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Tempi of Garnet Temask

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Tempi of Garnet Temask


" I would have chatted with Tempi, but trying to have a conversation with him was like playing catch with a well. "


NAME: Tempi
ORIENTATION: Aromantic pansexual, usually uninterested entirely despite attraction.

BIRTHDATE: Late Winter 2740
AGE: 29 Turns as of Late Fall 2770
LOCATION: Summerlands
OCCUPATION: Wherhandler
WING: Weyr Guard

EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'11", slight
Tempi, for all his physical training, has never managed to amass much muscle. He's small and spry, with long slender limbs and an almost feminine form, from certain angles. He's of around average height, with straight, sandy blonde hair that he keeps long enough to be almost deceptively in-the-way. His eyes are a dark blue, and he is pale enough to sunburn frequently. His face is on the round side, with wide cheekbones and an incongrously narrow nose. He holds himself straight, with almost rigid posture much of the time.

Despite no longer being at Southern Boll, he has a strong tendency to wear a lot of red, after the colors of his home Hold. His clothing is largely loose and light, wrapped in several layers if he needs warmth. He has several small scars from his training with blades, the most prominent of which is on the side of his chin. The rest are generally hidden by his clothing.

Tempi comes across to most people he meets as extremely quiet and cold. He rarely speaks, and usually attempts to maintain as blank an expression as he can, scared that if he gives too much emotion away through his face, others might use that against him. However, once he gets to know a person, he can have occasional bouts of talkativeness among his usual long silences. His speech is stilted, his grammar poor; he speaks rather like the whers that practically raised him, only less frequently.

He can be extremely naive and gullible, believing nearly anything that a person tells him, so long as that person hasn't otherwise proven a threat to him in any way. Fool him once, shame on you. Fool him twice, shame on him. Fool him three times, or twelve... Well, that's just Tempi.

He has a fondness for all things whers, and is still somewhat bitter that he was never really given the chance to bond Bollsk. He hates being underestimated, and will do almost anything to prove that he's everything a person could possibly think he is. He doesn't even blink at leaping into a fight if it would prove that he's capable, and wouldn't hesitate to run up a mountain just to show he could. This, of course, means that some people may find it rather easy to convince him that he should prove himself in fairly inane ways, but he usually fails to catch on.

Temera of Blue Tesk, Mother
Pittolo of Brown Pitsk, Father
Tolotte of Green Tolosk, Older Brother
BIRTHPLACE: Southern Boll Hold
Tempi's parents were quite besotted with his older brother, and when his mother bore a second child, they payed him little mind. Both boys were brought up surrounded by whers and guards, but Tempi was practically raised by the whers; once past the infant stage, Tesk and Pitsk were almost as much his parents as his parents were. Not that they neglected him entirely, but that they mostly left him to his own devices. Tolotte was the loud one, the one who practically demanded attention, and Tempi often just accidentally fell by the wayside. For the most part he didn't mind though. He was a shy boy and loved his family (whers included) more than anything else, and strangers scared him a little.

So it came to be that, even when he was old enough to be off exploring on his own of a night, he preferred to stick with his parents' whers, or any other off-duty wher he could find, even if their handlers scared him. Eventually he was old enough to start learning how to defend the Hold in times of need, so he learned to fight. He was never great with a crossbow, and almost useless with some heavier swords, but proved adept with the lightest swords and daggers, but he always liked learning hand-fighting the best of all. Besides: he didn't have to think about stabbing anyone that way.

There too he learned the hand-signs used among guards for rapid, silent communication, and learned that while little other than broad ideas could be communicated with them (except for specifics on tactics), he preferred them to speech when possible. He took that language and expanded in it, giving it signs for different types of emotion. Plus he taught it to his parents' whers, and he felt as though he had his own secret language with them at times. Even if they couldn't feel his thoughts, he could let them know how he felt, and few people could understand

He was never really discontented with his lot in life; he'd be a guard for a while, then bond to a wher like his parents, and then continue to guard the Hold. If he was very lucky (and he did dream often of it) he might even get the honor of bonding to Bollsk, the Hold-wher, even if he wasn't Blooded himself.

However, when Bollsk's previous Handler passed on, he was passed over in favor of another, and for the first time he knew what it was to be jealous. His older brother had already bonded a wher, and yet he had passed that same age and had heard no word of any consideration. Slow to act, Tempi only waited. And waited. And waited. No wher was found for him, no egg offered. So he did what he thought he never should have: turned his back on the Hold he'd always known and traveled to the Weyr in hopes that they'd appreciate his talents more.

In time, he befriended K'vothe, who began to teach him Weyr ways (many of them entirely made up), and who he hoped to convince to teach him how best to not fail at Impressing a wher. After all: K'vothe had a dragon.

  • Failed to be chosen at a wher hatching, and became somewhat distressed by that fact
  • Somewhat-accidentally joined the Titans when he went with K'vothe. He has no idea what the movement is even about, and is generally oblivious to all political maneuvering.
  • Accidentally Impressed Temask when they found her egg and she tripped, badly slicing her neck.
  • Has absolutely no clue what he's doing trying to raise a wherlet
  • Other people came to Semaca, somewhat to Tempi's disappointment.
  • Is still politically clueless
  • Temask had eggs
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NAME: Temask
BIRTHDATE Late Fall 2764
AGE: 6 Turns as of Late Fall 2770



LENGTH: 14 ft
HEIGHT: 5.5 ft
COLOR: Garnet
Temask is long and tall, a beautiful and lean creature of her kind. Built for running and scouting, she's got an almost feral grace to her movements. Her bond is a riot of pinks; her wings fade on a gradient from bright pink at the tips to fuschia along the backs and base, before darkening down her legs. Her body is several sets of long and varying stripes, mimicking the brights and darks before adding a soft pink underlayer to her belly, tail, and throat. Disrupting this color at her throat is a long, scarred up chunk of skin from her hatching, which has colored a blood red hue.

Temask has a sweet but authoritative voice, with a very middle-of-the-road alto female tone.

Temask is bold, bright, and social - a natural born leader with the ability to think before she acts and see all sides of a problem to think on them critically and fairly. She is not easily fooled, usually seeing through rouses and tricks easily and retaliating in some clever or intelligent manner. She's extremely eloquent, especially for a wher; most would be surprised at the ease she has with conversation, or her very capable vocabulary. She also has a sense of humor, with a healthy level of sarcasm and deadpan she can throw in whenever she pleases.

That is not to say she is without her problems. While she is a thinker and a doer, there is a slightly feral edge to her, due to her breeding. She is an extremely capable fighter, and force is something she is not past using as a tool when needed, though she does find it uncouth to automatically resort to violence. She also tries to keep up with the dragons, and has a harder time associating with whers, as she will spend much of her youth around dragons instead. Without the formal education that comes with wherlinghood, she will develop odd habits and mannerisms, but this only lends to her strong and unique personality! She is still utterly wher in senses and abilities, making her a proud and strong figure of her species.

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