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RETIRE INFO: Reuse tie
NAME: Lucky
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Way too young to be applicable

BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2761
AGE: 11 Turns as of Early Fall 2773
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Farmcrafter

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 4'11", average build
(Using chart here for average child height reference as she grows)
PLAY-BY: Rin Kaga (Usagi Drop)
Lucky is an average-sized girl of her age, with a round, girlish face and wide brown eyes. She has a small nose—one which will later come to resemble her mother's—and a mouth usually set in a wide grin. She has fine, dark blonde hair that's a bit past her shoulders, and often done up very messily as she has yet to figure out how to make pigtails neat and refuses all help with it.

She's usually dressed in whatever clothes she's given, though when she has the choice she gravitates toward bright colors. She's quite hard on her clothes though, and frequently can be seen with dirt stains, and the elbows and knees of just about all of her clothing has been patched.

Lucky is a sweet, bubbly young girl who is almost obsessed with dragons. She wants to befriend them all, and fails to understand why she can't actually walk up to every single one and ask to be friends. She's cheerful and friendly to just about all, except for anyone who tries to tell her to eat her vegetables, because they're gross. She's extremely talkative, the sort to just about talk your ear off about whatever pops into her head. Usually dragons, but sometimes her latest bug hunting endeavors, or how much she loves bubbly pies, or her cool mom who gets to see different dragons all the time, or isn't her name awesome? Trying to get her to be quiet for lessons is very nearly fighting a losing battle, and she's often in trouble with the Harpers for whispering to others.

Lucky doesn't do well being stuck sitting still for more than about ten seconds. She's very active, and wants to be running around playing outside. She has little care for how dirty she gets, and can often be found crawling on hands and knees looking for bugs, which she's almost as fascinated by as she is dragons, or wriggling her way into small nooks and crannies to see what's there. She wants to apprentice as a Farmcrafter when she's older, because those seem to spend the most time outdoors.

She's also very independent, intent on doing everything for herself. She resents being helped to reach things when she can climb on counters and chairs to get to it, or anyone who tries to help her with her hair, or being asked if she needs assistance in any way. She's also not very good at sharing, being of the mindset that everyone else should get things for themselves as well!

Mother, Lexien of Brown Mikazuchith
Father, Bucky of Brown Teveth (Deceased)
Older Half-brother, Maze of Jasper Izanagith
Older Half-sister, Kanon of Green Kibeth
Lucky was born... well, lucky. She was the daughter of the Weyrlingmaster, and so immediately given to the creche, but she was still surrounded by people who loved her, even if they didn't have any blood relation to her. She saw her mother on occasion, though she doesn't remember much of that when she was young. Lucky wasn't even three when her mother all but disappeared from her life. But she didn't ask after her when she failed to show up for visits; that wasn't especially uncommon, for creche-raised children. And slowly, Lexien nearly faded from her memory save as a name.

So the little girl began to grow up. She played with the other children, wiggled through the dirt in search of bugs, became interested in dragons, got into minor mischief without any major trouble. And then her mom re-Impressed. Lucky was very proud, not least because it meant she could tell all her friends just how awesome her mom was. She had a dragon! That was impressive! Less impressive, perhaps, than it might have been outside the Weyr, since most of her friends had at least one rider parent, but still. Her mom did... something important. Whatever that job was. Something that involved seeing lots of dragons all the time, and Lucky was very jealous of her for that.
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