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Khulan of Blue Gascoigth

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Khulan of Blue Gascoigth



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NAME: Khulan
GENDER: Female
PRONOUNS: She/Her/Hers

BIRTHDATE: Early Winter 2751
AGE: 16 as of Early Fall 2768

EYES: Dark brown
HAIR: Dark brown
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 5'3", slim
PLAY-BY: Liya A (阿丽亚)
Khulan is petite, with a narrow frame and delicate facial features. She isn't much given to hard work, and it definitely shows in her physique. The skin on her hands is soft, and she's pale, never having had to work outdoors. Her eyes and hair alike are an extremely dark brown, appearing black in all but bright lights. She has a heart-shaped face with a rather notably pointed chin and a high forehead. Her hair is thick, straight, and fairly coarse; she finds it almost impossible to style in any way other than a simple bun, though she often just leaves it loose.

She favors possibly over-formal clothing, not especially heavily embroidered but in very formal cuts. She likes to feel nice and dressed up, even if the fabric is only plain linen. She has a strong preference for skirts over pants, but will wear trousers when doing anything that might cause problems for her, as she values the condition of her clothing more highly than she does looking nice.

Khulan is a cheerful young woman who seems to regard everyone she meets as her new best friend. She's outgoing and social, but a little flighty; she has few particularly close friends she can really confide in, but a wide circle of more casual friends (and almost nobody is *just* an acquaintance). She's quick to laugh at jokes, even when she doesn't really get them, and tends to assume that everyone around her has good intentions.

A bit of a romantic at heart, or perhaps just desiring of romance, Khulan spends quite a lot of her time daydreaming about her latest crush, whoever it may be. In matters of the heart though, as with her friendships, she can never really settle on the idea of one person for long, quickly moving on to another. This is perhaps for the best, as she is almost never disappointed since she tends to change her mind before her crush even realizes she's interested. Even when she does feel the sting of rejection, it rarely bothers her for more than a day or two. She's a relentless optimist, and determined to be bright and sunny.

This does have its downfalls. Khulan simply doesn't know how to deal with negativity. Anything not so great is bottled up, and when it gets to be too much all at once, she finds it completely overwhelming, and is prone to public crying fits when things don't go well.

Despite being attentive in lessons and an overall good student, Khulan isn't a very good worker. She's unaccustomed to having to do anything particularly strenuous or dirty, and will generally whine the entire time about it.

Mother, Melkhuna, Weaver
Father, Lando, Harper
Younger sister, Dokhuna (2753)
Younger sister, Mella (2755)
BIRTHPLACE: Southern Boll
Khulan is the eldest daughter of a pair of crafters who always seemed to think of themselves more highly than others thought of them. They were convinced that if she was raised right, she could easily attract at least the lord of a minor Hold, and that they would be proven right. As she grew up, Khulan realized she had no interest in men, but continued to go along with their plans because it just seemed a lot more pleasant than working hard at a craft. She was taught well, but perhaps spoiled a bit by her parents, and she never really learned to work. If this annoyed her younger sisters, they never said anything about it or let their resentment show.

She learned what her parents assumed any good Lady Holder should probably know. How to interact with people, how to receive guests, how to read and write, including calligraphy. How to negotiate with Traders, and how to dress for various types of social events.

And then the Searchdragon came. Khulan was hesitant—didn't riders have to actually do hard work?—but was won over in the end. After all, Pern was changing. High Reaches had had non-gold Weyrwomen, and who was to say Fort wouldn't eventually follow in their footsteps? Sure, she could always Impress a gold, but given how few there were, she wasn't about to risk a lifetime of hard work for a tiny chance. She, of course, eminently qualified to be Weyrwoman someday. And even if things didn't change, a brown or bronze could get her a position as Weyrleader, and that was nearly as good.
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Name: Gascoigth (Gas-coy-th)
Color: Blue
Hex code: #252631
Final Size-
Length: 39ft
Height: 10ft
Wingspan: 58.5ft

A large, powerful blue. Gascoigth may not be as big as many brown and bronzes, but he absolutely can and will push them around if need be. He is incredibly strong, his frame muscular without being grotesque. He looks impressive, and he looks far meaner than he is. He is a dark, dull blue all over, with a dark, almost black blue fading on his wingsails and tail, and on his feet. The same dark color fades in streaks down his neck. He has pale, dull blue markings, in "bandages" over his eyes and forelegs. The same color is over his wings in "cracks", and his hind legs are marked with elaborate bars. He has a strange marking on his chest of a strange bottle-like mark, and 'chain' markings like it were a necklace.

Gascoigth is a powerful dragon, and not a corrupted one. He has a job, and he does it very well. He does not let sins go unpunished, and he can be prone to losing himself in such work. He would make an excellent guard, and he is very intimidating. He has significant memory problems, and is prone to forgetting large pockets of events. He responds well to music to jog his memory. He is surprisingly very good with children and candidates, very patient with them. Threats are treated with instant aggression.

To his rider, Gascoigth is family. He will provide anything they need, and even things they don't realize - mostly restraint and advice. He is a remarkably good babysitter. He is partial to white ribbons, not wishing to hoard them but having one around is somehow good for his memory, though he cannot fully understand or reason why.

Voice: Despite his appearance, Gascoigth's voice is rather soothing, and quite calm, save for when he has lost control, and there is a nightmare to be slain

Why me?: This will be a disaster.

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