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Semaca Guide

Guides and information on the playable locations--Fort, High Reaches, and Semaca--can be found here.
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Semaca Guide

Semaca Weyr is truly a pioneer, building from the natural resources of the Southern continent and starting from the ground up. Come together from what started as a rebellion from the seen tyrany of Fort Weyr, the small but sturdy population of the Weyr is comprised of those who sought adventure, glory, or a new start in a beautiful, unknown land. Traditions co-mingle with new policy here, bringing about a time of shifting politics and order. No one knows where the Weyr fits into the structure of the rest of the world just yet.

The Weyr is lead by a small council of leadership - a Weyrleader for the dragon populace, a Steward for the weyrfolk, and a Wherleader who speaks for the wher population. A candidate master, wherling master and weyrling master will also help with lessons for all those who come and help the ranks of the the newest Weyr grow. Leadership is not determined by gender or coloration here; any can lead, should they show aptitude. The weyr is very community based, and everyone here works together for the greater good. The leaders are permitted to remain in place so long as the weyr does not lose confidence in them, leaving Semaca with unusually stable leadership.

Semaca is often short of supplies and people. Everyone is expected to do their part and many riders and handlers do additional jobs around the weyr according to their abilities. Thread does not burrow in the south thanks to the grubs in the soil so the ardors of threadfighting are decidedly milder, as the wings fight only over the weyr itself. The greatest threat is the spotted felines, large, vicious and intelligent animals that hunt in packs and have to be vigilantly defended against. They are a threat even to full-grown dragons and are quite common in the area, sometimes growing so bold as to attack the weyr itself.

Candidates who come may begin to try their hand at Impression from age 15 until age 30; wher candidates likewise must be at least 17, but can keep trying for as long as they like. This seems likely a good place to try for reimpression, as there is an air of good luck and tight community here; as there is not much in the way of Stands, it seems all who have an inclination to try for Impression have good odds here. Lessons for those who might impress are run similarly to that of other Weyrs, and graduation will end after 18 months of growth. They can then choose to join one of Semaca's two fighting wings or one of several squads composed of a mix of whers and dragons.

Firelizards seem more abundant here than other pets, which must come from the main continent. There are still unknown threats to be found in the wilds of the Southern lands, but the food and resources here are abundant and easy to harvest. Everyone is taught self defense and works together for production and care of the community at large. The weyr's populace is a fair split between weyrfolk, riders, and handlers, as the Weyr takes any and all who may try their chances here. The only exception is those fleeing the law for items such as murder. Many people who are too much trouble for or feel out of place in their home weyrs come to Semaca and it's not uncommon for Semacans to describe themselves (with some pride) as rejects, rebels and outsiders.

The weyr itself is built into the cliffs between an upper reef and a lower reef plains. The center of the cliffs are weyr caves are split - the ground level are for whers and those who need low access, while higher up caves are used for leadership. A thick and dense jungle surrounds the weyr on all sides. It is the primary source of food and materials for the weyr, along with mysterious and unknown dangers.

On the reef that is now the Weyrbowl, there is a large hollow where sand has been allowed to heat in the hot summer sun to create a Hatching grounds of sorts. From one side, a river drops down the cliffs to a dammed lake below, creating a large lake and water source for the Weyr itself. To the right of the Lower Caverns is a section that has been cleared to use for farming and herdbeasts.
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Faralyn of Brown Grooth
Ieyasu of Brown Ieyask
P'pin of Brown Palath
T'rin of Brown Celeth
G'er of Garnet Neozeoth
Lily of Garnet Eridieth
Relli of Garnet Rellivask and Blue Relsk
Augury of Blue Velveth
Chrysanthe of Blue Bidath
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Gellera of Blue Virtrath
Miryem of Blue Riwenth
Thor of Blue Hinokath
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Elyron of Green Elyrosk
Kiriani of Green Tabesleuth
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S'atyl of Green Nineveth
Makoto of White Usakinth
Wingsecond Tyrion of White Voluntauth
High Reaches
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Wingleader Myalla of Brown Enarth
Th'ou of Brown Pavith
Wingsecond D'ark of Garnet Masreith
Eliza of Garnet Riaath
Squadsecond Tomas of Garnet Tomask and White Tsk
Weyrling Master Camilla of Blue Kamuith
Jae of Blue Zappath
Sayla of Blue Sacroth
Tamara of Blue Requeth
Yvaen of Blue Bolduth
Zhuli of Blue Zhusk and Blue Lisk
Ailee of Green Suventh
Kanon of Green Kibeth
Kip of Green Amizuth
Numann of Green Rannath
Sokka of Green Wintrath
Weyrling T'ir of Green Blysith
Riku of White Taissath
Semaca Weyr
Arena of Void Oscamith
Alayna of Gold Wyzeth
Al'bus of Bronze Matanuth
Noor of Bronze Nuunieth
Hermione of Brown Echoneth
Sage of Brown Wisketoth
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Ariel of Green Kshatriyath
Rhea of Green Rheask
Captain Vella of Green Vellask and Magma Vesk
V'rell of Green Peridoth
Wyatt of Green Emilith
Laera of White Tarth
Kowal of White Kowalsk
R'tan of White Mazath
Steward Molly
Candidate Pasca
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