoo + Brass Threepio
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:06 pm

I can offer T'rin and Celeth for Kurue. I imagine they sort of know each other after the Gates clutch.
Essa of Bronze Gectusith
Weyrling of Quinn Bronze-White Louicyth
Wingleader S'bor of Bronze Yugoth
ACM Estelle of Brown Jaehaeryth
Faralyn of Brown Grooth
Ieyasu of Brown Ieyask
Weyrling P'pin of Brown Palath
T'rin of Brown Celeth
G'er of Garnet Neozeoth
Lily of Garnet Eridieth
Relli of Garnet Rellivask and Blue Relsk
Augury of Blue Velveth
Chrysanthe of Blue Bidath
Lord Consort Corleon of Blue Corleosk (Fort Hold)
Gellera of Blue Virtrath
Miryem of Blue Riwenth
Thor of Blue Hinokath
Wingsecond L'ir of Green Byth
S'atyl of Green Nineveth
Makoto of White Usakinth
Weyrling Riku of White Taissath
Wingsecond Tyrion of White Voluntauth
Weyrbrat Norelli
High Reaches
Elyron of Gold Elysk and Green Elyrosk
Hela of Bronze Helsk and Brown Hesk
Sr. Flightleader Schneizel of Bronze Damocleth
Azul of Brown Claarisath
Di'a of Brown Kasshuth
Weyrling Dobby of Brown Kersuth
Wingleader Myalla of Brown Enarth
Weyrling Th'ou of Brown Pavith
Wingsecond D'ark of Garnet Masreith
Eliza of Garnet Riaath
Squadsecond Tomas of Garnet Tomask and White Tsk
Allura of Blue Sendaith
Weyrling Master Camilla of Blue Kamuith
Jae of Blue Zappath
Sandy of Blue Rugrunth
Tamara of Blue Requeth
Jr. Wherleader Zhuli of Blue Zhusk
Ailee of Green Suventh
Kanon of Green Kibeth
Kip of Green Amizuth
Numann of Green Rannath
Sokka of Green Wintrath
Semaca Weyr
Arena of Void Oscamith
Alayna of Gold Wyzeth
Al'bus of Bronze Matanuth
Noor of Bronze Nuunieth
Weyrling Hermione of Brown Echoneth
Sage of Brown Wisketoth
Shuri of Brown Motath
Varda of Brown Magmeth
Ly'nk of Garnet Sakuyath
Maui of Garnet Mausk and Blue Mask (W)
Uruk of Garnet Georsath
Anoni of Blue Cermurith
Artemis of Blue Phoebuth
Candidatemaster Naxen of Blue Anitoth
Point Rigel of Blue Cygneth
Ya'ra of Blue Dymrith
Ariel of Green Kshatriyath
Rhea of Green Rheask
Captain Vella of Green Vellask and Magma Vesk
V'rell of Green Peridoth
Wyatt of Green Emilith
Aeris of White Tarth
Kowal of White Kowalsk
R'tan of White Mazath
Steward Molly
Candidate Pasca
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