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Y'all of Brown Sintheath

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Y'all of Brown Sintheath



" I always go backwards when I'm backin' up. "


RETIRE INFO: Adopt concept, retire implementation
NAME: Y'all
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Late Spring 2744
AGE: 26 as of Late Fall 2770
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Weyrling, Apprentice Beastcrafter

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'6", average
PLAY-BY: Ingrid Berdal
Yendall is of fairly average height and build, though she seems to be a little taller than she actually is due to her propensity to wear especially large hats. The larger the better; she sometimes jokes that if she can't use her hat as a boat, it's too small. These are, at least in some part, practical, as she is quite fair and otherwise tends to sunburn rapidly. Her face is rather angular, with deep-set blue eyes and a sharply upturned nose. She has light blonde hair, rather on the scraggly side since she can rarely be bothered too much with it.

She wears clothes that one might expect of a woman who spends a lot of her time out tending to the herdbeasts: heavy pants and patterned shirts, often with a scarf under her hat to keep her hair contained. (Okay, so she pays at least a little attention to it, when failing to do so would make her life more dificult.) They're mostly in fairly rough shape, though she calls it well-worn-in and comfortable.

Yendall is a loud, proud, red-blooded believer in individual liberties. She's fiercely independent, and takes no crap from anyone. There's no treading on her, because she's certainly not about going to let anyone get away with that. Nothing around her is small: not her voice, not her personality, and certainly not her plate at dinner. She's extremely fond of barbecue, and is constantly experimenting with better methods of smoking meat. She thinks bigger is better, and always wants the biggest of everything, even if it's not necessarily the best quality. She not-so-secretly wants a gold dragon, mostly because golds are huge.

She loves people, and befriends just about everyone she meets, greeting them with a "Howdy!" and a wave. Despite not being especially willing to ask for help for her, she's ready to lend a hand to people around her in a crisis. Or a non-crisis. Really any time. She's polite and well-mannered, and that extends to her insults. A favorite of hers is belittling those who irritate her with "Well bless your little heart, you do try so hard."

She's politically fairly active, always advocating for more freedoms and representation for those who are currently ignored and marginalized. She likes the direction High Reaches Weyr is going, but still occasionally advocates for the Hold to secede from the Weyr's territory. Memories of war run deep, and she thinks the Hold would be better off free of the Weyr that had terrorized it.

She's fond of music despite not being a Harper, especially the twangy type about life out in the hills herding beasts, riding a runner with a dog loping along beside. She even fancies herself a bit of a songwriter, and often composes her own songs.

Parents, several siblings
BIRTHPLACE: High Reaches Hold
Yendall's destiny was obvious, even when it wasn't. War made a mess out of everything, so even when it was clear that all the little girl really wanted to do was sit outside with animals, her parents wondered if she'd ever be able to apprentice at all. Or if allowing her to do so would be safe and not result in the learning second-hand that their daughter had been killed for refusing to give up a member of her flock, or herd, or whatever she happened to be watching over.

Luckily, the war ended before she even reached an age where considering an apprenticeship was an option, and so when she was old enough she went her merry way along into beastcrafting. She took to it like a fish takes to water, and quickly managed to get herself into a position where she spent most of her time out in the farther ranges, moving the beasts about as needed and making sure they weren't eaten by wherries, or wild whers, or dragons (though truth be told, she wasn't really sure what she was supposed to do if dragons decided they wanted to eat her animals).

This was, for the most part, uneventful, though to hear her tell it her nights were full of pitched battles against the wild creatures that would eat her charges, or she was stalked by the ghost of something old and mean. Little of it was true, but she found her daily life exciting enough; telling tall tales made sure everyone else thought it was exciting too!

Of course, one day when she was seventeen things actually were a bit more exciting than she'd like. Yendall never did figure out what she did to annoy the bull, but annoy it she did, and it charged her. She was trampled and left for wherry-bait, several bones broken. She's well aware of how lucky she was to be found at all, but she was, and several months later she'd made a full recovery and went right back to it. "Afraid" was a word that she wasn't about to allow to enter her vocabulary.

And so things continued on just the way they had been. Yendall even heard that she might be considered to walk the tables soon. Well, at least until the Searchrider showed up, and how could she resist that opportunity? Really, that just wasn't something that was possible. And so she went to the Weyr, to learn what might be in store for her there.
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Name: Sintheath
Color: Brown
Hex code: #cfa341
Final Size-
Length: 50ft
Height: 12.5ft
Wingspan: 75ft

A large brown, no doubt about that. Sintheath is a bulky body with a whip-thin tail and a pointed head. His wings are broad and large. He is a golden-brown all over, with his marking a much darker, stained wood brown. His markings are a series of eyes, with one on his forehead and several over his sides. His forelegs are covered in 'petal' markings, while his hind legs look like there are veins of gold running over them. The undersides of his wings are the same darkened color, with large 'eyes' and blocky petal patterns to them.

For as intimidating as Sintheath is, he is not terribly aware of how scary he looks. He is all about structure, about order. Things must be in their place, he must have a place, and he would prefer to be the backbone of a plan, of a wing, instead of leading it. He doesn't want to lead, but he will fight. He is not much of a teacher. The world has a very set order and he does not understand why anyone would want to deviate from it.

To his rider, Sintheath is a support. He can bolster them, pick them up and dust them off, and be in their corner. He is not entirely sure that he has any other role in life other than to be the rock that other people can lean on, that others can use to hold themselves up, and convincing him that there is a greater world out there will be difficult.

Voice: Sintheath's voice is deep and masculine, like one would think of a mountain if given voice.

Why me?: He big? Fuck it, he big.

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