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E'lain of Green Serenath

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E'lain of Green Serenath




NAME: E'lain
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Fall 2746
AGE: 24 as of Late Fall 2770
WING: Daylight Wing

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11", slender
PLAY-BY: Emmanelain Fortemps (FFXIV)
E'lain is a slender man of approximately average height, just a little on the small side. He has a bad case of baby face, and has a tendency to look substantially younger than his Turns. He can't really grow facial hair worth anything, for all that he's tried in an effort to look more his age. His face is round, with rather delicate, almost girlish features and a soft chin. His eyes are round, a medium blue, and he has faint freckles that tend to come out during the summers.

He has long, straight black hair that he keeps carefully slightly tousled—being too immaculate is a little strange, after all. He's very well dressed, taking great pains with his appearance, and has a fondness for slightly heeled boots, trying to look just a little taller than he really is.

E'lain is a rather vain and self-centered young man. His reputation is of the utmost important to him; when he does good things, it's for the sake of people seeing him do those things. He wants to look good, both physically and in the way other people regard him. This leads him to be rather jealous of his two older brothers, who seem to be thought of in that way so much more effortlessly than himself. He wants to be liked, to be praised, and will do just about anything to ensure that he is.

Well, anything except actually put in hard work. He wants to have the reputation without the effort, and is often trying to show off with disastrous results when he doesn't consider the consequences. He rarely thinks his actions all the way through, imagining only how what he does might reflect on him.

He's a rather incorrigible flirt, and is quite fond of wine, of Gathers and dances and any other excuse he can think of for a party. All the better if the party is celebrating himself, of course, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen anywhere near as often as he'd like.

Father, Y'noto of Brown Hutawth
Older brother, Artoirel of Brown Jitteboth
Older half brother, Soonyhano
Emmanellain grew up in the shadow of two older brothers—one only a half brother, but that seemed to make no difference. No matter what he did, he was always compared to them, and rarely favorably. He was the youngest, the least of them all. The prettiest, but that never seemed to matter to as many people as he was convinced it should.

He was determined to get out, to make something of himself, so when he was fifteen and of age to be a Candidate, he left for Fort Weyr, transferring away from Telgar. The only problem was, Artoirel was determined to follow him. Of course. To keep an eye on him, allegedly, as though he were some troublemaker. He was, of course, but only because nobody else seemed to think his ideas were as good as he believed they were! At least Soonyhano stayed behind. He wasn't sure he could bear to have both of those goody-two-shoes following him around.

So, they stood as Candidates at this foreign Weyr. Emmanellain was convinced that this simply had to have a better outcome than staying at Telgar would. He'd Impress a brown or a bronze, and finally someone would recognize that he was every bit as good as his brothers. Every bit as worthy as his father. However, when one of the gold eggs hatched a little queen in a green's body, she had no eyes for the girls, no eyes for the other boys. Only for him.

I require sustenance, E'lain. I am indeed your Serenath, and I ask that you feed me.

His smugness over having Impressed such a perfect, lovely little dragon—even if she was only a green—didn't last long. Toward the end of the Hatching, Artoirel was chosen by a regal brown, surpassing him once more. Because of course he did.

Serenath rapidly managed to have him wrapped around her little claw. She was wonderful, and if E'lain was aware that she pretty much always managed to get her way over him, he didn't particularly care. Besides, he thought she was right: that fighting was distasteful, that violence was best avoided. That people needed to be convinced of things, not having it forced on them, and that everyone should see them both as wonderful.

However, life at Fort really wasn't quite so wonderful. Between the multiple assassinations, the attacks by High Reaches, and the general political turmoil, things seemed to be stuck in a constant state of uncertainty. E'lain at least knew where he stood: he was a greenrider that nobody would ever consider for any sort of leadership.

Turns passed, with the pair of them somehow weathering every disaster largely unscathed. They got their bumps and bruises in Threadfall, but mostly they just managed to stay out of the way of the worst of things, both in their duties and politically. Unfortunately, even they couldn't avoid the tragedy that struck Daylight Wing during one Threadfall, but even so they were unharmed.
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NAME: Serenath
BIRTHDATE: Early Summer 2761
AGE: 9 Turns as of Late Fall 2770

LENGTH: 26ft
HEIGHT: 6.5ft
COLOR: Green
FULL APPEARANCE: A dainty, almost princess-like green, Serenath is easily overlooked. She is built more like a baby deer - small and spindly. She is quick on her feet and quicker in the air, agile and graceful. Her wings are rather wide, making her body look even smaller when she spreads them wide. She is a light, very pale green all over. Her underbelly is a bright green, with the sides of her neck and body traced with light, lacy-sort of markings, as if she was expertly painted like fine ceramics. Her eyes have light, swirly green markings around them, like makeup.

PERSONALITYPERSONALITY: Serenath is, well, serene. She is very peaceful, and quite passive. She doesn't see much reason to kick up a fuss and fight over things that seem unpleasant. She is not a fan of fighting or violence, preferring to try discussing things peacefully. She has quite the ability to retain information, and is adept at eavesdropping on conversations in the hopes that she will come across something useful. She finds favor in Walzth, preferring to discuss matters with him over any of her other siblings, despite knowing that he finds her useless.

Despite her aversion to violence, she is capable of random acts of bravery. She will run out into Threadfall to help rescue others, but only if there is no other way to help. She doesn't like to be left behind, and has a notable inferiority complex regarding the other greens in the weyr. However, she has a fine ability to try manipulating others, though it is useless on Georsath and Walzth. She will often try to get her bonded to go along with whatever plans she seems to scheme up, thinking it easier to work with humans rather than against them.

Voice: Serenath speaks as a queen, a ruler who hides her poison with calmness and serenity.

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