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Hina of Green Hinask [RFR] [ADPT]

Mon May 20, 2019 8:29 am

Hina of Green Hinask [RFR] [ADPT]



RETIRE INFO: Retire handler | Adopt Wher
NAME: Hina
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

BIRTHDATE: Winter 2743
AGE: 25 as of 2768
LOCATION: High Reaches Weyr
OCCUPATION: Greenhandler || Apprentice Fisher
WING: Windsong Squad

EYES: Dark Brown
HAIR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'6" || Slender
PLAY-BY: Maia Mitchell
Her dark brown hair falls to the middle of her back. Her hair is naturally wavy, and she tends to wear it down unless she is working on something important. Her slender body seems to hide the muscles that she has in her arms. Because of her work as a fisher's apprentice before she impressed, she was able to gain these muscles from constantly moving the fish. But she isn't one to wear anything flashy or that looks expensive. Instead, she likes to wear things that almost look like rags. She will wear a normal shirt and some pants. These are things that can damage daily and she won't care. Sensible shoes will always be on her feet, for she doesn't want to risk harming her feet.

She tends to be one who likes to work and play. She will always be found working when she is supposed to be working, but the moment that she is able to be free of her work for the day, she is out playing. Being born as a low born basically, she had to learn to not only care for herself but her family. She learned at a young age that being at home doing nothing wasn't going to put food on the table or new clothing upon her body.

So she works hard, just to be sure that she can take care of those whom she loves. She loves her family and she loves Hinask. She can be a compassionate person when she is with the one true love that she wants to find. She doesn't seem to be much of a friendly person, even if she is. This is mainly because she has always been more worried about working hard, that she can sometimes forget how to talk to someone. It isn't like a shy kind of talk, but more of a she will forget her manners kind of talk. Ranks and titles always seem to escape her mind when she talks to someone.

She doesn't know how to read all to well, and this mainly came from being on a boat most of her life once she joined the Fishercraft. One thing that always seemed to confuse people was the fact that she seems to have this fear of unknown things. She worked on a boat for most of her life, and she always feared going to new depths to find fish or to new islands that might have been found.

Harassan - Father, Journeyman Fisher
Isalla - Mother, Journeywoman Tailor
Sarela - Younger Sister, Apprentice Tanner
Nirigan - Younger Brother, Apprentice Fisher

Life was peaceful on Nabol Hold, and that didn't seem to change any for the family when they had their first child. Growing up, her father was not always home, because of him being a fisher in the fishercraft, he was often gone. This wasn't something that bugged the family though, for her came back not only with food for them, but currency for them to care for themselves. It seemed to work perfectly with her mother being a tailor, being able to make and repair their clothing. Things never seemed to want to change or get worse.

So when she was six, her sister was born to the family. Her father had been home for this birth, which did make Hina a bit jealous. He hadn't been there for hers. So this meant that he was going to like Sarela more didn't it. She tried to pay no mind to this jealously that was caught in her young mind. It took four more turns for her to be able to spend all the time that she wanted with her father. She had become an apprentice fisher. Of course, at first, she wasn't able to go on the long trips. No, she had to unload the fish and the supplies from the boats when they got back.

Or she had to load the supplies onto the boats before they left. This went on for turns. It wasn't until she was sixteen that she was able to go on one of the trips, and she figured out then that she didn't like exploring the new depths of the world. It was scary to her, and she didn't like the possibilities that were able to come from things. When they had returned back home from that trip, she had turned seventeen. She decided to not go on the next trip, and instead went back to the beginner things.

But life changed when she was given a wher egg from her mother. Her mother had gone and bought it as a welcome home present, as well as a thing to be able to help her have a reason to not have to go back on the boats. When the egg hatched, from it come a beautiful green wher. She completed the bond quickly with the wher, and found a handler that was willing to train her. The green wher's name was HInask, and she seemed to be perfect for Hina. But even once their training ended, they helped with the fisher's boats.

When she was twenty-three, they decided that they were done being fishers and that they wanted to do something new. So they applied to move to High Reaches Weyr. The weyr had some internal problems from their dragons, but Hina had a feeling that it wasn't going to bother her as a handler. So she and Hinask left once they were approved. They have now been at the Weyr for two turns, and they are watching as things improve slowly. It seems to be a crawl of a movement, but things have to change at some point. For now, the green pair are just going to bide their time with the other handlers and wait to see what the riders do about their problems.
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Mon May 20, 2019 8:29 am

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Mon May 20, 2019 8:29 am



NAME: Hinask
BIRTHDATE Spring of 2760
AGE: 8 as of 2768



LENGTH: 12.25ft
HEIGHT: 4.7ft
COLOR: Green
She seems to be a little above the medium height for a green, while seeming to be about medium in length as well. She is a slender green, seeming to hold true to her feminine personality. The majority of her body seems to be this shamrock green color, while her under belly has a dark green color that makes it look like she has flames dancing underneath her and up her sides. This flame design seems to go from the top of her neck down her body to the middle of her tail. But it doesn't touch her legs, they are the solid shamrock green color.

The first thing that can always be seen about this green is that she is a true mother. When she knows that she is egg heavy, she tends to act more carefully and as if she is the fragile one. But once the eggs are to be laid, she will be by them until they hatch. This motherly nature doesn't apply just to her children though, she treats Hina as if she is one of her own wherlets. But as if true to any mother, she is stern and strict in her ways.

She can also be stubborn and refuse to do something if she knows that it is going to get herself or Hina hurt. She is friendly to all though, for she wants to be able to make friends for herself and for Hina, but she also doesn't like to be disrespected. She may not have a long memory, but Hina does and she will use Hina's memory to keep a grudge against anyone who has harmed her or Hina. She will poke and prod Hina into doing something that she thinks is worthwhile, even if Hina doesn't think so.
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Mon May 20, 2019 1:04 pm

How is she both flirtatious and not seem to be friendly or know how to talk to people?

Nabol is fairly inland; while people do fish in rivers, it's rarely referred to as sailing, and the rest of the history seems to imply they're coastal. Nerat, Tillek, or Southern Boll may work better here, or not having the father gone as often. Alternately, he could just work a barge transporting things up the river from the bay to the hold, and not be a fisher himself.

If she's nervous about new things, why did her mother decide a wher of all things was the answer?

Whers actually do have normal memories, it's only the dragons who forget.
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