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Alisaie of White Torikoth

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Alisaie of White Torikoth



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NAME: Alisaie
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2752
AGE: 16 as of Early Fall 2768
WING: Daylight Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'2", thin
PLAY-BY: Alisaie Leveilleur (FFXIV)
Alisaie is quite small, having hoped that she would grow to be tall and strong like her grandfather and having been thoroughly disappointed in her lack of growth spurts. She has a rather angular face, with a dainty nose and thin lips and a pointed chin. Her ears aren't large, but do seem to angle a bit more outward than a lot of people's, a point about which she's a little self-conscious. Her hair is light blonde and wavy-messy; she keeps it cut short to keep it at least slightly more reasonable to deal with. Her eyes are a fairly deep blue, darker than one might expect given her fair hair and complexion.

Alisaie will readily admit that her brother is the calmer, more diplomatic, and probably smarter of the two of them. She is sarcastic and often short-tempered, strongly ruled over by emotions rather than logic—and extremely aware of this fact. When it comes to witty rejoinders, she can keep up with most people—though she doesn't always think about how hurtful what she says may actually be. Her level of studiousness is somewhere below zero, as she very much prefers action to sitting around learning things that may eventually come to be of use (but to her mind, probably won't).

For all that she can be a bit abrasive though, she does genuinely care. She wants to live up to what she sees as her grandfather's legacy: protecting Pern. She hates to see any harm come to the people around her, though when push comes to shove she'll happily cause someone harm if they threaten someone she likes better.

Though she loves her brother, she often resents being compared to him. She's completely convinced that people see him as the "better" twin for his calmer nature, and takes every opportunity she can get to point out his failings and her triumphs to him. Despite being a whiterider herself, she can be a bit of an elitist. She still believes that bronzes and golds are meant to be better, and holds a lot of self-doubt around what that says about her.

Grandfather, L'soix of Bronze Tupsimatith
Twin brother, Alphinaud
Alisaie was the older of a pair of twins by only a few minutes, and from about that point on she was absolutely going to use that to her advantage in any argument she had with him. Their parents, both riders with other worries, were never in the picture and let the creche raise them, but from the time that they were born the twins at least had each other.

They had one other as well: their paternal grandfather. L'soix was far more interested in his grandchildren than their parents were, and despite his own busy schedule he visited often. Growing up, Alisaie was always close to him; she hung onto every word of his stories about being a rider, and from a young age she would always state that she was going to be just like him—even if girls couldn't ride bronze, she'd figure out a way to.

When it came to forming friendships with her actual peers though, she wasn't nearly as good. She wasn't shy, but she compared everyone she met to her grandfather, and in her eyes nobody ever measured up. This was only compounded by the fact that she resented everyone who mixed her up with her brother, especially when they were dressed in matching clothes... which was often.

She was eleven when she first learned what it was to mourn someone. L'soix and his bronze were killed in Threadfall, apparently saving another member of their wing. She was crushed by the loss; lashing out at anyone around her and growing increasingly snippy with everyone. However, after a few weeks, she mostly went back to her old ways, but started to make at least a little more effort to make friends. They weren't her grandfather, but she also didn't want to think about having nobody at all but Alphinaud. Her hopes to become a rider someday were also solidified; she was definitely going to do it, and keep up the work that her grandfather had done.

For the most part, the next few Turns passed uneventfully for her. The only highlight was a prolonged argument with both her brother and another girl, who had a minor crush on Alphinaud and mistook Alisaie for him. She played along for several minutes, which did not go over well with anyone. She thought it was funny though.

As soon as she turned fifteen, she became a Candidate. There was never any question as to whether she would do something else; it was the only path she had ever considered. And now that women could Impress bronze, well... that was what she would do.

Her first hatching was a strange one, undoubtedly. The mother was a blue of all things, and there was only a single egg. Some of the Candidates were spreading rumors that it wasn't an egg at all, that it was only a painted rock made to look like an egg.

The rumors were wrong, completely and absolutely. The egg hatched a white, and he chose relatively quickly. He chose her. This strange, chirping white—not a bronze at all!—had decided that she was the one for him. And despite her reservations about his color, Alisaie was quite immediately smitten. How could she not be? Plus, if nothing else, she could certainly lord the fact that she'd Impressed first over her brother...
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NAME: Torikoth
BIRTHDATE Early Summer 2767
AGE: 1 Turn as of Early Fall 2768

LENGTH: 32 ft
HEIGHT: 8 ft
COLOR: White (M)
HEX CODE: #c6ccd3
FULL APPEARANCE: A large white, Torikoth is a big sweet thing. He looks like he is warm, and soft. And he is, his suede-hide feeling more like crushed velvet. He has an arrow-shaped face and long legs, his body lean and made for long jumps and intricate maneuvers. He is not a very graceful flier, and he refuses to go up into the skies whenever there is lightning, for fear of being struck. He is a soft, blue-gray all over, the color of fog and mist. His wingtips fade to a darker, stormcloud gray, as does his tail. His face markings are a swirl if light gray and dark, marking out his headknobs like horns, and a splash over his cheeks. His markings look like they are etched in stone, making him look like he's less dragon and more of a statue.

When he does speak, Torikoth's voice is young, like a 10-year old boy. He doesn't speak more than a few sentences at a time, and doesn't use a lot of complicated language.

PERSONALITY: Torikoth is much more animalistic than many other dragons. He does not like to speak, preferring to chirp and groan. He is incredibly curious to the point that he might get his head stuck in various places before he learns. He responds well to being petted and pointed in the right direction. He learns very quickly. He enjoys chewing on things, more of an idle sort of action like a canine. He likes playing in puddles, and curling up in warm places. He is adorable, even in his very simple ways. He is a little odd, but he is adorable.

To his rider, Torikoth is very loyal. He likes to help, but he is not very helpful. He will try to make the bed by dragging all the blankets off of it, or think that the floor needs to be oiled. He tries. He would be a fine Search dragon, being overall non-threatening and very good with children. He's very gentle, even if he sometimes has clumsy steps and has no problem knocking things over. He's fine with being crawled over and tugged at. He's sweet, and would be a nice babysitter. He's very sweet, honestly he is an adorable white.

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