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Official TPA Art Request Thread

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Official TPA Art Request Thread

If you want or need a dragon/wher/flit image, come here! We have Jabberwoky willing to do art for you. We're not going to ask for money, and not going to be upset if you pick one over the others. It's all in good fun.

Pixel bases by Khiitan, Laughing Dove, and Mary-Seif of DA. Firelizard templates by HeartofPern and Bronzehalo. Wher lineart by balustriad/baludrial, wrenpuff, Semper-memor, and grunwald. Dragon Templates by Semper-Memor, Note, and wrenpuff. Samples are listed as links to save space. There are no linked Firelizard examples, as we have so many it would be impossible to actually link them.

Artists are:

Available Templates

Like what you see? Want some of it? Make a request using this form!

Please only request 1-2 critters at a time.

Code: Select all
[b]Requesting[/b]: (Dragon, wher, or flit)
[b]Preferred template[/b] (EG: Dragon 1, Wher 4)
[b]Description and Hex Code[/b]: (Or a link to a bio is fine too!)

Thank you, and enjoy!
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