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Barlow of Bronze Magasuth

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Barlow of Bronze Magasuth



" Nothing lasts forever
Some things aren't meant to be
But you'll never find the answer
Until you set your old heart free "


NAME: Barlow
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

BIRTHDATE: Early Fall 2757
AGE: 23 Turns as of Late Fall 2770
WING: Midnight Wing

EYES: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5’8”, curvy
PLAY-BY: Shannon Purser
Barlow is a little on the taller side, with a curvy build with a little extra weight on her, but she carries it well. Her features are all soft, with a wide, heart-shaped face and large, expressive brown eyes. She has a ready smile, and full cheeks that can sometimes make her look a little on the young side. She has pale skin, which tends to burn in the sun before turning to freckles, though she usually manages to keep herself out of the sun. Her hair is a coppery red, thick and sleek but kept cut fairly short, in what is perhaps her only concession to a more modern fashion. Her sense of dress is otherwise more than a little old-fashioned, usually with high necklines and long skirts, though she has a distinct fondness for the color pink.

Barlow is a calm and steady young woman. There's little that can flap her, and even less that can get her to actually display overt worry. Even in times of high stress, she's good at keeping her head, and good at directing others so long as someone else is there to help her figure out what the right tactical decisions are. She's never going to be the smartest person in the room, or even anything more than average, but she possesses a wealth of common sense that's served her well so far. She's a bit of a rule-follower, and encourages others around her to do the same. She can even get to be a little naggy at time, but she'll always be there for her friends. She strives to be a positive example, but isn't especially skilled at anything other than steadiness and isn't much of a role model at all save in a moral sense.

She can be a little overcautious at times, being unwilling to take what she sees as unnecessary risks (which is most of them), and she's not especially good at putting herself out there. She prefers to have a few close friends over many acquaintances, and can be awkward in large gatherings, often going entirely silent when there's too much going on. She's also a little on the conservative side, wearing clothes that cover her well and favoring skirts over pants, which she considers a rather newfangled idea for women. She's made a little uncomfortable by the idea of anyone other than a goldrider in charge, and doesn't agree at all with the radical changes High Reaches and Semaca have made. Similarly, she considers women on bronze and brown an unfortunate oddity, and wishes she could return the world back to the way it was.

She loves her younger siblings dearly, and writes to them as often as possible. She hates to lose the ties she has to people, and is hesitant to make changes in her life without due consideration. In fact, she often agonizes over even simple decisions, such as what to eat for breakfast, or how to style her hair. She loves dressing up and trying to look pretty, but hates trying to decide exactly how to.

Lowena, Mother, Weaver
Ambar, Father, Weaver
Younger brother, Weam
Younger sister, Amena
Younger sister, Loam
Younger brother, Lenar
Barlow is the child of two journeyman Weavers who, during their time at Ruatha Hold, proceeded to have four more children and decided to make a more permanent home there. She grew up spending much of her time looking after her multitude of younger siblings and the rest of her time learning to sew. Despite never formally apprenticing, due to never finding the time to put in that much studying, she's a rather competent dressmaker, though not much good at drafting patterns for other articles of clothing. For the most part, her life was just calm and stable, with little happening good or bad. Living at a major Hold, the war largely passed them by, and when Thread began to fall they enjoyed the protection of Fort Weyr.

All in all, Barlow was happy. She loved her family, she loved her hobby, and she was content with her life. Some parts of Pern seemed to be changing too rapidly for her taste, but they weren't the parts that usually affected them, and so she ignored them. A Weyr’s business is its own, though when whispers of conflict between Fort and Benden began again, even she began to grow a little nervous. Still, she had faith that Fort would protect them, even if she did begin to lay aside some supplies, just in case her family would need them.

The worst never did come to pass; however, something else occurred. A green and her one-eyed rider came, and offered her a chance to come to the Weyr and stand as a Candidate. To the green's evident disappointment, Barlow refused to decide then, and promised to send a letter when she did decide. It took a month, but eventually she made up her mind to go to the Weyr. Maybe, if she was there, she could somehow help turn back the clock a bit, and put the Weyr a little closer to a return to a time when Pern had never even considered war.

  • Failed to Impress at her first Hatching, and was horrified by all the nontraditional events that happened
  • Impressed... to the worst sort of dragon possible: a mutation consisting of bronze and garnet. And worse, he seems to be an utter coward
  • Magasuth crashed during a practice flight because he was afraid
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NAME: Magasuth
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2766
AGE: 4 Turns as of Late Fall 2770

LENGTH: 50 ft
HEIGHT: 12.5 ft
COLOR: Bronze/Garnet
HEX CODE: #373420/#FB1006
A magnificent creature, Magasuth is stunning. Though he is on the smaller end of bronzes, he doesn't quite look it. He's very lanky, with long, lean limbs and a strangely oblong face. His wings are narrow, and he is not going to win any contests of speed, but he is powerful. Deceptively so. For as twiggy and goofy as he looks, he is incredibly powerful without fail. It comes out of nowhere. He is a crime against nature, a twisted sort of Bronze and Garnet, like the beast he is.

Magasuth sounds pretty cheery and easygoing, chipper even.

Magasuth is a happy, jovial sort of dragon. He's pretty carefree, making incredibly dumb and sometimes really stupid puns that only others with his sense of humor would get. He will jokingly call himself a 'slave of the weyr' whenever the workload gets heavy, but he always seems to be pretty easygoing and good to get along with. Dead things make him wiggy and he may try to throw up if he has to actually kill something. Dead things are gross. Ew ew ew. He's really friendly, and always happy to share information, even if it will get him in trouble.

To his rider, that sort of doofy happiness is a little infectious. He does this super cute little head-tilt when he's trying to figure something out. He likes saying 'Who wants to talk about [insert subject here]' in a remarkably chipper tone. It's pretty cute. He seems to be the opposite of what a typical bronze should be. Sure, he's happy to work and get things done, but he does enjoy a good nap and really just wants a day off. He is the antithesis of his sire and dam, and that's perfectly okay.

He keeps what he really thinks and feels incredibly well-hidden, even his rider might not see it for months. In truth, he is a sadistic, sexist, misanthropic manipulator. He will drag someone Between and leave them there without a second thought.

To his rider, the cheery persona is what they will see most. Even once they've been together the longest, Magasuth will rarely let the true side of him slip through, it's not beneficial for his plans to remake Pern to his liking to do so. Even when the cat is out of the bag, he retains this strange, chipper sort of tone even though he is a monster. He has no love for anyone but himself, even his rider is expendable. He wants to see Pern changed properly. Bronzes only in charge, and with him on top of the pile. No one is safe.
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