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Vegaris of Blue Caravath

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Vegaris of Blue Caravath



" And he stares into the mirror
Flexing muscles in the night
And he says: 'Boy, I think you're ready
to protect some human rights' "


NAME: Vegaris
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2739
AGE: 29 Turns as of Early Fall 2768
LOCATION: Semaca Weyr
OCCUPATION: Rider, Journeyman Harper
WING: Minuet Wing

EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6'1", slim
PLAY-BY: Vegard Ylvisåker
Vegaris is around average height, just a little taller, but slim and lanky. He has a lot of curly black hair that hangs around his face and a little past his chin, though it's often pushed back or tucked behind his ears to keep it out of his eyes. He has an oval-faced shape, with a high forehead and thick eyebrows. He has dark brown eyes, often a little crinkled around the edges with a smile. He can get to be a little on the pale side in the winter, but tans readily come summer. He tends to dress in dark colors, and has a penchant for scarves that he refuses to change despite moving to a much warmer climate; his only nod to the weather has been switching to lighter scarves.

Vegaris does not seem to know how to be serious. At all. He can usually be spotted with a grin on his face, no matter how grave the situation around him may be. He seems to have a joke for every time, no matter what's happening; nothing is too sacred for him to not make fun of. He's of the opinion that the world would be a better place if more people were laughing, and he's determined to be one of the ones to help with that.

He loves music, but he's not very good at taking a traditional approach to it. He likes to write his own songs, or alter existing songs to have more entertaining lyrics, and he often "slips up" when performing and swaps the so-called boring lyrics for his own. Of course, there is no slip-up, and these substitutions are all entirely intentional, but he's not about to admit to that to any of the Harper Masters. Music is good, but music that makes people laugh is better.

Mother, Ilvega, Harper
Father, Islairbo, Harper
Two younger brothers, also both Harpers
Vegaris was the first of three boys born to a pair of Harpers, and oh what a little ringleader he was. He was very skilled at cajoling his younger brothers into causing trouble with him, and nobody was ever safe from becoming the butt of his jokes. Worse, his jokes were usually sung. He made songs about everything a little boy likes: farting, bugs, and dragons. Usually all three at once, when he could manage it.

It was really no surprise to anyone when, when he grew to be old enough, he apprenticed as a Harper, followed in time by both of his brothers. After all, he'd always loved to sing, and with two Harpers for parents, well, what other path in life was there for him? So he learned, becoming the class clown and the bane of some masters' existences. He often refused to sing the correct lyrics to songs, and would get off task and write his own lyrics in the middle of unrelated lessons. The biggest complaint about him was often that he had no work ethic, but really, Vegaris just didn't feel like working on something that wasn't of his own making.

However, he managed to skate by well enough to eventually make Journeyman. He wasn't the most celebrated of Journeymen by any means, and he certainly wasn't about to be sent anywhere especially remote where he could do anything without supervision, but he was musically inclined and sung well enough when he could be convinced to sing the right words. He was also fairly skilled on the gitar, but far preferred his own voice to anything else. However, he'd say that his troublemaking ways had gotten him one of the most coveted posts of all: he got to journey to Fort Weyr!

Not that the Weyr was half as glamorous as he'd always imagined. He spent most of his time copying moldy old records, and the rest of his time singing Teaching songs for the creche. With so many masters at the Weyr, he wasn't particularly respected as only a Journeyman, and when his brothers joined him a couple of Turns later, all three of them decided that it would be far more interesting if they could become riders. So they asked to stand and, maybe more to humor them than anything, it was allowed. At least until Vegaris aged out, and there were no more chances for him.

He figured he could at least go for his mastery, and began to actually commit himself to learning things properly (or more properly than usual, at least). However, he was lucky as not too terribly long after, the call went out for willing transfers to the newly-established Semaca Weyr, and Vegaris was more than happy to go and drag his brothers along with him. He was, after all, the oldest, and he'd never quite grown out of attempting to boss them around. Sometimes he was even successful.

  • Impressed Blue Caravath, who is just as suave as he is. Uh-oh...
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NAME: Caravath
BIRTHDATE Late Spring 2765
AGE: 3 Turns as of Early Fall 2768

LENGTH: 35 ft
HEIGHT: 8.5 ft
FULL APPEARANCE: Frankly, if this dragon were shaped like a potato, he would still be among the most beautiful dragons of the Weyr - and he is not shaped like a potato. Elegant, sinuous, with a dancer's muscular grace, he is at home on the ground as the air, and has the air of being on the precipice of something amazing. Overall, the impression is that of something vibrant and otherworldly, yet very real: like flying low over a pod of shipfish, breaching through phosphorescent waves under the gleaming light of two moons, drenched in the deepening twilight.

His base tone is a rich midnight-blue, the color of the night sky on a moonless night. Dark cobalt blue and indigo swirl up his legs, meeting with banners that color the trailing edge of his wingsails and run up his ridges, to spread out onto his face. Silver-teal swirls in-between the colors, like the limning of light on waves, or the catch of reflection on the cut edge of glass. -TH's whole hide has a slick, shimmery feeling, as if he is clad in satin, reflecting just enough of the light to gleam as if he were not flesh and blood at all, but those self-same phosphorescent waves shaped, for one breathless moment, into the form of a dragon.

PERSONALITY: Caravath is a suave creature, a dragon born of ease and grace. He is graced with a sense of vibrancy, a character who easily stands out and is noticed by all. By that measure, he is not gaudy, but is infused with such a sense of life that people can't help but notice when he's around them, bringing his 'bigger than life' sense of living to the forefront. He is a slick talker, graced with a silver tongue and the ability to befriend almost anyone who crosses paths with him with a smooth vocabulary and his outgoing vibes.

He's a very spirited dragon, approaching life head on and grabbing what he wants in pursuit. Very few things can dissuade him once he's set his mind to a task or a goal. He's also a flirt, an easy on the eyes charmer who has a genuine affection for most dragon kind. He's an avid chaser, and does not discriminate with whom he chases - he loves them all, in his own way. A little flamboyant, a little polished, he presents himself as a graceful and glamorous individual who can glide his way through life with a smile and an ease of spirit.

Voice: Caravath speaks in a sleek masculine voice, sounding polished and slick
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