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Engenix of Blue Nisk

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Engenix of Blue Nisk



" When all we knew wasn't stolen
There was nothing real to lose
When our heads were still simple
We'd sleep beneath the moon
You were something
That would always be around
When regrets were nowhere to be found "


NAME: Engenix (“Nix”)
PRONOUNS: She/her/hers

BIRTHDATE: Late Fall 2750
AGE: 20 Turns as of Late Fall 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Anti-dragon Crusader Apprentice Baker, Wherling

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'7", sturdy
PLAY-BY: Raffey Cassidy
While Nix isn’t especially tall, she’s not small either. Her frame is thick and sturdy, and she’ll eventually grow to have broad shoulders and hips, though both are still some Turns away. In contrast to her large-boned body, her facial features are almost delicate, with a small nose and round blue eyes that have a slight tinge of green in the right lighting, though they’re undeniably primarily blue. Her hair is brown, soft and straight down to her mid-back, though she often keeps it tied back in some fashion. Her skin is on the somewhat pale side, though she tends to freckle rather than burn, and by the end of summer she usually jokes that she has more freckles than normal exposed skin.

She loves the color blue, and will wear it when possible. While she favors pants over skirts, she doesn’t reject the latter, and occasionally enjoys dressing up in pretty things.

Nix is a sweet, bubbly girl who usually attempts to see the good in every situation. She's open and friendly, and attempts to ply those who aren't as friendly as she is with baked goods, especially of the sweet variety. She's also confident, sometimes bordering on arrogant, and isn't afraid to assert herself or push her viewpoints.

Despite her general cheer, Nix has a newfound point of pain: dragons. Since her brother was killed by a hatchling on the Sands, she's flipped from eagerly anticipating the time she turned old enough to stand as a Candidate to being vehemently anti-dragon. She recognizes the need for them--they protect Pern quite effectively--but no longer thinks they should be looked up to, or seen as leaders. They're an unfortunate necessity and violent beasts, not the heroes that most people seem to see them as.

Of late she's become a bit of a political revolutionary, openly sharing and advocating for her ideas, attempting to find allies among those old enough to be taken seriously. She’s confident that she’ll succeed someday, but is finding it difficult to be patient while she waits for it to actually happen.

Biological Mother, Enixa (Deceased)
Biological Father, M’eng (Deceased)
Adoptive Mother, Manna
Adoptive Father, Veenumo
Older adoptive brother, Numann
Older adoptive brother, Naveed (Deceased)
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Weyr
The child of two riders thoroughly embroiled in the Interval War, Nix never had much of a shot at ever knowing her biological parents. Her mother briefly sought to give her a safer life, leaving her with a Holders to raise as their own. However, at just two Turns of age, she was taken back by her mother against the Holders' wishes; both of her parents were killed in a battle at the very end of the war soon after.

Orphaned so young, she was taken in by a pair of Tanners with two sons of their own, and while they never pretended to have given birth to her they otherwise treated her as they did their own children. For she was theirs, in every way that mattered, no matter what bodies had made her.

For most of her early life, she toddled around her parents’ quarters, ‘helping’ with their work, which mostly involved getting herself covered in various dyes and making knots out of lacing scraps. Eventually, she grew to be old enough to actually help with real chores, and she quickly found that unlike her brothers, she wasn’t interested in the more textile crafts. No, for Nix, it was the sweet song of sugar and baking that she found difficult to resist.

She started out helping with little more than sweeping around the kitchens, but after a couple Turns of basic chores she started helping with the baking itself. She didn’t exactly have a talent for it, but she certainly had the ability to follow instructions, and eventually she was making things on her own.

Eventually, one of her older brothers, Naveed, decided to stand as a Candidate. While the rest of the family wasn’t especially taken with the idea, having lived through much of the war, Nix was entranced by the thought of having a dragon. She resolved to become a Candidate herself the moment she was old enough, and gleefully attended the Hatchings that Naveed did.

It was the second Hatching she watched that went to disaster. To her horror, Nix didn’t get to watch her brother Impress; instead, she watched him be killed by a brown. In the space of moments, she went from loving and even coveting dragons to deciding she hated them. In the weeks since, she’s only nurtured her hatred and hurt, coming up with ideas as to how such vicious creatures can be removed from the world’s power structure without removing them from the planet entirely. After all, they at least serve some function, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to lead anyone any more. Not when she thinks she knows what they’re really like.

  • Fled High Reaches when Xander and that family tried to claim her as theirs
  • Isn't really on speaking terms with Numann, since he refuses to disavow his dragon
  • Became a wher Candidate when she became of age
  • Is back on speaking terms with Numann after Rannath's disastrous flight, even if she still hates the green
  • Returned to High Reaches due to Magasuth basically getting away with things
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NAME: Nisk
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2771
AGE: 00 as of 2771

LENGTH: 12.25 ft
HEIGHT: 4.5 ft
Nisk is small and cute, with a big, round head and hints of roundness all over his body. His front-legs are a bit longer than his back, but it doesn't seem to bother him and he gets around just fine. His hide is a pale powder blue in color, with geometric markings on his face and along his side in a darker color and the same darker blue on the backs of his wings and the tip of his tail.

Nisk is his handler's greatest cheerleader and loyal sidekick. It doesn't matter who they are, what they've done or where they come from- they're Nisk's partner now and he's sure they're going to be a great team and save Pern together. He thoroughly believes his partner is a hero and won't be easily dissuaded from this notion. Whether his new partner likes it or not, they have a friend for life in Nisk and there's not much they can say to convince him they're not a team, in it together for better or worse. He can veer into being a bit of an enabler, sticking by his handler side and doing what he can to help them achieve whatever goals they choose, although he hopes they choose good and is disappointed when they fail to live up to his idealization of them.

Nisk is a surprisingly capable little wher. He's a good tracker and will quickly pick up a wide variety of skills, determined to make himself useful. He is cheerful and upbeat and deeply idealistic. Nisk respects authority and does his best to follow the rules so long as his handler doesn't push him to disobey, believing that he is on the side of the good and the laws his leaders pass are good ones. Nisk believes redemption is possible for everyone, no matter what they've done. But Nisk is still a wher and he's entirely capable of violence. He sees the world in black and white and sees the enemies of his handler or his weyr as evildoers he must do everything in his power to fight until they are defeated or realize the error of their ways.

Voice: Nisk's voice is high-pitched and cute, punctuated with the occasional beep or whistle. Nisk is prone to talking in equations such as "Nisk+handler=best friends" or "Nisk=ready for threadfall!"

Why Me?: Nix could use a friend. Nisk will be a loyal companion and do his best to help her advance her cause. He hopes she remembers what she's fighting for and doesn't go too far in her quest, but he's along for the ride wherever it takes them.

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