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[RFR] J'syn of Blue Hisahith

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[RFR] J'syn of Blue Hisahith



RETIRE INFO: adopt Hisahith/retire J’syn
NAME: J’syn
GENDER: cismale
PRONOUNS: he/him/his
ORIENTATION: biromantic bisexual

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2745
AGE: 23
LOCATION: High Reaches
OCCUPATION: dragonrider, former farmboy
WING: Moonshot Wing

EYES: grey, prone to squinting
HAIR: brown, messy
HEIGHT AND BUILD: 6’3”, beefy
PLAY-BY: Jesse McCree (Overwatch)
FULL APPEARANCE: J’ysn has led a rough and tumble life and it certainly shows. He is tall with broad shoulders and a muscular frame, but more along the lines of a functionally strong build. Meaning, he still has a bit of softness on his belly. His hair is cropped to about ear length, is a rich brown, and perpetually messy. He also tends to sport scruffy facial hair. Because of how much time he spends outside, J’syn’s skin is nicely tanned, which only makes the scars from his active lifestyle stand out even more. He prefers dark, natural colors for his clothing and always dresses in practical styles.

PERSONALITY: J’syn is someone who is often underestimated. He sounds a bit like a country bumpkin and can come off as less than intelligent, especially since he tries to keep things relatively lighthearted. In reality, he’s quite cunning and intelligent. He just likes to keep those facts underwraps. He is generally friendly and polite, but that doesn’t mean he is particularly trusting. He is also one that fakes extroversion quite well.

He tends to keep his actual feelings pretty close to his chest and it takes time for him to truly warm up to people. He can be a bit of a goofball and loves to just have fun and be around those he cares about. J’ysn loves spoiling those he cares about - anything from helping with chores, making sure they eat, to cuddles. He has a temper on him and while it takes time to build, once he loses his temper its explosive.

Despite his goofy persona, J’syn is more than capable of focusing in and showing everyone just how capable and intelligent he actually is.

Bellasyn (mother)
Jeka’rys of Bronze Zyrakath (father, unknown if still alive)
BIRTHPLACE: a not well off hold
HISTORY: J’syn’s was born in summer 2745 at a rather poor hold. He was very close with his mother Bellasyn, but his father - Jeka’rys of Bronze Zyrakath - wasn’t in the picture and never had been. A strong sense of needing to work hard was instilled in him from a very young age. As he got older, he would help out his mother with tasks around the hold - especially anything dealing with farming or animals. He helped out wherever he could, never really mastering any one skill. He was happy to be a Jack of all trades.

Once J’syn was a teenager, Bellasyn’s health was deteriorating. He made the choice to leave home so he could find more work so he could support her properly. He wound up with a merchant caravan, traveling all over. It was hard work, sometimes questionable as well, but J’ysn stuck with it.

When he was 16, he was Searched by High Reaches while the caravan was stopped at a hold. J’syn hadn’t really put much thought into dragonriding until that point, but figured he might as well give it a shot. He made his way to High Reaches, making sure to keep in touch with his mother the whole time. Once he was settled, he moved her to the weyr.

He excelled in candidate training - he was already used to hard work. He showed no fear while on the sands and tried to keep the mood light. J’syn was 17 when he was on the sands for the Judge End clutch. He really didn’t expect much of anything - he certainly didn’t expect to impress. He’d been telling a joke to another candidate when he was nudged by a blue hatchling.

It will not do for mine to be distracted at such an esteemed moment. The voice in J’syn’s mind was so smooth and deep - not at all what he expected of a hatchling. I am Hisahith and you are mine, Jekasyn.

Hisahith was his and J’syn was Hisahith’s, for better or worse. While J’syn didn’t necessarily agree with some of Hisahith’s methods or traits, they got on quite well. They were partners. They excelled in their training and eventually settled into the Moonshot Wing.

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NAME: Hisahith
BIRTHDATE Early Fall 2762
AGE: 6 turns as of fall 2768

LENGTH: 37ft
HEIGHT: 10ft
COLOR: blue
HEX CODE: 0a124a
FULL APPEARANCE: A tall blue, one that carries himself with a seemingly carefree air, Hisahith should not be taken lightly. He makes light steps but he is as strong as they come, and he holds his head high to look down upon the others around him. He is deceptively muscular, and his dark hide disguises just how solidly built he is. He is a deep midnight blue all over, with his markings a more faded, blue-gray. The color paints the undersides of his wingsails, and there are two asymmetrical bands over his left hind leg and right foreleg. It also dots his ridges, and is splashed over his head not unlike a badger or a skunk.

PERSONALITY: Arrogance, thy name is Hisahith. This blue is aware that he makes mistakes, and aware that he is seen as a bit of an oddball, but he carefully crafts that appearance so people won't think he's much of a threat. In reality, he is an incredibly clever dragon, and good at crafting events to get his way. He is quite manipulative, and while he personally doesn't seek power, he wants to see how he can push and nudge the world to dance on his strings. He prefers to set a ball rolling and see where it ends up, no matter if the results are positive or negative.

To his rider, however, Hisahith reserves all his compassion for them and only them. No one else is allowed in such a sacred circle. He may be callous and say rude things to them, but he makes it very clear that they are his one person, and the only part of his life that he actively works to take care of in a positive light. He has an odd enjoyment of collecting things, especially rarities and objects that he knows will make people mad if he takes them. He has a good eye for value. He cannot stand Katakurth, and he delights in intentionally poking Nobuwath to incite a fight.

Voice: Hisahith's voice is deep and smooth. He has an extensive vocabulary, and can be startlingly persuasive when the situation calls for it.
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J'syn just needs a sentence or two about the current situation at HR and how he feels about it- namely, they lost their last gold and many in the weyr are pushing not to get a new one, due to lingering resentment over Golre. The few eggs their clutching greens and garnets are laying aren't enough to keep up with their losses.

Moonshot has also had a particularly tough year or so- the wing has taken a lot of injuries (including a threadfall in the fall of 2767 where only two pairs were left flying) and is currently on their third wingleader in a little more than a year.
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Just one question: how exactly was the son of a rider born at a hold?
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