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Adoption Guide/Rules

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Adoption Guide/Rules

The adoption forum is a place for you to find premade art or characters to help expedite the process of making a character. We will mostly have dragons and whers in here, but sometimes there may be human characters available as well.

There are some suggestions already supplied for adoptables, such as wing size, length, etc. If you would like to change these, please contact Sunflower or Woky.

The threads you will find in here are as follows:

Dragon/Wher Adoptables
  • The most basic sort of adoptable, these have never seen play before, are completely original, and generally are not tied to any specific concept. They can be any age and any birthplace, unless otherwise specified.
  • They will rotate with time, and will be cycled out if they have spent at least a month without being chosen. Eventually, they will cycle back in, though if you recall a specific dragon that has been cycled out and wish to request it, you are free to PM staff about it.
  • Blank adoptables are subject to the accepting list.
Weyrlings/Wherlings and Adult Dragons/Whers
  • When muns go inactive or drop characters, the dragons and whers that had been impressed to those characters will go up for adoption, unless special circumstances interfere.
  • Quantities and colours available will depend based off of which dragons from the on-site hatchings are not currently in play; we do not retroactively add or remove hatchlings from hatchings except in extreme cases and will not do so on request.
  • Dragons will be available for the entirety of their weyrlinghood, as well as for one month after they graduate. After this point, they will be returned to the backlog of adult adoptables.
  • Whers cannot be adopted as a second bond. They must go either to a new character or to a character who currently has no Impressed wher or dragon.
  • Dragons and whers cannot be retconned into a different impression circumstance. If the dragon you are interested impressed on the sands, you cannot rewrite their history to say they were a stands impression; the reverse also applies.
Adoption Claims
  • This thread will gather the claims from all the available threads, as well as marking the date of the claim in question.
  • To post in this thread, please copy a quote of the dragon or character you wish to claim and post it here. Posts accidentally made in other threads will be copied by staff and moved into this thread, with the time of staff movement acting as the adoption timestamp.
  • Claims last for 1 month after posting, and making an application allows you an extra grace month after posting the application to finish it. Applications that are not finished and accepted within this time will be cycled back into the adoptables section.
  • You may only have two "incomplete" adoptable claims at a time. An adoptable is not "completed" until a minimum of five posts have been written with then.
  • We reserve the right to readopt out adoptables on a case-by-case basis if you abandon/lose muse for them.

If you have read and understand this, please post in here before you make any claims!

Cleared for Adoption:
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i have triple read the rules just to be clear and I agree to adhere to them.
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I've read the rules and agree to abide by them.
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I have read the rules and agree to follow them
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I have read the rules and agree
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I understand the rules and will abide by them. c:
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I completely understand these conditions!
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I read and agree with the conditions!
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I understand the rules and agree to abide by them.
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I have read and understand the thingy.
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I have read the rules and agree abide by them!
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