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Meiddath of Bronze Ciazirth

Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:10 pm

Meiddath of Bronze Ciazirth

Junior Weyrsinger Meiddath
"...Even a million scars
Doesn't change whose you are
You're worthy... ---Plumb"


RETIRE INFO: Adopt / Adopt
NAME: Meiddath
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/her/her's
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2748
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Junior Weyrsinger
WING: Midnight Wing
EYES: Green
HAIR: Light Ashen Platinum Blonde
PLAYED-BY: Sarah Marie Karda
A slender unusually tall woman who is well poised, she possesses an incredibly commanding presence. A guess at her height might place her at around six feet, her shoulders are back and her chest expressed paired with the impression that she is comfortable in her skin. Her natural extremely light ash blonde hair appears more ashen white than blonde and her eyebrows barely stand out against her very fair complexion which seems to neither burn nor tan. Something that does stand out rather pronounced against her fair skin is a deep jagged scar down one cheek from what looks to be a mauling wound which came close to taking out one of her green eyes. It is a pity for the slash scar across her cheek mars an otherwise beautiful face.

She is dressed in a double-breasted jerkin dyed a dark marbled blue color with black horn buttons for closures on the front. At the sides, laces matching the color of the leather have been laced through anodized aluminum grommets and tied so that the jerkin fits her properly. Shoulder caps conceal where removable sleeves lace to the jerkin and halfway down the sleeves there are another set of laces allowing her the option of wearing a shorter sleeve. At her shoulder, brown, red, bronze and harper blue cords have all been woven into a knot which is worn as one loop under the arm, with a knot in the top, and two small strings with quatrefoil knots at the ends, marking her as a Junior Weyrsinger of Fort Weyr. On the right breast is the heraldic emblem for her Weyr. Her jerkin is lined with white fur. Upon her head, she wears a leather hat made with the same dark marbled blue colored leather and lined with similar white fur. She wears dark marbled blue leather pants which have a lace-up closure in front. Her boots are made of black leather, lined with white fur and lace-up the sides with black laces.

She has an anticipatory, decisive and somewhat calculating personality. She is also empathetic and Imaginative possessing maturity and natural talent for leadership. Some might consider her a little too indulgent in drinking even though she does not drink to the point of becoming drunk. Her alcohol tolerance allows her to consume far more than some feel is appropriate for a lady to drink. Meiddath can give the impression of being cold and dour when a stranger is present or displeased over someone else's unpleasant behavior. If she ever felt threatened by someone else, then she would not back down even if she knew that they could seriously injure her.

Father Meidor
Mother Addath
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: None at this time
Meiddath was born to Meidor and Addath in the Ruatha Hold near Fort Weyr. At an early age, her mother realized that her daughter was gifted. Among these gifts seemed to be an amazing musical talent. Meiddath could play anything she heard by ear after hearing it once or twice. When her mother showed her a piece of sheet music Meiddath's first comment upon seeing the notation was 'so many colors!' Her mother did not understand. Meiddath seemed to struggle with reading the sheet music, which both confused and grieved her mother. How could someone who seemed on one hand to be such a musical genius be on the other hand such a musical idiot. Meiddath's mother told her not to talk about colors or music with anyone and just put the sheet music away. Later she found something written out on paper in her daughter's room she could not understand and Meiddath told her that it was just music she had played before written down in a different way that was easier for her to read. Her mother hid it away in a box in their guest room and forgot about it.

The differentiated notation was found by a Harper guest one evening but Meiddath's mother did not want to say to whom the notation belonged. Instead, she lied at dinner and said it must have been something left behind by another guest and that she had no idea what it was. Meiddath was still rather young and looked at her with a betrayed expression before asking to be excused from the table. Meiddath was not allowed to leave and the Harper had not missed the unspoken interaction between mother and daughter. When the Harper asked Meiddath if she knew the Duty song and if she would sing it for him, Meiddath's mother interrupted, saying, "I hardly think that it is appropriate to sing at the dinner table, eat your dinner and then go up to bed, Meiddath." Once Meiddath left the room, she could overhear her parents telling the Harper that they had no interest in sending Meiddath to the Harper Hall and telling him not to bring it up again to them or to her in a rather curt tone of voice. She was never quite sure why.

One day, Meiddath noticed a Dragonrider speaking to her parents outside their house on her walk home from work. By the time she had reached her parents the Dragonrider had departed. Meiddath asked why a Dragonrider had been there and both her parents had dismissed the visit as nothing important. Meiddath remembered going to bed that night thinking that her parents' response was very odd. The following day, the Dragonrider was back and landed in a field next to the path she took to work every day. He rode a really huge bronze and he was from Benden Weyr. He seemed really nice, trying to strike up a conversation with Meiddath. When the Dragonrider offered her a ride, her mother's admonition not to 'talk to strangers' rang in her head but then she told herself that 'this was a Dragonrider'. Meiddath did tell him, "only if you promise to take me back home if I do..." The rider laughed and answered that 'of course he would'. At first, she enjoyed the flight, until she began to realize how far away they were getting from 'her home'. When she told the rider that she wanted him 'to take her home now', he simply told her that was 'what he was doing'. Later, Meidor and Addath saw a neighbor rushing up to their place, who told them a story about their daughter getting on the back of a dragon with a Dragonrider and just flying off. Both Meidor and Addath were outraged and upset.

