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NAME: Aandeg, mostly goes by Aan
GENDER: Agender
PRONOUNS: They/them

BIRTHDATE: Early Fall 2732
AGE: 30 as of Earl Fall 2762
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Journeyman Healer

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black-brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'1", muscular
PLAY-BY: Cara Gee
Aan is a bit on the tall side, with a muscular, broad build that might lead some to expect that they're a Smith rather than a Healer. Of course, their uncallused hands would prove the opposite rather quickly. They have an oblong, slightly angular face with a short, broad nose. Their skin is on the tan side, warm in tone. Their eyes are dark brown. Their near-black hair is thick and slightly wavy, down to their mid-back; it's typically held back in some form of braid or bun. They prefer to dress in vaguely masculine styles, though they like their clothes a little more fitted than most men would wear.

Aan is a stern, no-nonsense sort of person. They're impatient with those who spend an excessive amount of time fussing about for perfect when "good enough" is perfectly adequate, especially when personal appearances are concerned. They're always clean, and they make a pass at attempting to be presentable, but they're not going to take more time than is really necessary on anything. They're willing to spend as much time as they need to on patients in the infirmary, but they try to be conscious of spending too long on any given task when it's uncalled for. They also try to make sure they take regular breaks, being aware that they have some workaholic tendencies.

Around other people, Aan is cordial but often a little aloof. They don't always really get what people expect of them in social situations, and when they're uncertain they tend to withdraw a bit until they figure it out. They're not shy, they're just a bit awkward. They don't like children at all, since they have the hardest time sorting out what children want.

They excel when they have a specific goal in mind, but struggle when they have something more open. They find healing and learning from scrolls straightforward, but something as minor as choosing a wall hanging can be a choice that they agonize over for days.

Mother, Kabaan, Harper
Father, Indeglio, Harper
TW: some mentions of ableism

Born in Harper Hall, Aan is fairly certain that they were always bound to be a Crafter of some sort. Their parents, both Harpers, pushed them to try whatever they thought they might like once they were old enough; they know their parents meant them to try being a Harper. Aan wasn't interested in music though, and observing other Crafters led them to believe that they lacked the creative spark necessary to really excel at those Crafts. They spent a little time talking to the Starsmiths at the Hold, but what ended up drawing them in was actually Healing.

They apprenticed when they were thirteen, by then keenly aware that they were good at learning and fairly good at piecing things back together. They thought that was all that was required of them; they were wrong. Their apprenticeship was rough. They largely enjoyed what they were doing, but they approached some things from the wrong direction of trying to make things right without considering the comfort of the patient first. Worse, they got frustrated when something was beyond "fixing"; they treated any injury that didn't fully heal as a failure, not considering that the people they were trying to help didn't really appreciate being thought of as "still broken".

It took a long time for them to change their thinking, and a lot of conversations with older Healers about what they really wanted. Did they want to fix people, or did they want to help people? It wasn't until they were twenty-eight that they really had an answer. They were a fair bit older than some of the others who walked the tables later that year, but they didn't think it diminished their accomplishment one bit. Their parents seemed to agree, at least outwardly, and that was all that mattered to them.

They were aware that things were changing at Fort Hold during the latter part of their apprenticeship, but they tried to stay uninvolved. It wasn't a matter for Healers anyway, as long as nobody got hurt. Similarly, the Hold's strained relationship with the Weyr was nothing more than bickering between the people in power, nothing that affected them. They were wholly ignorant of Weyr politics.

Which is why it came as a surprise a couple of Turns later when upon being informed that they'd been given a new assignment as a Journeyman, they found that barring any strong objections they'd be going to High Reaches Weyr. True, it was always good to send Hall-trained Healers to the Weyrs now and then to keep the flow of new information and practices moving, but they'd assumed it would be someone else. They assumed wrong, and soon after turning thirty, they made their way to the Weyr.
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