At Benden Weyr, Meiddath was given the traditional garments worn by those who wished to impress a Dragon. Once she was dressed, she was escorted to the hatching grounds. Meiddath was placed with a bunch of other young candidates near the eggs. As the egg hatching began, there was panic on the hatching grounds and several young people were mauled. A newborn green slashed Meiddath in the face, nearly taking out her eye and would have hurt her worse if Ciazirth, a newly hatched bronze, had not bitten down on Meiddath's shoulder to pull her away from the young green. Ciazirth bonded with Meiddath and tried to protect her from further injury. Anyone who was injured was given medical care and the healers did their best to stitch up Meiddath's face. Neither the Harper at Benden nor the Weyrleader was happy to discover how Meiddath came to be among the other candidates. The present Weyrleader believed trying to return a bonded Meiddath back to Fort Weyr would cause more harm than good, so he would not allow Meiddath to leave.

Ciazirth grew to be absolutely huge and he was fast. He also had trouble understanding why he had to wait for other dragons in the mid and high altitude flights to miss thread during both drills and actual threadfall before he could use his speed to burn any thread out of the sky. The relationship Meiddath shared with her fellow Dragonriders did at times feel like she was trying to work with a bunch of overgrown mischievous boys and more often than not she had found the need to employ her cleverness within towards her own weyrmates versus without. Once leadership changed at Benden Weyr, Meiddath requested to be transferred to Fort Weyr where she could be closer to her family.

Bronze Dragon Ciazirth


NAME: Ciazirth
BIRTHDATE Spring 2766
AGE: 3 as of Spring 2769

[Whers/Dragons only]
RUNS/FLIGHTS: As many times as allowed.

LENGTH: 56 ft.
HEIGHT: 14 ft.
WINGSPAN: 85 ft.
COLOR: Bronze
His head and body is similar in shape to that of a horse but having six limbs – four feet and two wings, which are somewhat a little larger in wingspan than the norm. On his head there are small headknobs and no visible ears. He has multifaceted eyes that change color depending on his mood. He has a smooth solid bronze hide without blemish; the texture of his skin is reminiscent of suede with a spicy, sweet scent when clean. His forked tail ends with a defecation opening between the forks.


He is aggressive particularly during the mating flights if he is denied the chance to mate. He is both Brilliant and Courageous. He has a somewhat haughty additude towards Whers. Sometimes he can be a bit mischievious but he is mostly just being playful. Ciazirth is rather protective of Meiddath. He likes Eating, flying, baths and socializing with other Dragons. He dislike the Vet, taking medication of any kind, men who are boorish or aggressive towards Meiddath.
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This app will not be reviewed until the history has been wholly rewritten with TPA's history in mind. The entire thing is based on events and places that do not exist in our canon. We have several informational threads that can be found in the Weyr Guides section, and the overall plot is also linked in the menu at the top of every page.
Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:24 pm

The history of this character has been rewritten.
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The thread title should just be "Meiddath of Bronze Ciazirth"

We don't have Weyrsinger as a specific position on TPA--and if it did, it would not be open to a rider. Further, she appears to have no former Harper training at all in her history. Her occupation should just be Rider.

Her playby does not match the picture. The picture is very clearly art of Ciri from The Witcher, and so that should be what's listed there.

"appears more ashen white than blonde" - this isn't a natural hair color for a 21-year-old. Please just remove this. She should just be blonde.

Does she only own one set of clothing, or is that simply her favorite outfit?

Projective synaesthesia as described in the history would require a minor trait post prize. Is the mother a Harper? Why can she read music? Furthermore, why would the mother think there was an issue with a small child deciding to call something "musical notation"? Kids do strange things like that all the time. There's no explanation of why the mother would be ashamed in any way of anything in the first two paragraphs.

Minimum age for Candidates on TPA is 15, and if I'm doing the math correctly she was Searched at 17. Why at 17 was she still instructed not to talk to strangers? Not to mention, given that she lived at a major Hold, she would have known what Riders were typically doing at a Hold. Lastly, Weyrs (other than High Reaches during the war, which she is too young to have been Searched during) are not in the habit of searching Candidates without them actually knowing what's happening or without their willing, informed consent. (Parents not being on board is allowable though.)

"Neither the Harper at Benden nor the Weyrleader was happy to discover how Meiddath came to be among the other candidates. The present Weyrleader believed trying to return a bonded Meiddath back to Fort Weyr would cause more harm than good, so he would not allow Meiddath to leave." I'm not sure what the problem is with how she was Searched, especially where a Harper would be concerned, and she's not from Fort Weyr in the first place so the second sentence doesn't make sense.

"Once leadership changed at Benden Weyr, Meiddath requested to be transferred to Fort Weyr where she could be closer to her family." Again, she's not listed as from Fort, and given how her family is described earlier in the history, does she even have a particularly close relationship with them?

Ciarzith should be added as a reply to the thread, rather than at the bottom of the same post. I can come through and remove the exta posts that are currently in between after that's added.

Run/Flight section is only used for female dragons/whers, that can just be removed. It's for how many times a female rises.

Max wingspan for a bronze dragon without a minor mutation post prize is 84 ft. If you wish his wings to be long for his size, I suggest scaling down the rest of him.

Who does he become aggressive toward when he loses a mating flight? And aggressive in what sense?

Why does Ciarzirth dislike the vet? Pern doesn't have those, and even if they did, dragons wouldn't go to the vet.
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